Kate Winslet admits she and Leonardo DiCaprio quote 'Titanic' lines to each other

The Oscar-winning actress appeared live on "Good Morning America" to discuss her new film, "The Mountain Between Us," which comes just two months before the 20th anniversary of the release of "Titanic."
6:31 | 09/26/17

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Transcript for Kate Winslet admits she and Leonardo DiCaprio quote 'Titanic' lines to each other
We are going to bring out a great guest right now. She has won an Oscar, an Emmy and a grammy as well. Now starring in "The mountain between us," please welcome Kate winslet. Hi. Hello. How are you? Hey. How are you? How are you doing? I'm great. I don't know why I only kiss you and neglected to kiss everyone. I apologize. I apologize. Good morning, everybody. I'm not complaining. Of course, you're not. Thank you for having me. Things have changed around here. I like the audience. I like the audience. I do. Kind of wakes us up. The movie, "The mountain between us," ultimate survival story. A couple falls in love after disaster. Is it true you met your husband after a house fire? It is true. It's true. So "The mountain between us" is a story about two complete strangers who end up entering a small aircraft which crashes and then the story is about how they -- how they have to survive, and they ultimately fall in love, and when I first read this script, I was so moved by it because that really did happen to me. I met my husband, and then the following day, the house that we were in -- I remember this story. In the caribbean? Yes. This was in the caribbean. Exactly six years ago, and then that man, that stranger, that great stranger who was wonderful at keeping my kids' spirits up and making them laugh, became my husband. Wow. So I really -- I really loved this story because, you know, you should never -- you should never judge a stranger. You never know where you will find love. You really, really don't. You don't. I watched it last night, Kate. Absolutely beautiful. I saw the trailer when I was at the theater watching another movie, and the preview comes on and you know how when you are watching the different previews and you're, like, I'm not going to see this. Yours came on, and the entire theater said, yes, they were going to see it and I'm so glad that I did. Do you actually know what it means to be reckless? It means to abandon safety. Sometimes -- sometimes. Right now, we don't have a choice. Okay? Nobody knows where we are. Nobody knows where we are. You're all we have is me and you. Do you actually think we're going to make it? No. I look at that clip. I look at that clip and, you know, I remember everything about every single day on this film because it presented something new and a new challenge and it was freezing. It was minus 38. We were in the Canadian rockies. It was beautiful. I loved working in Canada so much, and our crew were incredible, but it was one of those things where I would look at the temperature gauge going down and down and down, and I would get in the car, and I would say minus 9. Only minus 9, and then minus 22, and I would be, like, stop. I would be afraid for, like, what would happen when I stepped out of the car. How can you formulate words? Your face freezes. Your pee freezes. Things like that. You have an appreciation, you know, for comforts in life. Let me tell you. Yeah. For a decent bathroom. And you do a lot of your own stunts, so how do you do that in those kind of conditions? It adds to it. It does add to it, and I felt for a start, we were a very small crew, and at our highest altitude, we were flying up to 10,000 feet every day, and, you know, when we got up there, there was just this tight knit group of people and when I take on a part in a film, I believe playing the whole part. You can sometimes tell or if it's filmed on the back of the character's head, and it was important to me on this one to do it as much as I possibly could. You felt it was you the entire time, and you were on the screen. Basically you two -- Lovely Idris Elba. I know, girls. I know. It's an interesting thing. It's an interesting thing because, you know, I go off and have these wonderful experiences making films and I come home, and they are, like, it's great to see. Let us live vicariously. You worked with Leonardo Dicaprio. Yes, I did. It's the 20th anniversary of "Titanic." I know. I had -- and I remember it clearly. Because of how much cake I had. I had my 21st birthday, and he was turning 22, and I'm turning 32 a 42, and he is turning 43. You're such close friends. Do you quote "Titanic" lines back and forth to each other? You know. You can tell us. You don't have to. We do. Love that. I know you love us even more now. It's one of those movies that it doesn't matter where it is in the movie, you watch it from that point. I feel so grateful for that friendship, and honestly it is, like, family, you know, it's one of those rare, you know, Hollywood friendships that, you know, I just feel very, very blessed to have. Every time we see you guys photographed together and a video of you, everyone gets excited. It's very special. I wish there was a soap opera version of the story where jack and rose did end up together, you know, but no. We get so excited whenever you come here. It's awesome to have you here. It really is.

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{"duration":"6:31","description":"The Oscar-winning actress appeared live on \"Good Morning America\" to discuss her new film, \"The Mountain Between Us,\" which comes just two months before the 20th anniversary of the release of \"Titanic.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50090240","title":"Kate Winslet admits she and Leonardo DiCaprio quote 'Titanic' lines to each other ","url":"/GMA/video/kate-winslet-admits-leonardo-dicaprio-quote-titanic-lines-50090240"}