Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercials Generate Lots of Buzz

Oscar winner's series of strange advertisements aims to boost car sales.
2:17 | 10/20/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercials Generate Lots of Buzz
Your man's got something. Thank you for calling him that. At least you understand. We turn to Matthew mcconaughey, generating so much buss right now, not for a role in a movie or TV show but for a series of cryptic commercials for Lincoln. Rebaek Ka Jarvis has the story. Reporter: Good morning. They're been called bizarre, surreal, and even strange. The bottom line is that Matthew mcconaughey uttering deeply philosophical sweet nothings is sales gold for one car company. It's getting everyone clicking online. Sometimes you gotta go back to actually move forward. Reporter: They're the unusual new ads starring Matthew mcconaughey that have everyone talking. I don't mean going back to reminisce and chase ghosts. Reporter: He's turning Lincoln pitchman. I've been driving a Lincoln since long before anybody paid me to drive one. Reporter: Behind the wheel of the mkc. That's a big bull. 1800 pounds of do whatever the heck I want. I can respect that. Reporter: The ads going viral with over 1.5 million hits on youtube. Maybe we should ask him to mooo-ve it along. Reporter: And being spoofed by comedians. If we're in his way, maybe he should use his horn. Reporter: All that buzz making big business for the recently struggling brand. The Lincoln brand has been out of sight for so many years. People are talking about Lincoln again. Reporter: A much-needed boost thanks, in part, to an unlikely source. You just have to look if the right place. I can respect that. This is not the first time a celeb car video went viral. Remember will Ferrell as Ron burgundy. After the commercials ran, sales jumped 59%, guys. And those commercials, that music underneath. It's like his character in true detective. He's similar. He likes to wax poetic nothings. You signound like you're about to buy some Lynne incolns. All right, all right, all

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{"duration":"2:17","description":"Oscar winner's series of strange advertisements aims to boost car sales.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26316161","title":"Matthew McConaughey's Lincoln Commercials Generate Lots of Buzz","url":"/GMA/video/matthew-mcconaugheys-lincoln-commercials-generate-lots-buzz-26316161"}