Gabby Reece Leads Full-Body Holiday Prep Workout

Former professional volleyball player Gabby Reece brings her signature high-intensity circuit workout to "GMA" viewers in an exclusive live stream.
35:42 | 11/29/16

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Transcript for Gabby Reece Leads Full-Body Holiday Prep Workout
Okay. I cut. He's got on our lives I'm looking and Good Morning America I'm here with. I'll volleyball player. Up their TV personality. Is expert everything. Room. I think a mother all of the mother of three. Yeah. Okay. For the past. And worked out Wednesday but what we heard going to be here and it's simply jumped the gun we had to work out under transfer basic Tuesday right. All about. That holidays slope it's a tough time. You know it or our tummies well it's cold it's stressful. Holiday an obvious party drinking eating. So the whole ideas have an actual season. But there's no reason and they'll get it on. And if you're gonna take a few states news. Your high tax worked out right talk to me about kayaks and what we're at and it's a high tax high taxes it's different each time it works almighty where you lift weights and work appropriate balance people like. We're not one leg. They're ready to go at it. And you get your heart rate up and work on strength and flexibility so it all went and if you don't and got teammates know the whole idea is built and I success and accountability incredible. Okay. And you. Governor and everybody was watching an ABC news that everyone's watching that meets but you are arts. As well everybody and studio so if you have any questions and it's now in the that's the thing you're gonna be reading the comments since I now address it and we can answer your show you right here we're gonna do that right here right now live them. Write us and let us now why are they so clearly gets knocked. Need for this workout what's the big grab to have ready as we head into the if you don't have any equipment at home it's actually literally could get soup cans and Mike Kinney duties late. I'm not slight laying around. Anything from two and maybe if your guy wore a larger Earl like myself. We train line to about 1215 pounds will be sufficient to them that's your body and some music need every need music to train acting train silence. It's scary that. I think the heavy breathing but I'm. Doesn't. And yet I now a days all right so let's get this thing started doubting Ares I are not and let. So I'm just every here and be doing something different you're gonna see you right at different outlook to explain. What we're doing and why we're doing it and that's the whole thing is keeping the body and and burning calories again. Right let's. Okay. Hot. Or. Are out thirty seconds of Alfie. A right here the heart rate got this once. It got about 50 march 2 or nice aren't. Ernst and how. They. I sat Russell asked. Why do you want I'd when you know. I second and the biggest. Round one formal lunch and working in the now it's lot. There. If we. Care. Oh. It worked out. Now. I work one. Out backpack in permanently. Bar. Bury it. Won next out now. Work. I'm looking. He's working very. Like. Your station for three minutes at every thirty seconds to something else we can work really aren't. About 132. I and all are and create and San. Parity. Okay. So they've gotten are up now our count there now. Every. Girl's and also don't. Everybody talks on the back at what that you've tried that. This is called back. If you'd get something. Like if it packed with I expect it and our our eyes. Any question you guys let me now. I next. And this is the last. What's your. Last one minute you're out Los art art out. I gentleman really. So. Watch your back after he beat. Out. You don't realize right here what she. Although. Even in the stomach and warn you can eating your whole body. Real life. Right that's. Not much. Five and four and buried and yeah last 33. March 2 an. Act. So I think is keeping. Things changing. And talk about body if you are not. But it is about changing it up art and mart acted. I'd like for Berry. And don't everyone please connect Haitian gentleman c'mon how. And that's why hearing now. Are right we'll get them I've. Bought three. You know very out work. Look at. So you can see these guys are pretty fifty this is hard not so. Now we've asking. To go on one play. Let's hear I'm OK I'm just getting off the couch that looks too hard for me great you know yeah you put your foot. Simplest act. And then you're here all of a sudden maybe working on a wall leaning against the walk to remember everything can be modified this isn't about. Ladies thirty seconds next exercise. They're working next Erie covering. Three got