Glenn Close on Ending Mental Illness Stigma

The Oscar-nominated actress discusses the cause that has touched her family and her tireless efforts to help others who have suffered.
2:50 | 11/05/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Glenn Close on Ending Mental Illness Stigma
Tonight I have the pleasure of hosting the webmd health heroes awards gala. People choice award going to Glenn close for her tireless work to end the stigma surrounding mental illness which has touched her own family. When award-winning actress Glenn close talks about mental illness, it's more than a mission, it's a family matter. One day my sister we were visiting my parents, my sister came up to me and she said, I need help. I can't stop thinking about killing myself. And that pulverized me. Ours was a family that never ever ever talked about mental illness or the possibility of some sort of mental disorder. Reporter: Glenn's sister Jesse lived with mental illness her whole life but was not properly diagnosed with bipolar disorder until her 50s. Why do you think that is? I think largely it was the stigma around mental disorder. The stigma and what stigma can do to make it difficult for people to just negotiate, you know, daily is real. There are a lot of misconceptions. There are many myth, there are many -- just not having an understanding. Stigmas are still very -- it's a very, very tricky thing to try to change. It can be very, very difficult. You know, that's why we're out there saying you've got to start the conversation. Fighting the stereotypes associated with mental illness is exactly what inspired Glenn to launch her foundation, bring change to mind in 2010. One in four of us are touched in some way by mental illness, one in four in this room walking down the street, so it's always seems ridiculous to me we aren't more courageous about talking about it because it touches August of us. With Glenn as its driving force and strongest advocate her organization's campaigns are already transforming the way we talk about mental illness. Glenn also joined others on capitol hill in Washington, D.C. To help pass a groundbreaking. Change is going to come on a grassroots level. Reporter: That will provide $1.1 billion to strengthen the mental health care system where do we go from here, Glenn? What do you want to see lap? I want to give people, you know, the strength and the support to talk about it. That it's okay. It's a human condition. That pretty such says it all. Another person being honored is Dr. Bennett amalu. He discovered cte and will smith is portraying him in the upcoming movie "Concussion."

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{"duration":"2:50","description":"The Oscar-nominated actress discusses the cause that has touched her family and her tireless efforts to help others who have suffered. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"34991681","title":"Glenn Close on Ending Mental Illness Stigma","url":"/GMA/video/glenn-close-ending-mental-illness-stigma-34991681"}