George Zimmerman Jurors 'Cried' After Vote

An anonymous juror told Anderson Cooper the six women thought for hours about their verdict.
3:04 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for George Zimmerman Jurors 'Cried' After Vote
Turning to the latest on the george zimmerman verdict and reaction to it. There were more violent demonstrations in los angeles overnight, with plenty of scuffles. At least 20 arrests. A cameraman getting hit during the protests. All this as we learn that the jury in the zimmerman trial was initially split. Abc's matt gutman has the story. Reporter: The six are silent no more. Overnight, a woman who said she was b-37, one of the six anonymous female jurors, describing the tense hours in the jury room to cnn's anderson cooper. I want people to know that we put everything into everything, to get this verdict. We didn't just go in there and say, we're going to come in here and just do guilty/not guilty. We thought about it for hours. And cried over it afterwards. Reporter: Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder with a lesser charge of manslaughter for shooting 17-year-old trayvon martin. The jurors were sequestered for 12 days, away from their families. The juror who appeared in shadow, said the first vote on guilt or innocence was split. We had three not guilties. One second-degree murder. And two manslaughters. Reporter: Interesting point. Jury b-37 refers to zimmerman as george and trayvon as that boy. Ultimately, it seems zimmerman's claim he shot martin in self-defense won jurors over. It doesn't make any difference. How so? Well, because george had a right to protect himself at that point. So, you believe that george zimmerman really felt his life was in danger? I do. I really do. Reporter: B-37 was one of the five white jurors, also noted she had trouble understanding rachel jeantel, who was on the phone with martin just seconds before he was killed. He said he was a crazy ass cracker. I don't think it's racial. I think it's everyday life. The type of life they live and how they're living, in the environment they're living in. Reporter: All of that triggering outrage on twitter with comments like, I don't even have words to adequately describe how disgusted I am with juror b-37. She made quite a splash yesterday, announcing she was going to write a book about her experiences as a zimmerman juror. After all of that backlash overnight, her agent announced she is cancelling that book and going back to live her life before it she was a juror. I was struck by two things. That they were so split, three for acquittal, two for manslaughter, one for second-degree murder. And they all apparently believe that trayvon martin threw the first punch. Reporter: That's right. They were talking about how much confusion there was on that jury. There was confusion about the jury instruction. Eventually all of the not guilties swayed the guilties. And what happened was ultimately, they decided he had to act in self-defense, that was zimmerman. What is clear is they took that responsibility very, very seriously. Of course, all of the deliberations, there was just one very, very long day. Thank you so much, matt gutman.

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{"id":19676956,"title":"George Zimmerman Jurors 'Cried' After Vote","duration":"3:04","description":"An anonymous juror told Anderson Cooper the six women thought for hours about their verdict.","url":"/GMA/video/george-zimmerman-verdict-guilty-jurors-cried-vote-19676956","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}