Jon Hamm Trades In Advertising for Sports Agent Role

The famed "Mad Men" star talks about his latest film, "Million Dollar Man."
3:21 | 05/08/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Jon Hamm Trades In Advertising for Sports Agent Role
We all know Jon hamm as ad exec don draper on "Mad men." Now he's starting as a different kind of pitch man on the big screen. In "Million dollar arm," he's going to find America's next great pitcher by running a reality show in India. Take a look. He can throw? I have no idea. Is that right? 82. With that motion? Is that even possible? You don't see that every day. That juice is great. That's money in the bank. And Jon hamm joins us now. Welcome to "Gma." Thank you very much. I said it was a far-fetched idea. But it's based on a true story? It is 100% true. Jamie Bernstein, found in India, one is still in the organization, major league baseball. And the other one works for the million dollar arm organization in India. Helping to groom the next wave of kids that are going to come over from India. It's a great baseball movie. At its heart, it's really about family. I think so. It was a nice opportunity for me to actually play a character that's a little more uplifting. A little more heartwarming than my Normal guy on my day job. Full disclosure. We're all related here. But it's -- it is. It's about a family. And how you can find family and make family in other relationships that maybe aren't necessarily in blood. As you mentioned, based on this true story, this actually happened to this guy. He went through this -- all of this change in his life. And is still very close with these two boys that he brought over. Different for you because it gave you your first chance to go to India, which must be an incredible experience. It's eye-opening in every sense of the world. It's a full-on sensory overload. We shot for four weeks in India. And shot during the month of may. That scene you were seeing right there, how hot was it then? It got up to about 120 degrees. There was a day when we lost -- I don't mean, they didn't die. But I mean, a couple of crew members went down, just from the heat. But Alan Arkin was there. In his 80s. He was a troopy. He's so funny. He's very funny in the film. And it was great. It was a wonderful experience, not only just to travel but to make the film. We told people you were coming on the show. Getting all sorts of questions from social media. Are you going to miss playing don draper? And I just found out. You're the only actor on the show that knows how it's going to end? That's what Matt says. And I think he maybe was making it a nice pull quote. I know how my character's story ends. I don't know necessarily how the whole show wraps up. And I feel that's fair. It's nice for me to have a little bit of knowledge and fore thought. You've done so great in that role, really made a huge difference. "Million dollar arm" opens nationwide next Friday.

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{"id":23636513,"title":"Jon Hamm Trades In Advertising for Sports Agent Role","duration":"3:21","description":"The famed \"Mad Men\" star talks about his latest film, \"Million Dollar Man.\"","url":"/GMA/video/jon-hamm-trades-advertising-sports-agent-role-23636513","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}