gentlemen other leg. Great. Don't remember any thing that we. Do you want me to work out you can doing songs just modify it either at last breath less away. Or just put a foot down it's just a little by little bat so Tammy what you don't belong in the dog house literally water bottles. Duke soup cans of anti anyway next thirty. So it's not about you have to have them now it's just whatever you have at home with a little bit away yet that we just. Nice job guys awesome. Every out five seconds all our three. To no sane. I. Parents see you liked watching modifying next thirty. Every doubt that Jimmie Johnson posted there and figure for all going down and op like Eric keep on keeping on. What they're doing isn't working on their balance they're stretch of the things I'm OK we modify. Or they're ready. Every golf. And now we're and it got a last minute. Settlement. There we go out. You don't need your dumb bells a guy. Actually but it's my fault here. So if you see my number one team here they're doing plank Rouse the people talk about my stomach when I after it. By secondly. A crisis. Not let up functionally really strong from here here we want to be strong from here here right. So look at these guys working here this isn't really all you don't need wait. This summit is working late last thirty. Every got down and come back gotten. You guys are gone I got what's going on Laurie what are some good stretches before getting into this great press question. So glad. Longest muscle the front he adds OK add strength calling simple thank sit on your name it. Let's get things aren't just coming out. Upper ninety seconds a man open up that kept and the sell out is a great way to start. All right five and art and there is our last thirty not my teens are gonna see what it's quick play. You're how old. Ari even if you sit in the Lotus style something that hits opened up. On and that's the spine everybody who worked in five and four and three and two and one now watch this I love this. Can't look at the government. You think this is working your stomach I sat and your upper body and your balance. So now they're getting briefing. At one time great and I expect. It let's go along and three. Every child disparity. Out front my. I'm not let's get this now they're back attic. We got it on your work and how out of heart rate right back burning calories. Stop. Alan let. I don't. Jump and and drop off three. Obama. Not exactly. They're back at it not your eyes aren't really great shape all of them and you can see how. So. A or. I. Don't want more Harry Gwinnett. You. Don't. Act out. After. It's time. Got their deadly killing at least twice. That and believe me why it. Don't exactly how nicely ugly down this field but strikes. Ordinary. Mary one. Who. I also. Great job. It's not an awful about it up without an undercover yet. But the important thing you'll hear all the time pretty comfortable thing that's right the days. We're doing one. Absolutely but don't hate sent. Out five. All are very yeah I know I'm thirty possibly. Die guys are really great. This is something you anywhere. On these exercises a lot and you a lot of quick. It's important. But look at this now she wants to make it a little harder but then. That the only place in Tokyo my. All are very. Now please read take to the next space. You guys and and take your Pratt and I are praying. Let's go out. That's knocking him I don't need one and not just the problem the lady. Right. They like it. Yeah. I mean like how we know I don't care. On Larry I can't. That and other night you're counting on almost like Jackson are awesome act. Your friends are here. Now this is really what are not I I'm I'm pregnant not to bring question you think you can three all time. I secondly. You can do it burst. But it. Do what you don't know. Heavyweight from your. It's too much. Just go for him on swat and little black tagged. You're using way a little lighter but there's no reason here or not if you're hurting moving. My. Doctor art floor. Three yeah nice lady. Okay. In fact I think movie when you're pregnant is essential because it makes the time go faster I know. And also the price you pay after the bay becomes a little while. Craig. Mary snow and one minute. Nice shot nice. We've been working for about nine minutes a lot of work muggy night that's why. And I don't want any civilians aided. Yeah. Yeah right here. It all on him. I'm Hillary. Italy and Spain. Like yeah. Guys off. And recovery. All right here we go very. Please let the next day. Or. Or. Lightly when Helen. My car their day to go back I'm here don't want him gone like he did not. He called her. I'm yeah. It's nice. Yeah I want to Laurie. I think. I'll look right. At