Can RomComs Save a Marriage?

Watching romantic comedies could be a fun potential solution for keeping the love alive.
3:00 | 02/04/14

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Transcript for Can RomComs Save a Marriage?
And now an unexpected way that may save marriages I believe from breaking up and it's so easy. Soups too good to be true. Nick watt is here with the details. Nick, where are you? Reporter: Good morning, guys. Well, I'll tart with the bad news which is that nearly 25% of marriages will end within the first three years but don't despair because there is this fun potential solution on the horizon and you can eat popcorn while you're doing it. ♪ Jenna lee and Adam herb are demonstrating what could be a revolution in couples therapy, watching a movie then talking. It's just nice to not own will I to spend the time together but then to also talk about it a little bit. It's not a conversation that we would normally just sit around and have unless we were kind of directed into it. Reporter: In a bona fide scientific study in Rochester, New York, 174 newlywed couples were told to watch five romantic movies including "Love story." Among this group of movie watchers, the divorce rate fell from 24% to just 11%. It does seem simple but at the same time it's brilliant. Yes, yes, yes! Reporter: So hang on, could meg Ryan save my marriage? Oh, god. Movies like "When harry met sally" or "Sleepless in Seattle." They don't work as well because they only end up at the end of the movie so you don't really see them getting through day-to-day life as a couple. How many kids do you have. Reporter: Among the approved movies, yours mine and ours a modern sale of blending steps into one family, and "Indecent proposal." Suppose I were to offer you $1 million for one night with your wife? We never anticipated that just from watching five movies having five discussions, focused on your relationship that we would be able to cut the divorce rate in half. Reporter: A lot of cups might balk at therapy but watching a movie, why not. Now, the problem in my house is that I'm usually in the kitchen watching "Where eagles dare" for the 150th time and my wife is in the kitchen watching some uplifting Jennifer aniston movie -- "Indecent proposal". That's a strange one. This is supposed to be movies about everyday life in a relationship. When does that happen every day? Whose marriage is that? A good movie, though. It's a great one. Yeah. I will go "Where eagles dare." I'm with you. Keep it simple. Thank you so much. All right.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Watching romantic comedies could be a fun potential solution for keeping the love alive.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22356998","title":"Can RomComs Save a Marriage?","url":"/GMA/video/marriage-romantic-comedies-save-relationship-22356998"}