GMA LIVE (12.17.13)

Ginger and Lara learn how to make sweet and festive holiday drinks on "GMA LIVE!"
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE (12.17.13)
This is not healthy morning America around on the -- this isn't this is -- -- -- factor what is this thing -- business like you know that that's the thinking on Sunday. I love a good can come Sunday yeah I'm sure factories -- -- country and they donate they do food they do candy making desserts they do stop flowing into it later. I'm then he's sending American parent -- -- -- -- and yet -- talking there are strawberries so it is healthy Morales and oh yeah and even know where to begin ginger what shall. I mean obviously whether there's a lot going on but -- not able to focus all on the celebrity not our and I still get really kind of -- Donna -- I mean really for me to be -- John Mayer. Katy Perry. You have Stallone to -- everybody and Will -- and -- in one week it is slightly that was one day and injustice. Every do you get -- -- sometimes yeah. Some of them -- weird because it's -- I've watched that little -- health -- yeah. But he isn't he's he's the nicest guy in the whole life around and my fiance has interviewed multiple patent I was -- like what you adequately adapt and and that he -- what exactly how -- it's got them it was wrenching to hear him say you know he's been gone -- split we've shown so many mornings him doing. You know he's doing curling -- on ESP and with Peyton Manning he's been so funny in character and I said you know. I'm down with talking -- well. Are on and on life you wanna do -- he's taking on the movie's about to open we've pushed -- the edged up and now it's time to make people want to see the movie yet and I thought you know it's also very Smart. Because he's been everywhere we get a vibe of the film -- you really don't know what's gonna happen and he asked me not to talk about like sort of the big. Seen and all the cameos it's hysterical isn't the only one that people leaked -- -- -- -- -- -- -- gap and it was -- that they -- and you won't believe cognac. It's very very fine I and then and then again and Katy Perry and John -- I just want from the get angry and we're just. Beautiful singing seeing ladies just come out with some sort of like me -- live there so sweet. And they and they love each other this. When when we were talking to them in good to see they heard me ask that's transparently -- that you can't fake that you cannot -- -- that I you know I have. John a lot of interviews over the years this that they seem kind of nominee maybe I also just really genuinely like both of them they're both from very Smart they're both so talented -- -- -- they worked really hard to get where they are they do it wasn't overnight and they hung out here by the -- yeah very open and but it was the interview was open and I accept that to Georgia is talking -- and that we -- -- yeah. There wasn't just holding back -- might not -- it is a really great and you and that's song who you love I didn't you're getting married and that is that that is a beautiful back -- be a -- I had anticipated text messages this morning already saying maybe we should advance to the active roster playing the words are so great because it's like you can't help who you love it just it happens and and how they've you know that one of her -- -- you know I knew you weren't -- -- -- -- coming. And PA UU sort of how I'm paraphrasing but a lot of people said he won't let your heart be you know toward open your heart. And he did not -- have that. That violent you know. But everybody -- -- Do you also like don't -- -- rain rain don't believe everything you read. Because you're not hearing the whole story don't they make it sells papers but that's not necessarily by who he is because I mean looking at them and they just seem to. Totally love it when you expressed. Yeah. -- yeah. I mean let's say yeah I till I swear to god -- yet. And -- calling name and they talked out of Georgia is that if we are too cutesy cutesy than people give us heat for saying that we're PDA ER yeah trying to right. If we're too far apart he's like it now -- ever -- pretty touchy -- Karen work to -- mountain. They have product to sell -- You kinda find. Yes we're totally -- effect on -- right so with all of this now that we have been getting across the country it's been a perfect opportunity to go out. And enjoying it so here a couple of young and -- serious about playing us now. Please do check out Savannah and that's rocking around. He Cincinnati's you know they're fast friends we understand you grew up together and now the -- about a one and a half years old here are some pictures of them from last sheriff. When they first -- he does are raised in captivity. Who are raising captivity like to have dogs also has -- they don't -- -- -- down on it helps and socialize -- fine and these two -- -- So enjoy that's a little. Candy your little peck canyon and a tight conditions with with will telling him yes they have a pet video for you of course yeah yellow you'll see in the movie and -- -- yes I mean there's definitely a -- -- and municipal -- dad but the good morning had an American. I -- kids really don't. We haven't American morning with a sweet yes this camera is here I'm excited to cemetery affect how are you know I -- -- -- -- -- just ask government scientist he's just. No idea that regular mixology isn't usually some drinks frustrated he's wrong all parties re glad that started -- -- check -- -- and that's that's pretty -- Yeah that is our -- light coming jobless. That has -- here all of these things are made nonalcoholic can be mean alcoholic -- adults which I personally recommend. However this has a pizza here we have kind of abuse it touches sour it's great for the kids it's like an event for the kids wages are pouring -- it's getting there is just just just divert it. -- -- -- -- I don't over the -- -- of the -- say yeah. And then and I want this -- clad in this bad boy right here is a seasonal cocktail became the -- crunch. That has a little bit -- peppermint syrup we have a little heavy cream a little white chocolate. It's here that would put in there as well it's really nice doesn't maintain its creamy it's a very singular joy -- And then we have are all around cartel to blow pop by far one of our more popular marketing -- -- -- I've -- and yet every other half wits as it it's gonna -- who -- little bay gavel. Popper son there aren't sure announced smelly gases and up pop -- Alia. That bad things right you can have left his stomach or not and never all the things he drink Pepsi any pop rocks -- lawsuits yet they now -- please please. But it even -- you during the final delegate pop Roxy. That's -- facilities I'm here to demo with you today our most popular got it is -- lolly -- passion about what we're gonna throw in here is a little bit of sour apples here we're gonna have a little sour mix. -- were nice tang on that pineapple juice for some citrus. You know you -- that that's how you around gimmick to parent facilities for -- in this giant goblet -- -- and yes silliness and nonsense that a little bit -- -- we'll throw in there. Just for -- nice -- and then the secret ingredient we have. You know a little -- that suspect over here that dry -- that's. I'm academics -- all the bottom and then of course the best part about this is that you unicorn parts of the candy necklace. I mean it's really great for kids yeah and adult this kind of -- just entities you wired. And it it's just this I'd want it's like an accessory with your drink it's really really fun doing -- structure and currently -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I don't think I can't meanwhile -- -- solidarity that Pennington. Mullah Omar didn't. I am I'm looking man that's not what you read. That this is just. Look at this is really got my address -- -- -- isn't built to and then on to you we are not just old vets leads the sun we do you have a right through his -- ever yet the world -- -- this is whenever signature fund news can we've we've nearly everywhere. It. Watchers -- -- watchers where can they find the sugar -- Sugar factories at 46 -- were street located in the Meatpacking District put -- country to all over the country at five locations in Vegas were opening up. At the Barkley center we are opening up all over the country right and continue online orders to go online you can order stuff sugar factory dot com for all your gift baskets -- -- needs for the holidays are rough things get -- poppy confined. On we're actually excited -- where the guitar pop our world famous guitar pop right there wow how it's it's it's look -- to us is jewel it's a -- -- it's got to -- -- allowing pop netspective. You put a protective cover on. He can keep use an -- and I -- -- university and entertainment I don't make -- all the time. We want to thank stress and more information on American legislative. Really -- it died yet cardiac dance and sadly -- that morning zero sugar high -- -- and smarter and AM eastern for another Jimmy live and tomorrow on GMA are anchorman and we continue as -- haul -- So -- yeah.

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