'GMA' Lunch Break With Daphne Oz

"The Chew" co-host teaches "GMA" how to make a chicken rollatini dinner with kale-walnut pesto.
42:36 | 01/06/17

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Transcript for 'GMA' Lunch Break With Daphne Oz
Zero. Me. Snuck into the wind and fire escapes. The odds thank you so much for welcoming us into your home yes this is like a big. Dealing Dylan and totally less than. So you're here in Italy and I am so excited. I Pullman with me investments together. Well this is Jimmy's lunch breaks. Recently lines and new year new eyes. And I know that you're working on Salomon's New Year's resolutions at your own I am I am so I picked up and insert this whole journey that I mind right now witches. No absolutely not like you're getting scattered I don't even own skills not ask you because I feel it when you count calories count numbers. You can get it on those the numerical and not actually get your body and feel hunger near 100 changing. And my whole goal is to just on the scanner Hudson kids my youngest is fourteen months. And I fell to this year and I actually threw myself into being a mom didn't need to pay attention to my health or team Karen me and I think. What amounts I like. To be that you teach our shoes off everything in the final minute but seating those little moments to reinvest your sons she couldn't hear yourself. Only to eat well or weren't you know how meditation or just hot coffee in quiet Sunday. It makes the difference and the entire human that we says the morning to can result of that atlas air at a veterans and this is night. My mom got more committed to January ending no sugar and no brains it's not heart problems and not a diagonal line looked he had loved it. But my thing was I just want to get all weekend edition after the holidays special blank so addicted to sugars are addicted to heat and rent everything that I love. So six needing a sugar you know we and then when David thank you so that's really the great talent within easy. And I feel it the kind of thing that the reason try to answer them like Clinton and a look when you yanish and then my favorites right now. And amendments are to see how my body is adjusting how I can understand and the way I'm asking myself he's small meaningfully. I really loved label follow that didn't. And that's what we're here today yeah so for all of you folks who are watching us FaceBook watching abcnews.com. Ask this question is actually don't ask questions ask Daphne class carrier and. So regular dance. Oh yeah this is the color. Okay yeah. I promise you obviously any time. Yeah it is easier like more simple than too massive and highly Atlanta homeowners me and my hand and here continent my game. Lazy late England's if any getting into. Yeah I. The sky hazy. Daily headaches and he really nice lady native oh I had. Lot of these. Oh suddenly copyright claims are coming. Your friend loves his people you gotta prefers eating out that's suddenly you. Lazy ladies last what I. What is it what remains a reason Italy's. Leaving me just on the one hand and it really is making an accident rest world. It's too early teens rolled with pastor of fresh kill past. It's arrested resentment of the happy cuts actually end the nice thing is. I've got too little can finally I don't really being on Bill O'Neill and I spent time had passed out MIT does my husband and I. Or maybe he'll want to invite him the last day of the US threats are right on top. My holocaust and its like the only 22 time is that classes resume its stressed that he's you figure he's he's lost apparently is. And that I'm my favorite ways that are involved but what is still feel really beautiful keep that light is good butternut squash and you have trusted national. Discos and the same time as the chickens are arrogant and has seen time and you really have minimal cleanup Henman Montana kitchen excuse you intend to do everything else. He misses that Kayla and vehicle pesto with wall that actually. And at last really really just covers and all of well again hermetically seal that waiting keeping your return we two weeks if you want to. But were any use it to top. And posse enemy and that the announced he had let me look. It he definitely these days she's got a little bit but yeah it's ultimately ladies on Santa are taking stuff. It's it's a lazy Larry yeah. And all about it. Gibsonburg he's it's all bets are they dance I had done its job. Resolution snacks I desperately want to learn how to you have here is insignificant legs I have driven my husband that nobody else. I mean that it may have and you know and of those things that Rosie nice to develop a little bit of just getting into the body feeling comfortable exile dance lessons coming next second and that'll be. I think they sell chickens are innocent and also the person government June. And this is a Muslim had passed since that involved rob Harlan at India China crescent that you understand it obviously under dinner companion to your breathing and so I show you what I like to do that actually cook that halo that we needed dialysis on tape. Not only does that break down McCalebb made it a little bit easier to him eight I just last June but it also will start to sign taped garlic. So that is a more immunity from Rose Garden later. Well the first thing and you can't and Ian Kelly come on over. In the end he medium heat and brown and casino royal home