'GMA 40 for 40': Expert Tips to Get A-List Hair

Kari Hill, celebrity colorist at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, shows the styling tricks used on the salon's star-studded clientele.
13:20 | 11/18/15

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Transcript for 'GMA 40 for 40': Expert Tips to Get A-List Hair
We are here next salon in Beverly Hilton wondered how some of Hollywood celebrities looks so fantastic with their hair color. Well you actually achieve that sing sing kind of look. By some techniques you can use at home by now I'm a little bit downing has that I'm pretty inept at hair but I'm joined here by and he acts. Ours Whitney comes to hacks are Cherry Hill here without L'Oreal Paris and the celebrity hair colors and a lot of the Latin. Be happy with us today he'll welcome to match where here currently spends tartans and stop all that or that at the right place yeah. I know you worked with the likes of Taylor she laying Carly costs. On a Ferris and I'll have such great hair are you telling me that night. I can do at home what similar to kind of what you're doing is along with a time you're more and L'Oreal Paris ambassador and hearing teaching us how to get to look at home that we do in the salon on these celebrities like any medical demos that excellence and go back there. So you're not just about highlights. Today ray gas is really. Arafat anything because people really like to lighten rank in the summer heat is on comes around they like to mention and warm up their hair color. But then as we approach the holidays everyone likes found a little bit more is done them in my little bit more sparkling shiner had so how do you then that adapts. Well your wee hour winds. We have. It's three different ways commissioning of eyes how that you can use L'Oreal Paris clan lines can't at home so you can give yourself depending on your origination their collar. Three different ways at the holidays are com. Sounds great sign of the pricier and talk about is eighty life. I don't think yeah out what are baby lights. Families came up behind because I believe that time on grade which is pleased to be a very different diet look and he was a very extreme and harsh highlights. And so and then we became we solid into the sombrero island which is where we wouldn't marry an apparent. On the and it's with some highlights and eyes bring it up is really not so it's really sad. And then daily tech great because they're noncommittal they're great for pressing this isn't working not working she's a Lima home renaming. And so when she gets a highlights and they're few and far between and so you wanna give her highlights that are noncommittal slipped to do it will be like noncommittal on the exactly so I'm gonna show you one way and that I. Do baby mice in the salon and the Spanish and he'll wait to get. Maybe like home with them Laurie out Paris highlights at. So you go and I just up a little teeny tiny action if there. And the highlight the choose isn't just fat baby lights and baby's eyes. Pieces of hair color. I had. Inside very delicately pick up the Harris. Place of Wayland threat to isolate the hair so that the parent doesn't tax. Inherent in need and have that. And I seen have a helper here but this is something that I can do with my hand to hand but this is something you're going to be ability was airlifted hands. I'm just showing you the difference in what we do it. That's a line and and that what you can do at home. Just resting. On this crashing. Playing college radio. Again I'm showing you with a foil because I'm showing you how important is to isolate the hair from the other hair so that the hair doesn't and when he told a press action. Either believe. Arcs create what I call little money where the color pops I certainly don't want to make an airtight exactly. Now every parent gonna show you with the L'Oreal Paris glam night. L'Oreal Paris has been the most amazing I'm. Applicator that economically correct and the really user friendly so just I eye that I mean there's I think you'll section. Just like but the highlight. You're gonna move in learn and you're gonna varies slightly pick up his act and and you're going to be very judicious about the product that you put on your Brothers want to make sure that it's. Saturated and that's very very slightly in baby and you're learning is. Not to overdo it not to overdo it anyone in very. Finally kind of comment through. An idea with this is a user friendly to small his hair thing. Life and snow but I think you should your home a suggestion I have is a place I think the cotton under need Fenton. And then I think he's a cotton over the top of it so they're doing what I did with the plan which you're isolating each taxing body. Mental what the content with the bulls in the well. It really doesn't do that much difference I mean the salon we have the foil any accident little baby and will we have more control over in the line. Sell a home the best thing to do is he's the cotton. And then if you read the manufacturer's instruction. Manual does cross has sent them the timing your service but rather let her that not a lot of people do his dream now we know some of the things people don't stealing their coloring their hands. Home is read the directions and does little piece of paper that's in the box that's very essential. I had a client the unending Tony's like kind of how it went on my daughter at home it just didn't come out exactly and I wanted to. And a sense of did you happen at camp Clinton boxer interaction she's like no I did not. And Stephen lay everyone thinks they're an expert that happened. But the manufacturing know that they are talking about how long do you believe that for the everybody's different than different levels are different that's my hair color depends on your her. Depends on your starting at depends on your sapping. And so you'll see when you open up the instruction and there's like gives you a clock and it will tell you wouldn't between Tony I'm 45 minutes and it gives you a little break down got up each person has a little bit of a different timing. I think it's just. So without everything you need it will be in the K there's nothing affecting clinics at so what about this home that you have an infield hit there well I'll tell you about things one minute. So what we're gonna move on over here the Nickie. And this is an example of us he highlighted. Yes I know not everybody wants a baby like some people want to bolder look. Me keen to rocks the red lips as fashionable. Not the crease and it is very fast enough and needed a different look. It is very differently I think it's a brighter humble learned I easier Pollard I'm making is probably has gone a little bit more than Chris and she has currently the ability to get in there an idea is you can gold hold our and his challenge here. Or thicker with the highlights. As long as you make that commitment to get back in this are using think hit. In a different way actually that's a great thing about landmines is that you can use this on the same way the ease. It on Kristen the only idea is that you get this crash a little bit more saturated in the collar. I mean we'll take a closer sacks and together. They don't have to be as baby but the best thing I