'GMA' Deals and Steals for Cyber Monday

Tory Johnson brings big Cyber Monday bargains on everything from jewelry to home fragrance collections that all include free shipping.
8:23 | 11/27/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' Deals and Steals for Cyber Monday
Back now with our supersize cyber Monday "Deals & steals." Tory J. In the house. Double the deals and they all have free shipping. We're very excited about that. Just in time for your holiday shopping, Tory, let's get it to if first up, sock art. Whimsical socks with just -- that are cushioned for comfort. This one but first presents, don't fell. Santa, they all say like fun things. Mistletoes. Shalom, y'all. They all say great things for men and women. Normally 15 to $20, 7.50 to 10 bucks. Stocking stuffers. This one, I brought this just for you. Oh, wow. Theresa Devine if you drink wine, let's say you want red, I want white. We don't want to open both bottles because we don't want them to go to waste this allows you to pour the wine with a needle through the cork without ever pulling the cork out. Wow. So we could drink -- you could have yours, I could have mine and preserve the bottle for another time -- How long will it last. It depends on the wine, week, mons, years. I have so many questions. A grill want way to drifks it without wasting it. If everybody wants secret different, you don't have to fight about which bottles to open. What is the deal on this. Normally they start at $350 all slashed by at least 50%, so 175 and you'll get eight of these amazing capsules to pour up to 10 glasses of wine. The gift that keeps on giving. Love it. Lulu dharma of these buttery soft bags are always in style and had with the bags. Five fabulous colors. Super soft. They're cute? They have this great shoulder strap. Pockets on the inside. Great snap closure. A beautiful bag that is stylish and I can't keep saying soft enough because I wish you could feel it. Super soft, normally $128 slashed by 66%. $44 for yours. Wow! Laser cut, I love it. If you do anything at night in the dark outside, running, dog walking, cycling, these were created by a mom who only had time to exercise at night, mittens and goffs that have a rechargeable light built right in and so they will light the way when you are outside. Great. Great assortment for both men and women. There's our modding. They have their lights. Normally 35 to $50 but all of these are slashed by 51% so starting at $17 for your run lights. I love these as stocking stuffers. These are beautiful from Katherine Weitzman. Two different collections. The little floral collection. Pressed flowers inside the glass chambers. The shaker collection. They have little crystals on the inside that are, again, in the glass collection, all hand made in Hawaii. All of these pieces. You've got to go online to see up close the detail many they are really spectacular and a huge savings on these. Normally 100 to $170 all slashed by at least 66% so $34 to $38 for everything from Katherine Weitzman. And Santa is helping us with our sixth deal. This is k'nex. A variety of them. Creativity and imagination, you can never go Wong for kids to play alone O kits big enough for a whole family and zombies, super marrow, my little pony and from teen think pieces to big one, Santa has a whole moving system there. Normally $13 to $50 all slashed at least in half so everything from k'nex and tinker toy, 6 to $25 and free shipping on every single thing. And you've got more. Yes. We'll have free shipping on that as well but right now over to ginger. Yes. So you were saying that I could have that wine for after this baby? Good one. We are getting into the hole day spirit in our studio. Don't know if you noticed but it exploited intole ho holiday partnering with telefloria. They want to know how you'll be spending the holidays with your loved ones. So you share your best festivity photos using #loveout loud and to get into the holiday spirit everyone in our studio audience is going home with a $100 gift card to teleflora. Yes. We're all getting it. Now you can do this at home. Good morning, I'm meteorologist Cindy Fitzgibbon. We're in the 30s out there now, there have been a few flurries north and west of town, hose will dry up, sun and clouds in the 40s this afternoon, but a gusty breeze have make it feel cooler in the 40s tomorrow, as well, but we're warming it up into the 50s here once again M By the way in honor of cyber Monday, we have a very impressive little friend that's going to join us here in times square. It's savioke delivery robot for busy places. You might end up seeing relay pop up in one of your hotel visits. Oh, yes, a cup of coffee. How nice. Isn't that amazing what relay can do? Don't know that I can get one of these but maybe it'll be on "Deals & steals" someday in the future. Speaking of "Deals & steals" Tory is coming back with so much more about cyber Monday. Free shipping on everything. Don't go anyway. I'm going to dance. "Gma's" home for the holidays is brought to you by teleflora. This holiday season love like you mean it at #loveout loud. T1 italics cc1 Test message Get on over next to the big guy. Look at this. Magically appeared pore cyber"deals & steals." Tory J. Working her magic. Everything today free shipping so. Oh, yeah. So first up, what you got for

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{"id":51398830,"title":"'GMA' Deals and Steals for Cyber Monday","duration":"8:23","description":"Tory Johnson brings big Cyber Monday bargains on everything from jewelry to home fragrance collections that all include free shipping. ","url":"/GMA/video/gma-deals-steals-cyber-monday-51398830","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}