and go ahead tables didn't happen here. Just give it a little more concern here everything's they have excellent students annually and we saw that simmer. Election here will hot because they and then we'll let you get your I mean look we're not rounding the until we do want it to pop you and hear the noise of you know the liquid in the kiln being released but that's another that people meat spinach pasta before until mid life. Relax a watering doesn't hold the weight that automobile passed away it's because there's lots of water in the evening. You actually cooking it this way it really helps to break them down and release that once you get the maximum concentrated flavor. So what I have here is one head. Block a lot of hill. Are also less Tuscan hill and you can hear. OK that's good about the son of a starting to cut. Don't try this at home and I'm actually just get it. We thought. Picture of me at home. Play in game. So at this time of sadness alternately. Did you want to help to release that. Let's win there as quickly as possible. We'll solve limited not. Nothing we're coming up. I'm volunteers at Peterson oval and write or I'll. They believe that's a good thing like my bottle of my. Prayer for having said Jeff yeah. Quiet. You how you that is like the perfect. The first time anyone has ever been that excited. Perfect. I've been at shower. At this point Natalie that's going over. O'Keefe and not worry about what one's that the Garland did her thoughts the difference between got the difference between fur and garlic. Perfectly well round darling if there. They literally look way to run second kind of silently falling of the caps an. They're like Italian. Mouthful. If that's what it reminds me so much and being at my grandfather and great grandparent. Leather an Italian woman stuff aren't chosen his version they. Playback or venue hearing. I'm but don't worry about. So perfect cuts are not play. Until. For those beat him is he jumping. I live since he added that at this moment. 41 music video for. I could have all we're in the middle of making our cal had to sell it but ask questions ask questions whether. I really. We're here we're here for you guys every night. I'm against any club actually I. Yet had a picture last week I guess. And the idiocy on this program like this flood not only of people saying. I liked his attitude that I like that you're not saying columnist Tony amonte is fourth setting unrealistic goals for yourself or making it so difficult so challenging minutes tossing. I may not fun but tolerable because I think we. We do we come off the holiday is planning to get it hygiene and immediately and you just try obviously getting that you're not. Adopting a populist clutching to promote your sense of well being of the comforting parents and as I got a lot of feedback on. Often people think and totally what a job and engineers but a lot of questions like. You know people I think I really confused sometimes my sugars phrases like would sugars are good looks sugars are battered and what's my point let. Why aren't you having greens and I love being rusty you know how this immediate feedback with each other anti satellite television problem and help you figure out that recipes like this for you don't like you're missing anything I think that's. Doesn't always trying to drive home win and it can't help conversations like. Don't make it something we're usually you're getting lots of things making something where you feeling look at all these things happening and yeah set up some trust. Remind our viewers where they could plant his presence along this as a you have and you may not come rain. Is that just for you guys and doesn't need for this lies within the hill won't let customers. And I immediately ready Tony you can't just like kids believe bill creating iconic green monster best they. And and then. That is generally teeny and the rest of fast laps and then we'll sit and drink the mean the end walking and Jamaica. A little fancy and yeah. KL AS market confidence and eat it right away I know I'm OK hang. Debt Ellen this is especially good if your parent agrees to go about it. Maid Carla Wilson. May hit like this isn't a huge tragedy is keeping your friend an outline something green lighting rig resembles. Different salads you can makes it Whitney engine breaks your client just chickened out of this to a it'll keep like this for at least three days probably more. I also. This is the perfect for our hands are pale pesto recipe but he's pulling me if you're gonna bother getting additional parties do do they. It's well this is here just Chela and czar and the rest. It's. I can't tell you this was pre rushed him. Great but not sure yeah. But it will be written all flattering. There so I got. The aids nice. Bunch. Is here I'm going to let hot hookup ideas packed arena remodel because that's and I can't they use and he loves it but you can totally parmesan that's really easy to find you. And ninety days the other half teaspoon or so government as well that's department. The scene this is like he could be home with the past. So does having sorry but she's does have its own little bit of sultan don't you know double or salty can only add more sake. He heard it takes house. Red Sox. Pat pet parent. Race. And then while that's an anti human half a cup a problem. And this is gonna meet a nice thick. Hamilton in a guns and you couldn't you you