'Hiccup Girl' Returns to Court in Murder Trial

Jennifer Mee, who famously hiccupped for five weeks, is on trial for murder.
3:22 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for 'Hiccup Girl' Returns to Court in Murder Trial
half hour, with a trial of the so-called hiccup girl. Her hiccups returning in court this week. She's on trial for murder. Could face life in prison. Abc's linsey davis has her story. Reporter: As she sat in the shadow of her attorneys. Standing trial for first-degree murder. For more than an hour, the same hiccups that made jennifer mee famous, returned. The now 22-year-old who gained fame when she was 15 when she couldn't stop hiccupping for five-straight weeks. Is now one of three defendants to stand trial for the death of 22-year-old shanongriffin. Prosecutors say the then-19-year-old met griffin online, and lured him to an apartment, where two of her friends robbed and shot him four times in the chest. In court thursday, prosecutors played a jailhouse call between mee and her mom, where mee admits to setting it all up. Who did you kill? I can't kill nobody. Why are they charging you with attempted murder? Because I set everything up. It all went wrong, mom. It went downhill after everything happened, mom. Who were you trying to kill, jennifer? Nobody. It wasn't even supposed to happen like that, mom. Reporter: Experts testified that mee's dna was found on the victim's shirt. The defense argued it could have been transferred to the t-shirt by another person. In a crime lab dna expert agreed. Last month, la ron rayford was sentenced to prison. Mee could face life in prison, which is what the victim's family would like to see happen. We have to go to a graveyard to see him. Reporter: For "good morning america," linsey davis, abc news, new york. We should mention that mee has pleaded not guilty. Let's bring in abc's chief legal affairs anchor, dan abrams. We would not be talking about this had we not been talking about her from her hiccup case. How does it affect it in trial? The defense attorney has mentioned it in the course of this case. I think the defense is hoping that the jurors may feel sorry for her. There's been periods in court when she hiccupped for 20 minutes straight. It's not really going to be relevant directly to the case. No question, the defense is hoping that jurors feel bad for her. And no one is claiming she pulled the trigger. But facing murder charges. If she had the intent to commit the robbery. If she had no idea that anyone had a gun, but had intent with regard to the robbery and someone gets shot and killed, she's on trial now for felony murder. That's all they have to prove in the context of this case is, she had the intent to commit that robbery. I know you've read a lot into this case. How strong is the prosecution's case? When you think about it with regard to just the robbery, it's pretty strong. She made comments to her mother, as you heard on tape, saying that she set it up. But she's going to say, when i said set it up. I didn't mean set up the robbery. I just meant set up a meeting. The defense is going to be, she didn't have intent to commit the robbery. Prosecutors have a lot of evidence. Many eager to see what's going to happen here. Happy birthday. We're going to turn to selena gomez, caught up in an

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{"id":20316060,"title":"'Hiccup Girl' Returns to Court in Murder Trial","duration":"3:22","description":"Jennifer Mee, who famously hiccupped for five weeks, is on trial for murder.","url":"/GMA/video/hiccup-girl-jennifer-mee-returns-court-murder-trial-20316060","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}