John Stamos Fires Back at Blogger Over 'Dumb' '90s TV Critique

Blogger argues that shows like "Full House" and "Friends" gave her unrealistic expectations about life.
3:31 | 05/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for John Stamos Fires Back at Blogger Over 'Dumb' '90s TV Critique
John Stamos is asking a blogger to have mercy. The star of "Full house" referring to a post that says "Full house" and "Friends" gave her unrealistic expectations. It's just TV. In real life people don't chase after you when you run away. It says it's not likely your neighbor will be, you know, some hottie and turn into a romantic prospect. Stamos responded with a Facebook post that was very much in keeping with what you're saying. He said he agrees that there is some silly stuff -- It's called entertainment. But there was more good than bad and there's a lot of positive messaging, as well. He's sorry if she didn't take that from shows like his, but that he hopes that she will reconsider. And he was joking. If you think that was bad try "Breaking bad." Watch "Breaking bad." My kids like it. They watch "Full house." They get a lot of it. They're entertainment. Escapism. They're not supposed to be exact real life. It went massively viral, his response. A lot of people saying, yeah, you know, that there are actually good things. I agree with his point about shows like "Breaking bad." A lot of shows out there. "Game of thrones" anyone. Not "House of cards" because Oscar winner Kevin spacey is igniting a Firestone with his selfie taken alongside the Mexican president. One of these presidents is real. The actor, of course, plays frank Underwood in the next application drama "House of cards" but now things have gotten political with a blogger suggesting spacey was paid by the Mexican tourism board to appear with the president. Spacey then sent a tweet saying the meeting was not planned, but still people are questioning whether spacey and celebrities in general should be paid with public funds to appear with politicians. I guess it was about whether the Mexican tourism board and mayor actually used their taxpayer funds to pay him. I mean, that kind of thing does happen all the time. A lot. We've asked from comments from spacey and the Mexican government. They have declined so far. But spacey also said he was -- In character. He was in character. He should have made it clear. He admitted that he should have made that more clear. More now on that big debut from robin Thicke of a brand-new track that was about his he changed wife Paula patten. As we mentioned it's called "Get her back." Take a listen. ? I got to make it right make it right ? ? ? give you that thing. Tell you that something ? Oh, yes, the lyrics included I just want to you come back home. I don't know what to do in the morning without you. The famous couple announcing their separation this past February after nine years of marriage. Thicke dedicating another song to patten earlier this year. He didn't mention her name during that performance but he did thank her while accepting his award for his top r&b song. We could do the cool or creepy. Yeah. I don't know. I mean I have mixed feelings on it. Would you want to have sort of that -- it called out? No. Would you -- No. I guess I'd want to know what he thinks about her. She has not said anything. I think that's kind of telling. All right. Also -- Amy has some strong feelings. She's in a mood to hang out with this morning.

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{"id":23775411,"title":"John Stamos Fires Back at Blogger Over 'Dumb' '90s TV Critique","duration":"3:31","description":"Blogger argues that shows like \"Full House\" and \"Friends\" gave her unrealistic expectations about life.","url":"/GMA/video/john-stamos-fires-back-blogger-dumb-90s-tv-23775411","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}