Robin Quivers' Cancer Recovery

Howard Sterns' sidekick secretly underwent 15 months of chemotherapy.
4:14 | 09/10/13

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Transcript for Robin Quivers' Cancer Recovery
Starting with howard stern's beloved co-host, robin quivers, opening up about her remarkable recovery from cancer. She secretly underwent chemotherapy for 15, lock months. And is now, cancer-fe. Abc's paula faris has that story. Reporter: She's been shock jock howard stern's radio wingwoman for over 30 years. Robin has not been in the studio. How long has it been? It's been over a year. Reporter: But robin quivers called in to deliver her own shocking news on stern's show on monday. There was a mass in my pelvis. Robin told me before the operation that it was cancer. Reporter: The 61-year-old quivers, revealed she took that year-long absence, after doctors discovered a cancerous growth in her uterus 15 months ago. I was making funeral arrangements. It was sounding very dire. Reporter: Now, she says, after multiple surgeries, radiation and chemotherapy, she is cancer-free. But before she was given a clean bill of health, she thought she wouldn't make it. The fact there was three treatments, does have it go along with it spreading outside the uterus. Reporter: The normally unemotional stern, said he would not have continued his show without his dear friend. Describing how difficult it was to watch her suffer. I remember feeling very distraught. Robin means more to me than anything. You know, seeing her go through this just tore me up, I'll be honest. Howard was very frank about it. He said that robin quivers is his backbone. Is his strength. Reporter: The american concert society says there will be an estimated 50,000 new cases of uterine cancer alone. 8,000 of which can be fatal. The shock jock and his loyal wingwoman, counting their blessings. The thought of losing you, it was unbearable. I would get into tremendous crying jags. People go don't understand how the people who love them save their lives. Reporter: For "good morning america," paula faris, abc news, new york. What a great smile. Again, we're so thankful she is doing well. We're going to bring in dr. Jennifer ashton, who is an obgyn. Tell us what we need to know about this cancer. It's the most common cancer with the female's tract. And a woman has 1 in 38 average lifetime risk chance of getting end meet treel cancer. A beautiful and talented robin, made her mess her message. How can women know? How common it is. How can they know if they have it? If they should be checked for it? Again, this is a conversation women need to have with their gynecologists. Any bleeding whatever needs to be evaluated. Usually that's done with a sonogram and a biopsy. And a procedure known as a dnc. Very straightforward. You have to speak to your gynecologist. Is there anything women can do to prevent this? The most incredible thing that few people actually know about. Take birth control pills can reduce the risk later in life. And that continues well after men pause. That's an easy thing, if you're under 50. A lot of people are wondering right now, taking birth control, doesn't that come with its own set of risks? Not for ovarian cancer. We're in gyn cancer awareness month. This the a conversation you want to have. Last very important fact. If a woman is diagnosed with this type of cancer, this is something you want to go to a gyn oncologist for. This is a specialized procedure. And the fact that she stepped forward, having this conversation we might not otherwise have. All good. Thank you. Welcome back, robin. We're going to turn to miley

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"Howard Sterns' sidekick secretly underwent 15 months of chemotherapy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20209895","title":"Robin Quivers' Cancer Recovery","url":"/GMA/video/howard-sterns-sidekick-robin-quivers-cancer-recovery-20209895"}