GMA LIVE! (08.21.13)

Lara, Ginger and Amy check out funny baby chick pictures and get a visit from Dan Abrams.
10:31 | 08/21/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (08.21.13)
I'm not saying -- -- -- miss seeing. -- -- Now we can't police now are crammed into complete welcomes CNN -- our lifestyle factor -- -- -- -- -- Beyond this is to start off. I mean that's how we got so many to me -- primary -- -- apparently aren't telling funny Dan -- her in on what really. And yeah -- all right Aaron there's. Even George got in on the act he's -- a big Tweeter. And he went -- like really cute I think he was sort of secretly pleased except that he's torturing me that he thought that I. Tried to color coordinate my guest tonight I address matched the without her that it was very -- I thought it was. It was calm day on GM I didn't -- -- But in very -- -- a great to have you here and if so this and I -- both down for the count yeah. I'm saying I now Josh he hurt his back literally on the air like seconds for the air so I'm looking at my job that day that. No usually getting up out of his -- I think yeah and any is having a great morning -- -- before the show and owns an electric. And means a cool cool and kind of and then I watched it like with a low of twenty minutes music only I can't rule of I cannot walk. And absolutely I'm done by that I don't think you're literally out of the Kenya and beyond earth very powerful drugs yeah if not amazing good team gave everybody and get news and some. I think on the lesser I'll be exactly but I think he's getting do his best to get back in the -- to his taking the time we wish we -- our guys but an -- have -- In -- have done a color thing with can now now -- they wouldn't just abused us abandoning our and I -- I'm not at all times I I'm I have -- the -- surrendering our hearts a lot of exercise let me. The snow won't be hanging out at home I mean Mac and I really I was like what is happening we're like and longer shifts and people hate people gonna lobbyists for the benefit. Of the Platt -- is moving on valued at the so I guess we just get started with -- GMA liabilities and hot -- -- -- And well I'm in these busy days. It can be difficult for singles to find potential dates that is until now -- Danish and British couple are launching a line of silicone bracelets that signaled the person is available. The bracelets are called my single bands and they are available in seven colors and three sizes. So anyone can order them online. They do -- creating the fans think that they won't make other single easy to spot in the crowded room and will -- -- new encounters. Wink -- After -- I don't know my mother is in the audience raising her hand my mom acting yeah. That I had that then test -- -- the novelty say yeah your -- yeah it was different the other methods that points. But that hasn't seen the single and available you know yeah that you might get some one who just thinks they can when they can do something. -- -- hear interest and Amy apparently will not like lighting currently. -- taking clearing and I had a lot of wearing green and another thing you know what -- people's you know they spot their. You know significant other with one on. Went back. And much that it had -- OK let's let's Houston remained hot negative note -- stop talking and think there's a web site near their nine dollars each or fifteen if you want to of them. I think they send -- lunch break I -- going -- to me like I really think god. Couple this thing I got a lot of -- -- -- -- that -- even know about this. A true Wednesday at his foot when ready to wait a district in Delaware worked together to rape the woman Guinness world record -- the tallest tower built in highly out of Legos and -- hours stand. A hundred -- -- twelve feet. And -- -- and three quarter inches and as a result of months of effort from the teachers and the students. -- set -- fund raisers and -- donation drives and then spent afterschool time in summer days assembling. The 500000. Lego bricks of they had collected the tower built -- sanctions that replacement on top of each other without and he since I might say. And the tower is self supporting. Did any other -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- what about me that I -- what -- so I always like Patrick went around that I don't not to -- Atlanta doing I don't want to even think it's terrible. I have are there -- everybody we didn't -- head of the day and you do it kind of it has it got so much stepped up here and give me live and it's allowed just six. OK it's not a yeah. But it's clearly well the an address that I Julie Parsons and her 90. If indeed there is just -- -- -- since the things beyond their age thing if any had a happy there. -- -- -- it upon me the chick they have they have outfits venom from one -- an animal home. I'd like you or your London I'm moving -- think. That actually has -- -- he's wearing a purple and again. And I -- -- is very sites I undertake an abnormal thank you so much ginger -- -- of the day. I now are so excited jury is out -- -- neighbors as we. Yeah. -- -- -- And AM I'm gotten a jury's out. A new series -- is standing Jana news anchor ABC news dear friend to me tell us to show. And on this whole give him nine and the ability to -- when the -- -- topics in his world we're -- weigh -- if you don't mind. I guess -- let's let -- I understand everything I say can and will be used against that's. -- right here on adopting a recent study says that 61%. Of people plan to work on vacation. 38% reading emails 36 calls point 4% tax. Many are not happy about it complaining that it is unfair. Might it get over. We all want our vacation time if you have a job that's paying for the vacation by the way where your important enough that people need get a check your email a few times a day. Is that -- so horrible. -- so yeah and maybe it is time to find new jobs with fuel requirement. -- -- this morning. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are we are we all in agreement on what I'm doing my -- I ever -- I. Check yeah. -- and and in love with the job I I I want to know what's going on I think we're we're on the news we might be different. I do think that some people do -- -- in position and I also think it's thousands that I was an act and I want her story and very glaring down an aisle and how to my children they say. Mrs. -- love Michelle. They say it is I'm sure you know they are confident on -- to -- down on them intimate -- sex a lot. Yeah. We put this whole online and shocker the find out what you guys think. Here's where you stand the 93%. -- -- Disagree with a all of us say yes and yes 7% it's important to be available to my employer -- -- 3%. Vacation he's my time away from yeah. We are in the minority before. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All the time there are ridiculous but -- read our beloved book and she had said it like back then before -- she gave call that she still down. She still does and their vacations and not quiet I have abruptly ended an Indian yeah yeah. Next up -- it okay for kids to say lice. That's our now out defending years and the words say quote begins those work tentative -- will ensure a chance -- Steadily into weak points -- to diminish or question. The force of an idea might take. -- -- She's just got that's like totally yeah I get the. I get it. So where I know you're driving the grammar will release the notes but as long as it is not used in excess of white kids. What is the big deal about using it to. Someone who didn't want them to -- -- sound unsure and it makes you put it down we are unsure what. Yeah. My I don't like -- I really encourage my children to not. Music and I and I remind them when they do and if I think that it sends a negative connotation. I do read you but I also know that I'm guilty of is why am I am absolutely done it before and then I know it doesn't sound great and you hear playback especially the you know one. There are worse things that can come -- an amount that's exciting yeah. -- says I don't mind -- as long as they learn proper diction and writing skills. People will always have slang -- -- Next on the docket. Sixteen year old boy died last Friday -- playing football for his high school team in Georgia his neck apparently broken -- tackle. Some now saying it's another example of how we need to significantly change the game to protect our -- great. -- -- Who wish approximately four people. Kids and adults -- playing football every year not that different from the numbers for other sports if you include injuries yes it's going to be a little higher but -- -- a tiny risk in so many things we do. Let's keep the equipment is safe as possible over reacting to football not the answer. I have -- I'd -- read about this changing the way that you -- -- it's a great idea every injury is one injury to. Bombard. Now we don't care what no I don't I. Yeah. Yeah. And getting a one minute you know this is my first time doing time. What -- of children and -- santeria not ask the jury let out a jury's back in and we decided we -- yeah. I'm not do what -- yeah. Now I just yeah you -- the gorgeous yeah. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I didn't and I'm Jim saying of course seven hands and -- to. Yeah yeah. -- we are -- here tomorrow I'll yeah 11 not.

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