GMA LIVE (06.13.13)

Josh, Sam and Amy help celebrate a GMA producer's birthday and check out the latest viral pet video.
13:09 | 06/13/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (06.13.13)
-- -- -- get over it was briefly stunning to me -- all sisters. So yeah. -- -- Ohio originally so can you name them -- you know other -- so it's take me back yeah yeah. Monaghan yeah myself Sarah yeah Laurie she's running out my hand she stated the need another yeah and home yeah and -- -- them. Christy you and Nancy and yes. He's not there aren't going to -- fifty million I don't know that I am. She it has -- GUNC and just sit there Jan all morning long -- not yet spent a permanent a -- okay. I love to chat -- bearing interest when and I love that keeps me laughing at him. Not how I can look at this beautiful. Let's tell Erica carry. Good luck under English final tallies -- -- -- -- don't have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- An agency upstairs and that in the control today it looked for a cable and we've Caitlin and when Caitlin breaches the outer perimeter -- -- now we want to -- -- for came when she is 21 and we cannot wait to celebrate when Oliver. Her 21 Burnett and I and it. I understand I understand there is day there is an event tonight -- celebration that -- include adult beverages like him when he. You know I'm not eating too big by the resident planning -- for roughly 5 o'clock am eastern. It is going to be. Torrential outfit they're gonna be you get the one Alley is not to do when you're writing my and by the way that 5 o'clock will lead to what ever happens when ever you go out with any -- -- -- some Seattle -- -- piano yard and the Phillies. Singing it like midnight -- -- let us. My I don't yeah our yeah. -- You do -- do -- as. I love is what I mean 08 how does that again selling government is imminent isn't going to that he can easily get our help now. -- actually kind of utilities and homeowners and later. But did not -- a battle -- -- -- -- your -- coming up I'm OK before we who along the program and Tracy you're actually -- because they do believe. I saw you on the big show today. Being really unsentimental and selling your -- -- yeah. And over there -- I know I'm not I'm I can't really -- my guess is that -- unsentimental that's just it's not I'm again I'm not I -- -- can -- the -- without any evidence on the US. Why do you need -- show. Thank you -- -- you know I love my wedding at a wedding dress is gorgeous variety. Okay. Yeah. Well I never know where I can never -- where it all -- You know much it spent on -- why do I -- she's been about 2600 dollar I didn't spend 2600 dollars I spent 3600. I -- and that's not including the issues are the veil and venison Hillary again I'm not gonna argue the practicality because. You know like you who's going to let her drive against the wind recently -- -- yeah yeah I. Pardon me for having a heart and he's -- all the -- -- yeah I have photos that it. And naturally all you need -- exactly the so I am I just wanna speak for men for a moment think I just -- and not rarely do I get this opportunity. We want to believe that -- sentimental. About the day that we leave. You know commit ourselves to you. I'm not everything's a fire sale yeah. My anniversary was last week right and I it was very sentiment. And I gave my husband a beautiful card and I got a nice yes OK and I said I love you -- your -- -- -- -- ring that every day multiple -- right every day okay. And you know that's. What this isn't material saying -- aren't doesn't show how much I loved him. If you agree with the idea applauded. Sure applaud. OK I'm I have no choice but to go with the majority I'm totally. All right I get -- -- right -- you've really got these snippy about it. She's tried to -- -- of not battle be the last time is that this is by the way your secret that I don't think America knows exactly hell -- -- he is. Like how emotional big cuddly and soft -- yeah. -- -- -- I'd hate crime ring yeah. OK first of all I thought I was an -- and you know what -- to say this because because his Father's Day coming up. The best thing my father ever did was say it's looking -- -- crime. I. So I will -- We weren't wouldn't -- pirate menace field. And it halfway through the movie. There's some wonderful moments -- young Superman and and his father on earth. And I would go where it's stab at a higher Merrimack. -- mess and I. Well this is how well I know it so I'm looking at the screen and I see how much this isn't Josh -- -- a good job. Can't give -- -- get all the activity he's he's already like so get ready like tier guys are right when I'm out here would you know how these. Called my card. -- -- -- That is not true I -- of that proposal not legally -- -- -- There was I was all the colonel Mike coach JoAnne knows that she's supposed to. Buyers sales everything out right here that everything -- ladies and there's six. What away. I don't know what you're talking about Caitlin -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Debate tomorrow. Extraordinary. Producer in the world that -- -- -- on. That's what I didn't feel like we couldn't do that that would -- went on the 21 I'll ask -- -- -- yeah. Combative at this. Alcohol that she's turned hello Josh just sent a lot about the hello Larry I continue to. Totally yeah. Think what you have is one of the coolest jobs in the business that people don't understand. I want to talk about what you do because you've been with me in hurricanes you've been with -- with other you know would you nailed celebrities -- tell their story -- first couple weeks I was here Palin took the wide eyed kid from ESPN and like. Showed on the road. So let -- finders in my advice and I didn't I think in the mornings out like how to mess of excitement Salem but I apologize and David Hartley the outcome and we -- -- -- -- the title. The title I'm above our Reza segment produced Sarin at a -- of this miles a lot of different things that we're what I do -- breaking news -- -- -- like parachuted and and then I -- and -- the big interviews I think bookings. And I am last minute does -- for ABC and not NB CAC yes that makes it is they love -- And you see my -- the next wedding so. I mean that the young young people who are looking to get in the visit this is an exciting job wherever there's news wherever there's something going on whenever there's a celebrity that's trying to hide from the truth. This is the person that -- -- to go get the interviews other big face on television can say it's an exclusive interview. Yes we have to convince them yet that it's important that they are part of the story that -- -- -- Right and we -- the best platform do we didn't. -- I'm sorry we only wanna do that and today. Our players today play today extra OPEC. Skin go ahead don't know even now I know I want you know I'm not going to give -- I'm not as though it might weekly -- I really helped urgent. No plane no bite. Maiden -- This is now apparently they're getting around in the Czech Republic. -- problem. Wait wait how long this is officially the cool thing I've ever seen and this is -- -- like Elliott can now join ET on the latest they. He can actually do it. I'm -- -- and I'm no signs and no -- Faith based on this bit of footage. The lands Peter can only be a couple of years behind but we are closing in on that technology -- -- -- I got hovercraft you know but more them it's like so -- yeah. That's it really -- and get a cool do you guys both come on yeah we do anywhere ignorant and hire some might pack keys -- enough why do you -- It's not a set foot there -- -- you might find where you -- you know when they're feeling. The -- that's an alien I'm I don't pac bell yeah I do not only. -- I'm gonna fight fans we take me back I don't know anything. It's underwhelming -- -- with -- I just on its video that's that's what do you guess what what. I do another on his -- out on how the hell out of step. I love doing these days I loved the -- Alison -- -- his I like helicopter. -- -- today are kind of the day about a head of the day because the reality is he did so would you sale of the head of the day it's. I do I do I do love. On the all of it with a dog fly on -- bicycle. We just Josh it's a vote for by the way that's right it's it's a bonus and the two for. Combined didn't want to get -- -- -- that's worthy of showing off today and our first is a determined little guy. He's changing -- I'm not sure what is. -- is like around the wall. News. Yeah. And this is still going on today this was shot 24 days ago. And. Our second plant today is slightly bigger dog would just as much energy. A -- Sargent Arthur turning. And these are unbelievable. All of this is it is news. I mean it's it's really sure. Man's best friend it's really really -- God. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the toughest thing you know for military families and then when we show these things a lot. It goes on. Thousands tens of thousands of times although his country. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- in my case it was might have my dad would come back just. Something throughout monocle and wonderful thing not to take any moment from any of those moments -- we want to thank all of you in that situation for your service. We also want to take this opportunity since will be -- bringing you highlight package of the week tomorrow on think something who wish everybody out there. Perhaps his father -- avenue products tank and we do want to thank you in honor of the good folks and only news for supplying these fabulous. Intricate staggeringly. Beautiful -- is you have a martini glass that you guys it's awfully appropriate for you and. Holly and and right good late night he's out here I do hope that he hero -- -- to work tomorrow because boy we have something to talk about. Oh yeah. -- -- -- -- At 9 AM eastern daylight tomorrow thank you so much.

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