Inspirational Veteran Wins Super Bowl Surprise of a Lifetime

Reagan Odhner served two tours of duty in Afghanistan only to return and be diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma.
2:56 | 02/04/16

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Transcript for Inspirational Veteran Wins Super Bowl Surprise of a Lifetime
All right, just three days until the big game. Let's go back out to Jesse in San Francisco. He is there now with ESPN's sage Steele and they have a big super bowl surprise for a very special veteran. Jesse and sage? That's right, Amy. You know, sage has been following this remarkable partnership between the NFL and pat Tillman foundation and, sane, I played against pat Tillman. Didn't know him personally but always an honor because we knew what he stood to are. After 9/11 he decided I'm done with football and I'm going to serve my country. His foundation since he was tragically killed by friendly fire has done so much, specifically for marine corporal, a former marine corporal who has seen it all over the past couple of years. What a hit. Service learning and action. Principles pat Tillman lived by and in the 12 years since his death, more than 400 military veterans have benefited from those principles by receiving academic scholarships to help them pursue their dreams after serving in the military. How are you? One of the many moved by Tillman's story and legacy, Adam vinatieri who spent yesterday at NFL experience with one of the scholarship winners. She's a superstar. I just met her and love her. They told me I won the scholarship and I was over the moon. Reporter: Reagan Odhner enlisted right out of high school looking for a way to serve and test her limbs. And she did just that during two dangerous tours in Afghanistan. What would you say is the most rewarding part of your time in the service? I got to teach the local government officials about women's rights and it was extremely educational for me and I hope for them. Reporter: Two days after her service with the Marines ended Reagan enrolled at Stanford. In the meantime, she's been battling unknown health issues and then was diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma. I'm doing extremely well and I can obviously come out here and kick footballs. Adam was pretty patient and gave me some really good pointers so now I want to go practice, actually. Whoo! Excellent. Yeah. Reagan, by the way, turned 27 yesterday. Happy birthday in remission. This means a lot to you. It sure does. I have family in the military, as well. We just wanted to thank you so much for your service and everything that you've done for our country. On behalf of the NFL extra points credit card issued by Barclay card we wanted to make sure you had an opportunity to go to the super bowl. Oh, my gosh. Enjoy the game. Thank you very much for everything that you've done for us. That is amazing. Reagan is going to super bowl 50. Congratulations, that is absolutely awesome. It's going to be Sunday is going to be a day that Reagan never forgets. Let's go back to Amy in new York. Congratulations. Well deserved. Thank you, guys. That's great.

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{"id":36710295,"title":"Inspirational Veteran Wins Super Bowl Surprise of a Lifetime","duration":"2:56","description":"Reagan Odhner served two tours of duty in Afghanistan only to return and be diagnosed with stage 2 Hodgkin's lymphoma. ","url":"/GMA/video/inspirational-veteran-wins-super-bowl-surprise-lifetime-36710295","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}