High School Senior Suspended After Hugging Teacher

Sam McNair will miss graduation after a teacher he hugged says his lips touched the back of her neck.
3:00 | 12/17/13

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Transcript for High School Senior Suspended After Hugging Teacher
Georgia high school senior suspended from school for hugging his teacher -- see it right there he says it was innocent school officials say it was sexual harassment. It was all caught on camera you can reach your own judgments here's ABC's John -- Take a look at this surveillance video watch a seventeen year old Sam -- mayor comes up behind his teacher to give her a hug seemingly innocent enough. Not according to Gwinnett county public schools rules on sexual harassment. The high school senior is being suspended from Georgia's -- high school until next December. Which means he won't graduate on time my heart dropped back futures just flashing my my hand on his life. Why not. This is happening let's watch the hug again according to a discipline report the teacher alleged that make -- lips and cheeks touched the back -- her neck -- -- my principal and he explained everything that's going down what she said -- didn't match Friday. So and I'm just like. While this is creating -- mayor's mother April was shocked to hear the news -- Down from. Condit really is just crazy how -- isn't just happen in just putting such a harsh punishment on derailing a child's future Gwinnett county public schools would not comment on the case because still ongoing but they did release a statement saying hearing officers consider witness testimony a review of the known facts and the students past disciplinary history when determining consequences. McNair is mother is appealing the decision. The team does have a disciplinary record which includes past suspensions but none were the result of sexual harassment. Overnight reaction to McNair suspension from parents and his football teammates are. Can say if you suspend him for a week or two but not a whole year exam as obvious you know. He always say it is if you give -- -- they might -- somebody's day. I'm crazy -- -- Good Morning America John Muller ABC news New York. Yes -- -- to sound ABC's chief legal affairs anchor Dan Abrams you're his friends they're -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You kind of solve the school you know elected headlines everywhere were students suspended for hugging teacher. But when you actually watch that video. And according to her this was more than a hug you see at the end there it appears that. He's trying to kiss her on the back of the -- know why isn't this teacher entitled to a sexual harassment. -- -- This is not like that six year old we read about we tried to kiss a classmate this is a seventeen year old senior here. Who up and he's not just hugging but appears to be trying to kill people not inside there are part of a blind side -- yeah yeah and look and -- -- -- -- the answer to push him off and this is an unwanted touching imagine that this would happen in the workplace the case is still an infraction no -- that -- Year suspension look -- seek tough it's a tough sentence but they say that he'd been in trouble before. And that's why he got the -- -- I remember when I was in high school I got in trouble. And then it got in trouble again and then a snowball that I -- landed near teacher and I got suspend its. Begin today I did I did -- To get to this day I would claim I was not targeting the teacher with a snowball. Gonna happen to be throwing it and landed -- teacher nevertheless. Mike pass behavioral problems. Got -- suspend -- your point here is it is not really about zero tolerance -- that this was a pattern do you look a year is a stiff sentence I would expect big you know if they appealed this may be their sentence gets reduced. But beat the this notion that this was this innocent -- you know a young man who just was suspended for a little hug I think is a bit misleading. -- -- -- -- -- --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Sam McNair will miss graduation after a teacher he hugged says his lips touched the back of her neck.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21247075","title":"High School Senior Suspended After Hugging Teacher","url":"/GMA/video/high-school-senior-suspended-hugging-teacher-21247075"}