know. Germanic. Eighty dishes. How do you think that you know it I think so anyway the higher hail of garlic and next year. We'll just get them pulsing again. Is there ultimately expert. But still have. Food processors. No wiser for serious you can do volume like this you wouldn't let you might have to vote today pushing down understaffed come. And then he's about half cup and I mean I've noticed that you want but when a measure about how. The eight. Twenty statement. See their annual talks a little bit but again let him go from here haven't I don't leaves us. Worry about fundraising here I'm. As events. Sorry does and again that's point. This you can use cost that you can put an orange flashing him a new legal and arms and it brings Eddie -- using any approaching using shrimp would this is awesome. Today permanent role Clinton's chicken breasts so that people you people think that chicken recipe. I really like her to. Flagrant. That you're so this has happened and achieved. Well it's really gonna call. Good stuff that little patently that you want when you healthy breasts. People have not allergies can you need to pass without a long he definitely Kenya Polly's Portuguese. Colony you know I would. Think about that than not are asked textures and looking more like a peaceful little plus cheese which. Come. So that's going. We're going to the additional steps to sanitize it after the fact. And I grabbed chicken breasts and you know you want and even thickness about a quarter inch thick. And CE ST here is a little matter Peter C. Just love letter tactic. I. It. It's so don't agree on what he really lines and may even get one too hard with flashing your ages you're toast. This. The deal is at Tennessee half of our past so differently and and a knee pop it on our own. You holding hands they cannot get him on the net and get it okay yeah I was honored as. Officials call okay. I get out and did not tell me. Duly and England's bringing today. My absentee vote Campbell great moment. So this. I don't and intelligence that his friends take it again like you what once belonged to. Apply what does it certainly. On Wednesday the class you're not cross contaminating you can totally what happens oval that's the only thing cleanups on the Medina. I knew it about two tablespoons. Going on junior Bernard. And then we're just needing your fingers to the obviously but in an effort to keep us the clean. Spread this passed out on top not to expect ME it will lose out even even then like that so don't waste it. And then crash trying and look at your fancy you know surgeon and you can do you know massive not all in one client knew that. But we're gonna keep an early sample today's average and see how easy is this do you can definitely just the red. To fix their if you happen to us. So what you want to do at this point is. My role and I hope you're watching his next up is he looks good tight lid all. Rolling Jessica cigar and then grab your string and bring it under. And make sure that it is held together tightly so that you get it all cooking evenly. And you'll see he's come out golden brown and you let the dress tenants and any slice them and then he's gorgeous and wheels with this delicious post in London between each layer. Or eight weeks old he asked. And so for chicken breasts and one butternut squash the enemy enough for him for people. I must teach him resting your son whichever judge. It's a this goes hillside now. Two oh rimmed baking sheet legs of steel site down and down and it is also so you can see when DeGeneres is where they you know took up the Bill Clinton. Inside activist in sight down. That helps make sure it's all you know I'll. The housing free. And then sent here so we didn't teach your husband's best. News who. Give me making my regulated funds. If you think TV season in the chicken unit and dancing resident he I don't like this is a leader comes from I don't know exactly there's so much later in the pester you really don't worry that eating definitely got a little song now that is sealed up on the on the circus but you'll see there's I actually had a little extra Customs Service is for color and because that little extra flavor and so everything's uncertain on one in the sauce. I roll that media. Shut placement college. Are sent on and on appeal once during this live chickens and not enough creative death. And I so now you're not let to let you know flops how to exactly get under there. And then just get a quick battling HI issues. Parents fit. Anything but despite an annual absolutely and you don't get on an environment you can get it you know I certainly Tyler Williams-Sonoma. But definitely aggressor strategy have kitchen smiling face as well. Atlantic that you folks she takes work perfectly. Again I think she ended. Yes this looks prettier but I like that sort of that was my whole. Agenda with a happy cook to his place let's figure out how to keep our didn't keep our meals personal healthy and delicious simple thing happen. Don't look at the and he impressed by the inhumane missing all by yourself and that's perfect. Right onto her seat. Glorious. Because he had a name. We'll do a little extra. Dollop us. Passes that oozes on down as it rose. Animal in East Timor of those and I must look Washington's past constantly. Watch. And you don't increase of Handel for us now either you calling it. Pastel acting cops get Rigby is a lot of big oil all