GMA LIVE (08.20.13)

Lara and Elizabeth taste gourmet grilled cheese and check out baby ocelot photos.
13:35 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (08.20.13)
Okay. I think me out here I got from McCain -- and -- -- years and they took two weeks off consecutively. And it do you ask unless you don't know where you're like -- -- -- I have another we -- -- Am -- getting recommendations being kind highly recommend Greg had a haircut I did I got it all chopped off last night -- it was you know vacations we can do right now so I just let my Dahlia and I both have really earlier and earlier I knew I would not and they don't recognize me like yeah I'm not a news. I love there in Atlanta look like what -- -- dogs like that has like dreadlocks. Yeah. TV I. I don't know like who stuck their finger in soccer -- you know and with a lot of product which I've learned to raise as I've gotten older like ice like. I don't know it's too -- know you really do -- traffic you have friends and I -- -- -- -- with -- hey hey Jennifer -- amazing. Oh my gosh I'm glad I literally got -- -- yeah I was act. Girl -- yeah. She's got a new sound it's very sexy as somebody who won the crew member said. It's a little god rest her soul Amy Winehouse raids -- very smooth sultry a little bit -- of course -- still in the -- house they -- in the dressing room next to -- and -- to be here right -- than. Maybe you that you gave me baby and me that baby is worried that maybe it's so -- next channel ten on solo he was really and now. Did you really have a baby and you know I mean you're not. And heads back into the same age without -- -- exit. Well the mountain my baby just turned seven days ago this -- You know I have -- that I'm happy to be out of the diapers yeah out of the mid nineteen did you feel like as a working mom like I think I'm doing okay I think I had two good good kids who are getting a lot of and I feel like I had a third at my kids would suffer more brightly that I husband would suffer like I feel -- has authorities after he'd been. Yeah. We got word that idea that it works and -- -- my husband has to deal with trying to address an eight year old for school very specific. -- -- -- daughter yeah arrived to -- he had no I am just a little and this is very particular about what you -- Yeah very. Honest I was getting to your vacation in your greet her company's I want it to say that you're here apparently looked a lot like I think somebody copying your name's Lee got -- well I I I am happy to be trend -- apparently did not stop but I didn't Wear paper -- -- eat it. Now her hair looks very much like you don't think he looks well first -- all -- like giving us this pixie cut Julia and so I'm just following. I'd like everybody else but I thought Lady Gaga -- She looked away she hit those muscles and that video -- -- loss that you guys showed yesterday. I have total ad and the I detail and I also just had like. I had spirit and me and she seems so in a good place -- and yeah -- her fans it just lover so when -- -- them. So she and a really big scare you should stop touring and not -- -- She loved him to do that in fact she looked completely back to -- totally back she said she -- her rehab which is a great piece of advice for all of us if you -- injury. You really can't skimp on -- -- really do have to do the work to get. Fully recovered and she did in some. She's she danced in that video that first time gym danced in the house and but she was great to talk to and she totally played ball and we mentioned on the show today George -- -- -- -- commercial break -- like one piece plus stands whether. And a commercial break to get. From here through crowds up to the roof to have gotten out of push the button to play the video. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And it just one of those moments that you're like this really happening around looking there's George Stephanopoulos and god and I'm like I know the clock is ticking me about your iPhone now that one of those stuffed turnovers and people would not have like that and you know I just they were later tonight how we still had to -- -- I've -- like. It's idiotic thing. So desperately wants -- but sometimes you got it just yeah. The right things out so that was yesterday and then Taylor has to regularly ate so well -- I mean it was option. -- out and we have more -- what we're hungry how hot young always hungry yeah fortunately you can go to the -- speaking of which. You want to just go while still warm. Harry so we fast forward on the proper nomination as Michael in -- So my I -- I think he's you life thank everybody let me she's like. He's and -- the restaurant is cheese oozes out and -- to. Restaurant chain -- locations in the northeast it is all things grilled cheese hi my job I had grown accustomed -- Me and my family and I think everybody loves god Jesus comfort Philly -- -- made -- -- always -- that. When your step cat like there's just not a matter everyday. I -- -- -- but about how it -- today. Sure so I just thought -- love -- -- some of us with a dive in the in my whole life has -- many people yeah and grilled cheese which is the staple like growing up then and also in my twenties just making anything easy all comfort carriages -- take off on its grilled -- with something -- exactly to make a nice lunch -- -- that we had here he gets to try. I'm but yeah I just love grilled cheese -- -- -- right you know suggested to do something with that and put it together and here we have a grilled cheese restaurant chain. You sold more than one million grilled cheese -- and we have we have it's very popular. We've opened a number of stores we've we've just hit that mark so we're very proud of that we're celebrating. You're also I'm giving back which we always really loved to celebrate -- -- and you're asking people to submit their ideas on how they would make a difference. With 101000 dollars how would you make a difference in the world with that money and