Meet the New 'Bachelor,' Juan Pablo

He didn't win "The Bachelorette's" heart, but Juan Pablo is back by popular demand.
3:00 | 01/06/14

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Transcript for Meet the New 'Bachelor,' Juan Pablo
He might not have won the heart of last season's "bachelorette" but juan pablo has won over the fans. He's back by overwhelming popular demand as the new "bachelor." We'll talk live in a moment. But first, a look back. When he first met him on season nine of "the bachelorette." Juan pablo. Do you have some time for me now. Mm, mm, mm. Reporter: The rich, romantic latin lover was trying to win over desiree. He's a dream of a man. Reporter: Juan pablo, the sizzling venezuelan bachelor may not have captured desiree's heart. I thought he had a connection. She wanted me to go home. Reporter: But america's was a different story. Please welcome, the new "bachelor" juan pablo. Reporter: Now, the 32-year-old single father and former pro soccer player is back and hoping one of these 27 ladies is the one. Explain your eideal woman. She has to first love my daughter. Reporter: But he'll have to deal with the tears and the drama. Things are already heating up. Cat. Cat, cat. Oh, I thought you said kylie. I'm sorry. Oh, my gosh. Can you take both of us? So happy to have "bachelor" juan pablo and the host, chris harrison. Did you like that? I said juan pablo. I'm impressed. Well done. Have you been practicing? She can say my name. Perfect. I'll say it, chris. Congratulations on being "the bachelor." What was your reaction when they said, okay, you've done it before. My reaction, honestly, juan pablo, what are you going to do you? Now? I knew it would be hard. It is not easy to make a decision. I think about my family, my daughter. I hate hurting people. Do you really want to do this? I knew I would have to hurt people sending them home. It was very hard. And also in "the bachelorette" i could go home week one, week two, week three. This, had to spend more time away from my daughter. That's all the hard stuff. How about the fun? It's great. I had a blast. I had a blast, I have to admit it. You see it every time, every season. People have a good tame. You get to meet some beautiful women, so. Not bad. You have seen this. People cannot get enough of juan pablo. I mean this in a good way. Nobody has had less screen time but more buzz than he did. He didn't go far in the season of "the bachelorette." The response w just overwhelming. The charisma and charm. It oozes out. You met his family last night, you see where it comes from. Oh, look at those eyes. Talking to your dad was so sweet. Crying and the -- me made me cry. His dad is the one we wanted to be "the bachelor." But my mom -- it was hard to talk to my dad. I never talked to my parents that way. I'm always very settled with myself. It was hard. It reminded me of going to college. That memberry of '98. Oh. Much more in the next half

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"He didn't win \"The Bachelorette's\" heart, but Juan Pablo is back by popular demand.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21431884","title":"Meet the New 'Bachelor,' Juan Pablo","url":"/GMA/video/juan-pablo-interview-2013-meet-bachelor-21431884"}