around it so it has this wonderful sort of self increasing effect it's a really good at some pretty. Prediction I'd give. I'm looking at how easy it is name totally finished product totally looks like it would be such a challenge but it. Phillies he ladies would have removed. This is just one. The LCD and cubes. But this show you want me but honestly don't really doing that you can literally just slice them in half empty bottle organic matter squash. Leading discount rate eat that too if you didn't you can really dispute the flash out of out of dean. Us again and that makes it. All of us here but. Do you think I'm out when issues. A little bit and I'll love you really don't need much a little goes a long way especially because it will have a little of that pesto oil flavoring and as well. Comment on little. Harrison Pacific isle royal that people should be checks out you know what I am all for this lady actually failed. Want to think I. 86. And still it. I'll get a pretty inexpensive bottle was fifteen dollars. Like you'll get a certain well cooking oil that's still -- policy expert I don't use canola and only news. Olive oil and coconut oil really for cooking. And then for Alan. And it's thing. And nineties on greasy oil more money and an address these brilliant shall. Palin well it helps us and announce how he's how Caldwell how crazy. But he can sort of works. You know putting don't really don't you ask that matter I told them. Seven just you and and they get them cooking at home I pretty much explicitly my hand he's the two best tools you. He just want to make sure the answer is coveted. Then this goes right onto your same became. And you want to be single layer so that the whole point the reasoning bother to go through the process of cutting into little cubes like this is at the bottom of each and he's gonna get this rich golden brown that's great texture and that awesome current authorization. And that really. Yeah. That letter and house. Different flavors and different textures to humans excited because it's not happening all fat check that is used to having yet. So this at this point lead to more. Relatively let me pop this into 350. And I think thirty to forty minute meeting and tell us please amount on our nation a nation in as an internal temperature about 65 he don't have a loner. Let rest ten minutes and cuts that Jesus unclear chicken breasts that's pretty fast and pretty you know. So when it comes out because in this for you earlier this. That you and and it really Canty just. Thank you. Now I wish it were. That 1230 on Friday theoretically could at lake Winnipeg and Ottawa today we are concerned this win Helena Silva inland. Yeah. One thing that do you it is yeah like I don't think I'm soda but I do like to have things but it just clean water over time. So I thought we made a quick humor and lemon it's our partner yeah does sound enough. I can't help white Knight as well he kind Cumberland Clark collect the so that you're here is news. Casey Elmer Allen. Much so morning. A regular. Did you see your little letter pretty. Hurt and he covered and listen to receive let's let that happen. Here analyst library. The south and in UP all my. And that he the and not talk you through why so well. This. Lately and. I'm yeah. The deal I think Muslim have. I mean obviously and lemon juice has so many healing benefits to it ends grandpa realizing its great doesn't just it helps labour water Bentley were any other sort of neutral ingredient but what happens and just use the juices you know obviously getting any of these phantom of the pulp and you're getting any of this white Hart called Pitt. That is so. Still we vitamin C and and so many of the other vitamins and nutrients you want from a fresh citrus like this. So what's your CN and you today isn't literally can't just puree this entire thing wow yeah that's a ring at all health benefits of this like that. And the a little better seats ya TU how much you wanna actually include of the white partly I can I can take it down to the skin on some parts and and you know use a little accident but I think you're gonna actually really enjoy it. Can Oklahoma State like out. Doesn't that does really learns. So if you see any big headaches come out because those lawmakers neglect a little bit better but we're gonna stray missiles so they'll connect. I'm. Not these events happen that. He can't correct yeah. Actually like she's just carried out the huge number I'm you know I was I am truly a little thinking about. I mean I should say tiny correspondent. I can't let you know as always cucumber and lemon water there. But I will tell you when you slice of lemon and leave it in water and get super bitter indictment that could you have so much of appeal on there. I'm so I always look like the freshest and the high achievement and incredible high traders. I want that stealing benefits of the human love and why but I hate that bitter aftertaste so this is sort of mind. My hack forget best of us. An isn't. Yeah my quest is. When in the presence of someone who has just this. You know for a living the pressure's on I mean. It's definitely not because now you're seeing how casually keep it at home but imagine halide film out cooking a lot of you know Mario Michael and violent. Clinton. This. And I finally saw the pain. Super three good and I eat and my original Chinese menus yeah. Nice. Gorgeous Lenox. Thanks but he's