Working Out With Wolverine

Hugh Jackman and his trainer, David Kingsbury, show you what it takes to be in the "X-Men."
4:44 | 07/24/13

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Transcript for Working Out With Wolverine
I love how quickly that changed. We will do anything that you ask us to do. Here we are. You can see from the posters that hugh's workout routine from "wolverine" it kind of worked. A little bit. Best shape ever. What did it take for hugh to get in wolverine shape? We have the answer right here. Hugh's with us with her trainer, david king. That's the man. Thanks for sharing these tips. These are tips we can incorporate into our workout. Anyone can do it. And this is the best trainer I've worked with. How long have you been working with hugh? And every day? Is this a daily thing? Five days a week? Yes. It's a pretty consistent thing. Over the last three years, we've been doing training every, single day. Sometimes two. Sometimes three times per day. Three times a day. This is a nicest I've ever seen him. I never see him smile or be this kind or nice. You've admitted, you're not a giant fan of working out. People say all the time, within three months, you're going to get addicted to it. It's been 13 years. I'm complaining every morning. I'm waiting for that to kick in. I do love the feeling. There's nothing better than when you finish. Unfortunately, if you get that physique, there's going to be pain involved. Will you take time off? Absolutely. Allow yourself to recover. Life is about balance. I love to hear your tips and tricks. We're going to demonstrate the exercises, first of all. Go, lara. Go, lara. Okay. Simple bench press. Yeah. We're going to look for a bench press. Do I do this with my legs like this? Okay. Lean back. Okay. Here? Okay. Hi, america. Good morning. Bring it up like that. Yeah. Down to your chest. All the way down? Touch it? What are you feeling, lara? Thanks for asking. I feel very relaxed. Three down. And then, flex? Yeah. Just slow negative. You're looking for a three-second decent and raise. Even though there's no weights on this, I would cry. We normally use a slight incline on the bench because it gets more of the chest, the shoulder and the triceps. You need a female wolverine? Yes. I'm going to keep going. Any other tips we can give our audience? This particular movement, it's good to have do a varied assistance and light atanz dance. We have two more exercises. And not a lot of time. Can you do the next one? And he does. I get it. Okay. We're doing a different exercise. On this exercise, we're going to demonstrate the dead lift. That's a great movement. We're going to have a couple people demonstrate. You're going to go in front of the bar here. In front? In front. That's it. You're going to grip it shoulder-length apart. And get the hips down. Head and chest up so you're looking forward. What is this working out? The supper back and the lower back. Keep your head and chest up high. And pull the shoulders back. Absolutely. It's like a big squat. Thank you, eddie. The producers did say that both of you guys can actually -- yeah. We'll do this the rest of the show. How many do you do this? I have, in pounds, about 430. We'll work on that. But first, sam, are you going to get on spandex today?

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{"duration":"4:44","description":"Hugh Jackman and his trainer, David Kingsbury, show you what it takes to be in the \"X-Men.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19757880","title":"Working Out With Wolverine","url":"/GMA/video/hugh-jackman-shows-work-wolverine-19757880"}