about how heavy. What are the problems. I'm actually pretty. Clark. And and I got I OK Bernie and me. I don't know like outlook. Yeah right let's hit the ground and explode up data yeah. Unlike your heart right. Okay. Maria. Yeah. My second. We hear a little. We're gonna got the shot like shot soon. Yup take your time only when you're ready look so good. Mind your. Job. More days we. Like right now pie. Far. Hey. Don't carry out her name. Yeah. They can claim anywhere in America not. Giving up its. Now though it gotten taken down you know right. I'm second patent bar on an area. Well. Let me ask you what I don't bite you on all the way in his mind. To replace. We didn't look. Yeah. Our. And I stopped. Everybody. Inning. And one out I think. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Not. Certain on when human. Element with us right now I mean I buried. The next day we go out of every cop. I'm that I think just even hold onto something at home got into the wheat gluten I'd rather less. Cracking and trying out of its way to really I'm mormons don't. Correct form is always better safer and a lot of didn't like gentlemen I'm. Here. Hopper when you got under cover cover all but apathy and saint like the whole time. They like old times pop it up. Very. No okay Saturday night gentlemen. Edit any time you can travel lighter weight actually these guys I don't think and it doesn't count them. Now from now on without him on the not Hummer Hummer yeah. Caring. I loved his best work at a minimum it's kind of what really is about exercise. I know I know it's. The hardest things the cotton but yes you wouldn't think that this would be if not impossible exercise it out and maintenance earning. Now this exercise here for apple and they're using their stomach do you want to do you happen. I can spot and you're fine. Not sit on the argument crisis. Those days are currently act. But it's really the Harry mountain that. Are. I say. Very. No I don't and ladies thirty. Got to you for your four and you know. It affords you a break that your weight. Crossover figure four. OK so now they're nice and tired and I'm asking you or someone like. So for example let things are pregnant. Hastert getting a little more weight inside the Morse they think are. Important thing on your. Okay how can like. Asking how can modify punches for himself thirty seconds. Minutes the days of crunches are over right. I love doesn't biblical and pulling their head in their neck. This is this your strong from here here we want to be long in expansion and strong so we have to do things we use our whole lot more asking them work. Right I know it's harder. Adventure it. A guy here we got you guys. Thirty guys are awesome fiercely but did drop off and pick up sounds awesome. Cuddy like me now. Not at all and. Try to figure out how he got tight and level off gentleman who even deeper here. Come on guys their outlook. Alan today. They're like every hour. Day and it hey we got. Great job in every stop. I. Terry's ask. What are the best I can't hit bottom of the screen and you guys I'm from. I we've got ten seconds. It in real life. I want you didn't nation. You would be done with it. Talking whenever he. Again until the next work out. I'm getting. What might caring what the company. And 30 yeah oh please. Young Harry leave the very personal thing. It Harry yeah right. How do you convert yeah. Aren't you can have given him back in Nevada job when he I mean anything if you hang your drink. American spring. Donovan 38 point 8% of calories. I never wavered in your calorie free water. But it's not he you really didn't know how to correctly. It. You know what it's the holidays at on the actual day when he and I knock yourself out but if the rest of time you meet clean. Better free up. Little wider feet please. And dirty. Harry don't think it's slowed down it sounds. See in LA team begins to finds its name to be once and done. Ending things yeah. Every guy on some tense action get me down. Now this is where your teammate really fun playing the why they don't going. Great. An hour day but aren't right now. Got any kind warming up your heart out and active. Hurry and day don't want him. I'm smarter and better that mark. Right. And why did it tightly. Really I. Practice courts don't push for beginners from Sarah this is a great question Sarah. Felt pushed up and it's just biology physiology. And it is it harder for women document I seconds. All are three. For six its. Last earnings. Me it's that simple I keep your spine straight. I'm on people. Act like Ed. It did not strengthen the arm was batters. Then work your way out. Here we go out Barry. Thrilled. Please wins quickly this thing about what's up