clearly and everything in the morning kids like it's my nutrition. And you treat insurance Paul Sagan and agree it's and in the morning of spinach bananas are caught animal and yogurt into the Atlantic. Thank you need to add a little water that's. Getting GCC and really juicy again. So now. You have us which I think. I'm number. Okay you. Security and now slaughter ready I know it's like Charlie what's your appetite I don't think enough that you might not missing but he what is. There in your drinking. Having worked and Constance it sounds like someone's knocking coordinator believe there watching a lot of it's an ASEAN yeah. At sawgrass and glasses. I eased and the Russian behind its partner conference idea I've been here. I'm. The client yeah. They look around and want anyway. Or acknowledging that overall NBC. Lee ladies let's take credit my lazy mama out that these so they're made me. Let's not even at a teacher I have this fire underneath the plane and isn't our crown on. You know her actually coming Amsterdam and I think it's. So here's ID add aren't. Luscious little you can rely on business over topped only guy who then. But wait there's more there's so here's yeah. You're not trying to. Should thirties oh yeah. It is maple syrup monk the TV whatever your favorite natural sugar what is your favorite national said I have to to. I'm super HU. My ring I loved it I really expect that. This is guns. Clearly an easier time. I'm I'm street timeline kind of guy you don't. Island monastery monks fruit I just love and then icing as they sell and little sugar and they're not as packets for them now zone. And I will show you. Unless I'm condoning it my little dessert indulgent actually has its problems. And let me just give. And a little mixed. Cool refreshing com news yeah. Flare. Yeah yeah. Instead it's an email. How does the ethnically or not pot but I yeah. Him a hug him and call them. And then let me make you little clean pounds and here's the nice thing let little added to present to so. It's still target but it went well pickles and having teeth and create interest in the attic or not they're so bitter and aren't you think this same kind of situation. A Pixar Valentina let me before have been resting. Land grabbing. I don't want to. Slice into. Still impressed that you have to ask. Come on that she you guys are doing fine. Chaos. Angela Martin seems hell permanent panel that you look at you know pretty much once they see agree how he let you until delicious recipe. Oxygen at least 15 dinner everyday annexed east so. How he thought he expects that it just. Really good quality ingredients. They. Yes it's a moment of truth. This. That. Kitchen shears and clipped off. Here kitchen trying to. Tell it can lease you don't really in this gorgeous co announcer this. Yeah. Yes he had these coming. It's an interesting well I'll bet you can certainly use the twine Indonesian as great. When it and and look at. Are. The beautiful thing here is again Mikey nine that won the one breast. Especially when it's sort of laid out like this goes a lot of landmarks either bomb like telecheck crappy happens but in its last night roasted seeing time. In about thirty to 45 minutes and land grab this. Well pests that remain. And that's today. And I hate her fate and that is grab a little bit of that past laid out on top of your. I think about and its flash can add a little bit. Extra if you want it to your chicken until then I only gill the Lilly this is Amare and tip and checked you know whenever you have routinely it's a tiny bit of olive will land on top. Discuss such a long way a little sis Frankel. Seditious. Especially since. And uses her judge I'll look mind. The disease. Yeah yeah he yeah. These terrorists and right now is that someone can. Yes that means that we haven't distracting and France. The happy hey I'm. I yeah Don yeah. Yeah yeah yeah. I talked about being you know wanting to be a domestic gun issue so you know it's not. It's not having a good time and creating building you wanna eat but also want to share so it definitely. We'll hear he Manhattan. Looks amazing through its list of very pretty this. It's not easy as I think that attitude I think people will be much more impressed I just and they should be. Let's just say and it looks like this are hardly a tunnel where did you just make the whole thing like you know inexcusable and it looked you can cut the slots and education unseen at same time being into clean it saves time it saves you time. An obvious things. Think you let it interesting how much pull your head coach faster flavor and chicken and a bad Little Rock past Obama's wash. You get to comeback has forecast I love. Understands she'd mind totally he's scans continue to need an accident rates low and that it gets so juicy Mike perfectly Carolinas and cooks and a race. None no I'm like yeah. Is incredible so that he might get it doesn't Billy got quite to Friday may not at all a young east. That's the whole this is all the army and its slow. You love and attention what's on my sadness is again let me ball like an amendment kind of share a lot of races we'll give us Healy they asked you back to look I keep it fun in the kitchen nominated killing one more chore the end of a lot of day. And I do you how he's strategy. Hapsburg hey Monica an advance on Sundays only could be accessed until. Parking Margaret's right whatever it is I'm not a son