Mama Doris shares her love advice for Valentine's Day

The mother of actor Anthony Anderson appears live on "GMA" to share her romance tips.
4:57 | 02/14/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Mama Doris shares her love advice for Valentine's Day
We are here now with mama Doris. She is the mother of "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson. This Valentine's day she has answers. She'll answer your dating questions but first a look at mama Doris, the love expert. Yeah. Mama knows best and she's taking over Hollywood with her zingers when it comes to living life and taking her advice. As always, mama Doris. Reporter: Meet mama Doris. Anthony Anderson real-life mom. I was about to say I love you. Okay. All GHT. That's a lie. See. You've seen them ribbing each other on "To tell the truth." I think she's the star. You're the co-host. You are a scorekeeper. Are you behaving like a star. Yes. It's not just Anthony who she's keeping in line. She has love advice for everyone on everything. Even the bachelor. And she's willing to bet on it. Ifou're wrong, you owe me breakfast. Hell, I'll cook you dinner too. Oh. So move over, cupid. She's here to dish on love and how to find it and you can ask her anything. And mama Doris, mama Doris does not hold back. It's wonderful to have you here with us. We know you're busy and work at a senior center. How did you get off. He's a great boss. I work he at a senior center in bellflower. I told him I'm coming to "Good morning America" and flying to New York and I'm bringing one of your tenants, Mary Jane. Oh, that's nice. He told us to have a safe trip. Have fun. Smart man. You're about to make your big debut on "Black-ish," your son's show. I thought you were already on by now. Me too. Me too. Call him. How did this feel for you when you see yourself sharing a TV screen with your son? Oh, it's wonderful because I get a check. Hey! I get a check. Honey. You like that. I get a check. I love it! I love it. I love my job. And we love you. We love having you here. Let's get to some advice. You read it. We polled the audience and their number one question they want to ask mama Doris. Are you comfortable? I feel comfortable, girl. Here it is. Do you have to get your partner a Valentine's day gift? 57% said yes. 40% -- changing constantly, what do you say, mama Doris. Yes, because I want one too. Yes, get them a gift. Don't you think so? Any suggestion on the type of gift? Whatever you want. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Get him something he needs. He always needs drawers and t-shirts. You know. Underwear and t-shirts. Yeah. Nothing says love like underwear and t-shirts. Thank you. Depends on what kind. Oh, depends on what kind. I like the way you're going. Uh-huh. So we have a viewer video question. Let's roll them. Hi, mama Doris, my name is Mary Anne and I will like to ask you how long I should wait before texting a guy after the first date? Should I text him first or should I wait for him to text M first? Ooh. Don't be texting no man. Girl, is she crazy? Let the man call you. No, back in my day we didn't even have no text. You gave him a phone number. He didn't call, hey, that's his loss. That's it. Mama, is that you? That's exactly what my mom would say. No texting. Okay. We've got a question from our studio audience couple Ben and Gretchen from New Jersey. Where are you, Ben and Gretchen? There we go. Go ahead. What's your question? We've been married one year. Ah. Nations. I want to know how we can keep the honeymoon lasting forever. Oh, okay, girl. When he ain't cooking breakfast give him a pinch on the butt. Lots of hugs. Lots of hugs. Just spontaneous kissing. You know what I mean? Keep it spicy. He's going to say what's that for? Just because. You know. A lot of hugs. A lot of hugs. I'm just imagining you gave him a little pinch. I'm just imagining. See. There you go. All right now don't go anywhere. We have more with mama Doris next so you just get comfortable. We got more. Okay, girl. Let me put M leg up.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"The mother of actor Anthony Anderson appears live on \"GMA\" to share her romance tips.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"45472975","title":"Mama Doris shares her love advice for Valentine's Day","url":"/GMA/video/mama-doris-shares-love-advice-valentines-day-45472975"}