against about. Oh god guide. Hartnell art comment. Yeah I'll try. Don't have the audience I. Don't worry about like LA and on at eight dollars. And I sound and now how do something. Really. I thought short. Entering and do our day. We're hearing it I'm. Got our stuff like stretched McGahee on narrative. All right anybody parent mom wanted to write it down just ask any question. All right here got organist at my. Nice lady like any reasonable thing. Michael loads. About earning let me. Are rightly. Let's for. Now. I'm. Lady I write down and they're eighth and still get out Friday. I can't figure port now. Take your eyes scratchy. I don't know. It if I were you my highlight will be someplace on the markets. And he what you're doing can't. There the whole time want to paint up and down south lake and I think now it. There. Ladies very. It. Now last start eight aren't asking why didn't work well. Recap. It is better than nothing right. Idea park your car and lock the door and there isn't on opinion. These stories are taking elevator anything leaking. I'm not going. Off pretty hard and the bodies we might want to watch. Hey great. Yeah. Signs with the next day. Nearly all of start times back and. In the little break right five's fall art. Audience exactly things I'm minutes. Jong I thought if not now lets you do. Eric did not take an emergency. I'd like real. Any time leaving him. You don't have something drink yeah fight back. Dark Knight story. Oh. Bright house. Protein per. No party can help small shook her. High quality. The real first. Need help turn things have to work out at a party shake can be a great tool. 5432. Starting job figure fire. Anything. OK Kathleen that is the big question gentlemen let's I 94. Green and you alone RNA. She's actually happening I got an idea in front of all it learn it possible. Past. Share power shortens. Come back from mountain you're allowed to have a ball at work right it's not. Every 45 minutes if you need not quite like you remind you get up walk around the little stretching after half. You don't open it up opposite it. Question and it's a tough thing very Friday. A young ladies. That's not an excellent. Read out. If you're. Watching TV commentary and help carry out last Thursday. Let your watching TV sitting on your out one more time you know large dragged him Billy Bob. I opened up this front line not. And it's essential that we don't end up like this like later gravity chairs we get here. Every 32. What it's like day. Nice job back up. I. I want them. The past week and by. All our grade. KO awesome out of up neatly like in town got big wait till Sarah. Out there what why. They looked O eight seconds. Are out there rate. Channel. 8. Wrong her. So I. Affairs but. It's felt that there. You're coming back under different name on it that's one thing. Aren't we got burning house and its fat whole body it's hard to separate. My arm from Mike I thought it worked packed or hold me. Don't want me back not and here. All right. Their march specifically. Try that you can dip on the air at all that is good for that. Whatever they call that you know the wings flapping wing or whenever. Teachers at one right on the chalkboard. From of their guys. Like how the I guess I like can I get this. The hottest bat right here thank. We are holistic beings. Fairy tale thirty K one minute that that right there you guys are awesome. Grace is asking how often should I do its weekly. Let's just go out for five seconds 432. Out last thirty so grace. If you're did this type of work out it UPQ three week that would be more than enough. Because again there's a lot of overture which isn't that perhaps I would suggesting other things that you swimming pool. Huge cracks could do you read it I'm pit box whatever other activity you like the want to do it. But recently it's my dad. I'm ready figuring out very true. Elect the next phase and you guys are awesome. I had. Par three both lull. Out. I I like Michael I've. The death defying professional sports and anything. It is amazing how hard exercise look when you're not the one doing it. Out of body in the body hearing out right. Okay. What are you. It's not like that. Like with a lot of faith and that it did I. Yeah. And rob I just. You're like right. I was out.

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{"duration":"35:42","description":"Former professional volleyball player Gabby Reece brings her signature high-intensity circuit workout to \"GMA\" viewers in an exclusive live stream.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43844024","title":"Gabby Reece Leads Full-Body Holiday Prep Workout","url":"/GMA/video/gabby-reece-leads-full-body-holiday-prep-workout-43844024"}