what kind of submissions are you getting. And what are you give to the person each is sure. So -- that is really important to us I was the volunteer -- -- one in the -- of serious fun. Trojans network Paul Newman's camps for kids -- -- Hillis is complex -- yeah and also I volunteered at the kitchen when I was in high school so philanthropy and doing things like that we're very important to me so we started she's boy. We want to make sure there wasn't just about a business wasn't just about profits but it was also about example part of you know society we have a responsibility in that regard. So we have different programs once awhile so now we're doing to celebrate when -- she's images is -- asking people to submit. You know essays about how they really improve -- to 101000 dollars the winner. Gets free grilled -- for life and they also could get -- -- Yeah I tell you can get 101000 dollar donated towards their cause for the winning submission -- agree that we allow our our guests and our fans it involves zapping people -- that. -- to go to achieve what dot com there they'll be link right there you can submit right there and hopefully you win and we'll get 101000 dollars -- -- cause we've gotten a lot of different things regarding medical issues regarding animal welfare. Really everything homelessness. -- and. Every speaks your passion is not go online want to give -- a shot. And you know it's a great way to give back and get sleep she is alive. Speaking of -- I would he rest some of your favorites yet compliment about these jurors to deserve -- melts on any and all natural multi grain bread -- was checking -- take -- -- just came out of the -- to Iraq Basra I wanted to get you right -- I don't have. Sorry evening he had citizens may rich with sharp cheddar cheese on being there is accepting peace thanks that it some spin and simply -- -- a vegetarian lover's dream that and that's. And now I don't practice. -- Oh that's good. Having that got an -- -- -- ideas on my skills -- We'll -- -- off some this is ridiculous Salerno about -- don't. -- -- red pepper is we have tomato fresh tomatoes -- -- -- spinach and onions and then read a lot of -- yes we have our own multi grain bread it has numerous. Grains and -- -- what I -- of -- -- an -- that's the -- it's okay this is ridiculous -- we don't have time to keep the boat on the of course apparently left the I realize we have played well everybody what is -- that's our -- -- -- -- a premium roast beef we have onions tomato. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And powdered sugar I guarantee you'll enjoy it while I'm looking at day one but -- -- it can do it. You'll be -- I promise. Everybody Michael in what she's like thank you so. We're. -- -- -- You would expect -- -- football player would be able to capture them all right but what about catching it while doing a back flip gas. It's been done just -- Josh confessed -- -- of -- -- greater high school junior Austin Richmond can do a flip while catching a football with one hand in the -- take a look. That's pretty awesome all my weight watch. They're guests up in the air -- -- land how many times did it take to get that we'll finally doing is gaining back flipped on its own -- is. Really -- whom I've got to catch of look at all of during a pattern I know this is really really I just I I guess they haven't won. My job and I'm pretty charge of state has -- better than the that he announced me it's really aren't that -- a share this with the audience thanks. -- open up -- the next job. -- -- -- Half hour -- audience hi I'm -- continue on did you know we only have. Couple minutes on this this wonderful program that we -- -- and they live otherwise known as GAA got -- -- -- everybody and John Elliott from New -- He's a passionate leader on his flock. Video meetings when speaking to this group of shape. They seem to calling -- to him listen up. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- I am -- in this. -- -- -- and this is amazing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Has gotten. I'm W -- our friend Denise later Antara news where is that from that -- plays with a lot of she -- -- I area I was so captivating with a Hoosier daddy in Iraq yeah. New Zealand machines -- New Zealand's yeah. -- -- -- You -- your mommy -- bad. Nothing on GM a lot -- -- yeah in the yeah I'll herself -- He had no changes in your wants are big box and he had his jaw is dropped like Sam Josh act but some -- -- to show -- we're just inhaling them and just being self examination and we and a passport was clearly -- -- attire. And James doesn't want is going -- About that's mine that's accent on adding right planet decorated egg eating. I don't have the day. -- -- -- -- -- Brown Cameron park zoo in Waco Texas where a beautiful baby hostile -- that's. The cub named as -- that's a cool name that is that is two and a half months old he was -- didn't stop all. His five year old father who's your daddy youngest daughter got over there and my is fourteen year old another. Fourteen years is pretty old an awful lot like span not us a lot years yeah. So most zoo keepers thought that -- was no longer able to -- in -- yeah. Call me off yeah. That people I was asked how -- to institute open. That'd be raised he apparently recognized Ohio pageant from Idaho and at any rate the -- had with gonna keep eyes checked -- the secret that they have now announced it -- an -- and alleys for you to enjoy -- Good Morning America live everybody all of you enjoyed the -- boy -- -- it. I so I'm yeah -- we'll see you all tomorrow on good morning America life and I did I. Okay. When you want.

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{"id":20010133,"title":"GMA LIVE (08.20.13)","duration":"13:35","description":"Lara and Elizabeth taste gourmet grilled cheese and check out baby ocelot photos.","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-082013-20010133","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}