but bundles of course of the day. Like top imitates undercooked meat company phone back to bid on Clinton's side to side dishes salads soups and whatever he would address the beef. Anytime attorney not making a double that whatever that means I will make let me my options classes are for and that same this Washington's take Microsoft's. Depending on your gray you can you can chop that was silent so it just goes a long way towards meeting your life easier for the Mac app. I'm honest doesn't turn again to repeat that yes you need us up so this is my seeks follow water it's cheap number eleven sparklers and it basically we just he'll want to come around one lemon. We generated in a blender and the need topped it wins us air and water. And you if you wanted to little sweetie that's deviate McCree that mix here. Not. But already topped with champagne and ally and enemy until it just bosh and. Copyright trademark making it happen again and I'll let. Sausage being sausage until I was in my day yeah. Similarly despite go pick up the sand asked. This is unbelievably glad. Myself I'm sorry I was gonna stop. While you're Catholic channel my DirecTV and we do latest mall has. Princeton new shows you keeping her friends. I didn't hear the yes let me say grace whose record obviously I'm yeah can't. OK first the beautiful latest cancellations as an opulent creation any and a I'm all stealing in the current didn't even let him Ganassi. Jack. The color he's yeah you know weren't exactly classic. Yeah. But don't citizens go there are gives us if somebody now suddenly announce his legs. So you know drop Ryan Seacrest and bring an average Vietnam which could exceed its yes as you definitely likes to be displayed. Let's see what I had in my fridge he didn't. Yet like top two or three light must pass. Oh yeah. Must have especially his mind's. Check out a lot of sleep on outside. Calories or sugar and I am I am always a big fan actually pretty easy lying. My eye on all of hot on my eyes went right here I'm right and he's and he needed you need and you end up causing your back but I love. I haven't got the appointment Hollywood. And I love these are just collaborate chilies and all ambulance Alec Chilean mine mustard I haven't content from mustard that I use. I don't salad dressing and enjoy our people and a look at I don't what is that in. He makes it out. Yup sounds a huge source of calories but when you have our meetings that he's I mean big stop this now. And that's how I think I'm you know even away from this month I think about it. Balancing when I east. Is that crap I think it's healthy options and then made the dishes I want to indulge with a side dish so that you're never been deprived bigger filling up on things that are really didn't you know. Good for you kids and a another thing that I. Egg butter always battered solid cooking bacon because you can consolidate that you can always add salt. And greatly the salt usually in matter to keep you for upkeep and preserve music and stayed out longer means older. And you from being able to teach but it might have gotten all of it that so keeping an unsolved disgrace. What else what other goodies like that you have to happen here I want you have people who don't know I think I'm nuts. To get their refrigerator if not all of that's as bad when it's warm temperature or expose a lot of blame. Thank you might not inner critic you my flowers stuck in the freezer insurers seeing other restaurants I am in the streets at. Come back to meet drinking might not vodka infused during a citizen dog alive she's nominated to run over Italy and then death. It's getting out of this kind of thought they so much and and my entries or had a variety. My warrior model actually another season I'm happy especially for busy parents my kids love the more I get so easy to command from the toaster. But I want it ever happened fibrous protein inside me my word wow all of their elevated. Think it's classy or cheesy they happen to patterns they really keep. Even an adult you and I don't want a lot of work all. My anti ice cream tonight. I was like from people not dessert it's less than twenty calories from the hunt and yes. So it's great. Solemn and I do not object. Amazing. Will look you can yeah yeah yeah yeah. He's missing yeah. It is beautiful view yes. Yes that's under great yeah I have never sounded better dance partners hit like. And really this is like. That was so organic and. Please he Levy's lines that I since we're really just. This. If you are these just like this planet you got it. These and it's like stacks which all kinds of it is not. Let's suspect that for sure. So much. Follow you on these grants you this series continues. To help you want and it's what I loved it said Reid asking yourself because that's like these keywords of reinventing yourself. Tree. In investing. You know you should be ending combat but. This statement let some part make it easier. That the domestic cats. Eat us. It is. Amazing and we will see you she's coming up is the final days. Lol yeah I think I have though this case may. My breath of China. Videos instead Santana who Molly and you have everywhere. Do you are thinks I'm. Oh yeah me get them. Turkey is not for release this urban yeah. Yeah he's got plenty of eight next week with more surveillance breaks up for our happened right everybody. And again.

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