Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau, Vili Fualaau Open Up in 'American Scandal'

Barbara Walters sat down with the couple on the eve of their 10th wedding anniversary.
3:46 | 04/10/15

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Transcript for Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau, Vili Fualaau Open Up in 'American Scandal'
Mary Hayley torn down it shocking headlines almost twenty years ago when she had an affair with a baton. Thirteen year old student nearly. Serving seven and a half years in prison for child rape she's now to 53 he's 31. And on the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary Barbara Walters sat down that I spoke with Barbara about her exclusive interview airing tonight on twenty turning. Just hold on to story continues to fascinate well one night a mention to people but I was doing it everybody seems to remember. This is a schoolteacher. She sent seven and a half years for her relationship with them and not let at this big tenth wedding anniversary from that. Started the stills shocks people how could she do it right now and and they're still together yep so it is don't together and they have to obtain that shot us. A bond when she was in prison serving prison fought the child right and you reminded me of something that she went to prison at once but twice. Because they said look go to prison for you stay away from. And she couldn't share price to himself then they set out and I haven't sent via. The whole sentence and people thought that this first I mean gusto people who were shocked and disgusted but. You know they've been married ten years they've got two teenage daughters who think that this is that there on face and other says mommy and daddy. And they seem to be okay you'll meet the dot us tonight that I have I want him to keep it secret yes well and I want to show if you don't mind a little Clint. Of the secret up from your interview take a look. I don't now if and next time whatever pads where it would take away the let them mediate did to our story. Because it was. So big and they ran with it so fast there's this story at it's. That hasn't light that it town but it's not our story. Kelly you became a fox other when you're just fourteen years old and again the following year tell me about that time and then what. Well you had your daughter's lives it was huge change. In my life for sure I don't feel like I had to right support. Or you know the right help behind me from their family. From anyone Jerramy my first and help because they had no idea was what it was like to be apparent to me because we're all 1415. It's not been an easy can you. He suffered from depression. Us. It's a feeling where. It's like there's this it is hopeless team's feelings and you can't go can't do anything. Like nobody understands it and can't talk to anyone I wish I just had a little bit. Better guidance through everything Communist kind of night it it was really confusing the main room label this kid is a victim. And we're gonna make this woman and an example. For all other teachers who try to go to the same path. It it really is fascinating to see them has stayed married couple and to think he was the scene ages my little boy when their affair began. Well and then you have to you can see what he was attracted to it but then they emphasized what what did she need and what did they go through. To get to the prying power they can come sit down come on television and an amnesty is Angela on the bridge were there and there and there you see the kids tonight. And Intel has the kids say. We without it we know what happened you do. When mommy and daddy. Really really interest and barbecue which he would often. This interview as part of any series it's called American scandal with Barbara Walters on investigate. Investigation discovery where you can see some of the most things interview she's ever done tonight though twenty Tony Moore for interview with Mary Kay and daily for the.

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{"id":30224200,"title":"Mary Kay Letourneau Fualaau, Vili Fualaau Open Up in 'American Scandal'","duration":"3:46","description":"Barbara Walters sat down with the couple on the eve of their 10th wedding anniversary. ","url":"/GMA/video/mary-kay-letourneau-fualaau-vili-fualaau-interivew-couple-30224200","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}