Melissa McCarthy: Fame Still 'Very Surreal'

Melissa McCarthy stars alongside Sandra Bullock in summer comedy "The Heat."
5:43 | 06/24/13

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Transcript for Melissa McCarthy: Fame Still 'Very Surreal'
we are delighted to have the hilarious oscar nominated melissa McCarthy here with us this morning. following her star-making turns in "bridesmaids" and "identity theft" and she's bringing "the heat." See how I worked that one in. That's good. Brand-new movie joining forces with sandra bullock as a couple of mismatched law enforcement officers that will take down a drug lord. We'll take a look at the clip and talk to melissa. Helps to take down -- you wouldn't even have known about larkin if it wasn't for me so obviously the fbi can get information you can't. I need a little help -- this is rick -- ridiculous. I want that third floor to hear. I need your help, mullen and give me an echo on that mullen. I need your help, mullen! Mullen, mullen. Move, move, move. Even in that you're annoying. First of all, melissa, it is great to see you again. You too. It looked like you all had so much fun. Please tell me it was as much fun as it was to watch. It was ridiculous. It was so fun every day. We were just torturing each other but laughing at the same time and she's so funny and so nice that every day was kind of a real treat. You said when you first met, it was like in your words fireworks, the two of you. It was. I think we're really similar. We have a very similar sense of humor. My younger is 3. Hers is 3. Like the kids get along great. We have very similar obsessions like we're both renovating fanatics so we were constantly have you seen this piece of wood? Like and everybody else thought we were wildly boring but -- no. We just have a lot of mutual friends and it's the weirdest thing that we've never met and finally when we did we're like, okay. This is way overdue. Thank you for acting like there's not smoke blowing over here from bobby flay's barbecue. I'll have it in me all day. She smells like it. That's so weird. What's going on here? But there is something about the magic of you two but also in this film, it has heart. funny. It's a little bit different. You know what, you make funny not mean and that puts people at ease, melissa, when they watch. I personally don't find it funny when you -- when somebody just -- I'd rather be the butt of my own jokes than make somebody else the pumping bag. I just don't care for that kind of humor. I think some people can do it well. It's not my thing and I think what paul does and the script that katie wrote, have to balance the funny with heart. We are seeing -- you are bringing the funny in this dance scene that you have with sandra. And was it choreographed, the dance scene or did you just go with it. I think if that was choreographed we'd be out of a job but we actually talked about it. We're supposed to be the unhip -- where neither one of us should be able to dance that great so we literally just play kind of simon says. If you do something, I have to follow. If I do something you have to follow. So every time we're yelling like go left or do this, like we are literally just making it up as we go. It's magic. It works. Busting moves like that and also you look like a cop. No, all -- didn't you go to boston and learn how because when you're holding that gun -- I know, I wanted to make sure if I was -- I have a lot of cops in my family and I didn't want to be a silly cop. I thought she ce dysfunctional as a person and her personality could be challenging but as a police officer I wanted her to be really good so I trained with some of the boston pd and everyone in boston was amazing to us and had a great crew from there and everybody kept saying do not turn that gun on its side. If you turn the gun on its side we'll break your wrist. I got it. I got it. Coulds are watching. Ricochet -- it's -- it's like videos and weird movies. And I understand you've got really good aim. That's what they were saying. That's the word on the street. My husband and I went out and did target practice and I don't know why and I didn't even have my glasses on which I probably should have let the officer know that but I had good aim. Who knew? You mention your husband. We won't show the clip but he has a little -- a cameo, let's say, in this film. Good cameo for me. She loved it. She lovedit. The last time I saw, melissa, was on the red carpet at the oscars. With my mom. With your mom and this is -- this is what you dreamed of. I mean people -- you have worked hard. I -- this was very surreal to be sitting here because as I'm at 46th street for years and would walk through here to get to my job for about a year and a half and it's a really crazy thing to be sitting here with you and sitting here in the middle of all this like great stuff like it's -- it kind of blows my mind. You've earned it. You have absolutely earned it -- I have that picture of you, me and my mom up in my office. That was a special moment for me too. Well, thank you. I'm glad I'm not the only one. Good to know. You make us laugh. You make us happy and we wish you all the very best going forward and you've got to see -- we are bringing "the heat". And smoke. So much heat, it's smoking. I mean -- you heard it from melissa McCARTHY.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"Melissa McCarthy stars alongside Sandra Bullock in summer comedy \"The Heat.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19472683","title":"Melissa McCarthy: Fame Still 'Very Surreal'","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-mccarthy-interview-2013-heat-actress-fame-surreal-19472683"}