won't say ends. Still use your cotton to isolate. So when Nikki you can see that her sections her highlights. Its current let's find land here are bolder. So when you're getting your product on Mickey's hair he won it CB. I'm had beer distribution of and I know there's more hair more hair thicker hair thicker pieces just think think are. Boulder Warren street and so the outcome is going to be ethnic Arab bolder more out. An outcast. The hanging of the both girls have the same national faced tough act they just have a different out from inclined to think. Philip a little bit of ground there to write the B don't know hired Hairston reacted. Eat the amount. And Kayla I mean doesn't mean less is more and if you're nervous about what the outcome is going to be a baby's diet and I think I mean that's I mean contesting a small portion of your Herring like okay I got the hang of it yeah and so and then. He move up the top of your head you don't necessarily stop the top start the top of your head if your question. And we'd have to leave it in longer for the time here. Well not necessarily it's really about where and your natural level starts fast so if you're a lighter blonde Erika Klein and that's mostly. Behind you decide the tiny. Certain agreement parking and lines they despite tightening. KR Reid and move honored to have yes no I'm gonna show you out of your merge it hit that's ready. OK so here's my thing when your home in your hair coloring hair I have this idea that every woman should happen is under their state. And just basically hijack necessities and I don't really even after it but how exactly snow. Okay let's let's kick out. All of this into the OK so let's say you have little government asking you have this asking you have a live wherever you can keep paying your house. The ideas that you have extra gloves because let's say at this happened at some energy something that you're okay. And so you only have one parent was so great to have an extra pair. Wouldn't also there's comes that I was happy you're asking about. How wonderful witness then I have a fine tooth found with the tail on and that's something you get at any dressing up. Any drugstore. And you can have any kind of trying to come if you can't kindness it's just great to have a because when you're playing the color it's great to be able to evenly distributed like heat uniform now. He's got tough a time. Everyone means that there can at times like I was saying earlier. People sometimes they just in the reminding them of in the direction telling though it looks ready that you need to timing exactly what manufacturers says it's not always on your. I think to have a second time. So how do you timer like that rather than on your phone did you get the stranded here distracted you're texting your Colleen Campbell immediately stopping any parent. There's things like cap think. I like fantastic. Brady had a clear with highs in your basket because if you're doing don't want process color like a fanatic Brad Park on that matter. It's a great barrier. And I dealing that means half sick person a pot of food are about Helene and thank you have more control his every airline is different. Me and saying you know being pounded in and out of the net and crannies of your different hairline that's in and really keeps you from seeing him hopefully conclude. Not making any promises. Infant and then a really great way to get the stain off if indeed you do staying in Miami and really a little bit of oil an incumbent on Capitol Hill but it's really stand tall is not anarchist and penny I make government. Any time you can reference I have my parents here it is amazing that any means the winner on a piece of cotton rent you're happy with anything Hank. A fitness and self. A teacher he shared an old ratty or caring teacher at college. Something that you can use every time pull over your packet color on the Pollard don't care. You can is about an inch or so depending if your income in the shower afterwards just pick sure he knows that you're gonna easily covering your hair home. Every time. Parent was apparent that season my little things their hair clips as he's seen when I colored hair I was showing you that I section. Section here with the hair plants. And Sally just isolate parenthood and the waiter makes its. Cleaner and action for you so when you're doing it landmines even more control over the apparent that you're coming and then he sort of thing going to lesser grade because if you're doing a one processed hair color any apology and and it's long and making ends meet you can twist the hara. In my friend your house and process we knew it was time. Might it be policies that today you know it's this the US or just let that happen that there I want to move on to the tortoise shell out. Because that is intriguing to me here about crystal glasses but people do not look. Classes head hands and sending Atlanta and hair color so the idea what's Hornish I love it so much I'm. For so long as far as jazz enough. Highlights but I'm holiday season I don't believe lightning round. And man they can gain land lines just as well and is meant lines. The times tells a pretty because it's a combination of on the brain as you can see her and have been lightens sombre where we connect. And then that they phalanx and then they're just a little bolder idea with the Internet and that he continent conference rooms that. In the town's form towns and how honestly this is a pretty hot look. I was getting rain and let them bronzed slash check tarnished is definitely in my opinion and it fits you with your theme color and everything leniency. And I know what went. Keep them warm. And depending on the skids. You don't wanna clashed there's contamination and actually falling China I'm leaving town and I have to play. The best thing he did my time is just pay attention is trying to box in front of manufacturing is not the Italian misleads you will tell you tissues later. You know unfortunately nor dark hair cannot listen. Have pistons beat you Donna you. I could definitely go with the darkest into my life and don't want that I want to quickly talk about maintenance and protecting your hair color wheel back here really fast. And that's a couple of them and you have a straight hair color how do you maintain it. OK so one of the things that people seem to forget all the time at home after they leave the salon they're finishing coloring their own hand is here. They seem to think that just a simple thing an August 10 but I like to save my three keys and you need hair. Shampoo. And conditioning and products that meet the color treated hair. And I saying he needs to be able to prison. Attacks and prolong America. Some might think being. Easy she and Gloria parents Symantec's act and I would obviously perfect we'll think so much for all of the mine of information we really appreciate it.

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{"duration":"13:20","description":"Kari Hill, celebrity colorist at Meche Salon in Beverly Hills, shows the styling tricks used on the salon's star-studded clientele.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35284792","title":"'GMA 40 for 40': Expert Tips to Get A-List Hair","url":"/GMA/video/gma-40-40-expert-tips-list-hair-35284792"}