Generic Epipen Pricing Compared to Name-Brand Drug

ABC News' Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports the latest news on the life-saving allergy medicine.
1:48 | 01/15/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Generic Epipen Pricing Compared to Name-Brand Drug
??? In today's "Weekend download" a new lower cost to the epipen used for allergic reactions and Dr. Jen Ashton joins us with more. Good morning, my dear. Dr. Jep, great to have you. We know that CVS announced they'll sell the generic. Yes. What do you know about it. Much greater access and availability for the generic form of the medication in the epipen. That medication is epinephrine, the exact same thing in the generic adrena-click. It could be as low as $10 and that compares to anywhere from zero to $600 for the epipen and this comes with an auto injector. So bottom line at the physician as a doctor, do you recommend the generic. Absolutely. I mean this is something that patients should talk to their doctor about it and ask their doctor if they need a prescription for or what the right dose for an antihistamine is and call pharmacist and their insurance company to find out what their particular plan will cover. Important to know, allergies by the numbers, 15 million Americans suffer food allergies, every three minutes an American goes to the er with an anaphylactic reaction, this can be life-threatening. What are the symptoms of that? There's a whole rank but the common one, hives, swelling of the face, an odd taste in your mouth and longer list and could go to for an emergency plan. I have had an Anna father lactic reaction that almost killed me. Life and death issue. And news of the generic is great news for consumers because competition will drive prices down in yes, it will. Thank you very much. Right back, everybody, with "Pop news." ???"All You Need Is Love" plays???

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{"duration":"1:48","description":"ABC News' Dr. Jennifer Ashton reports the latest news on the life-saving allergy medicine. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"44784423","title":"Generic Epipen Pricing Compared to Name-Brand Drug","url":"/GMA/video/generic-epipen-pricing-compared-brand-drug-44784423"}