Modern recipes to celebrate Passover

Tasting Table's Kalisa Martin shares some delicious recipes to celebrate the holiday.
4:03 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Modern recipes to celebrate Passover
Is -- percent to it is that does not remember the day that we did not have food and I was we definitely her younger -- Wool iorio. Says unless the Martin hands -- -- meet these needs an outstanding keeping him from tasting table -- what would say we got here. All right so because there's so many foods that are off limits during passover. Some traditional dishes get in the same way everything Williams yes so at -- table with the citizens mix it up a little bit and I'm excited to see that's what we have. I am so happy to do this because of my soon to be husband is Jewish and I'm not Sutton still learning ways -- that that makes sense I could bring a little twist things that I even -- that's are there. So let's check absolutely -- starting right over here this is not Sonja which is a match -- that's exactly what it sounds like not -- lasagna. I don't like to tell what happened here. So because not of course and awful and it's the layers are made out of my -- kind of been first soaked in chicken stock to make the tender flavorful. And the feeling of -- above ground -- And eggplant with flavors of time and though there is -- amazing -- -- college he knows ginger. Denise -- -- machines that no -- no ability of certain. Denise you wanna that you are didn't win here will have another question we got here on -- -- if you go to sauces -- -- fossil. -- -- Actually of the need a soft because there are so many flavored -- and erratic sit on top at a nice crunch -- Denise to me tastes like. Thanksgiving. And -- -- they're really does really that's likely in Canada but Epstein face like -- -- exactly. What's happening is that things I'm very happy with that are at this Lesotho -- island and and this is Denise is there in the -- -- -- -- -- -- who won't be the -- here is brisket and instead of being braves in the traditional flavors. This is braved -- chilly and don't be afraid to get massing along. I think it's gonna fall out -- -- yeah. Room. What do you think like yeah it bid but it can't happen and and I think. Still all -- likely not. Not too spicy in terms of heat but they're smoking -- from what he'll have affairs and not have Vega and Diego thank -- -- another. Candidate has read it. And that pickled onions on top give -- -- -- cut straight threats of Lincoln in that little little spikes at the twists and -- that -- and this is looking -- -- next season chains. Ice that's right for -- happening favorite let's jump to the sweetness that we have some -- -- Which -- of course symbolic items on the passover table meant to represent the mortar used to make bricks back in the day in. But -- a bit and try it made out of Apple's. -- this cooked and some Hawaiian. And it's served on -- Some I don't know -- It gets and so instead of listing on the regular -- himself. It's mixed with some common meal and some -- and meals so it's -- -- corporate cookie. My animals has like that -- -- An Internet survey exactly some nights are remembered by hospitals and that's what I'm -- that. All right lastly lastly we have some managed -- -- -- and no passover table is complete without bottle of Minnesota's had its Concord grape. Why -- -- that's honestly your side but it makes it a really great foundation for some Grenada. And it's been flavored with some star and as some minutes -- -- run days. Wow did he do this throughout the meal you can do this throughout the milk definitely did he's -- This is a great okay well I'm in men on paso Americas is listed as -- -- like this -- up you candidate child over flavors from all the world are still. Sticking to the rules and the traditions. And you've got a lot more recipes right that's right I'm gonna find out about it needed and more on tasting table lacked confidence. But I want to thank he guys got an email lingo and and the -- newsletter that's -- yeah. I get more information I'm going to need to sign up for it definitely yeah. I think this -- they resonate central and I think my absence maybe we'll check and I minutes into the sinking from a delicious and -- you know.

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{"duration":"4:03","description":"Tasting Table's Kalisa Martin shares some delicious recipes to celebrate the holiday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23317121","title":"Modern recipes to celebrate Passover","url":"/GMA/video/modern-recipes-celebrate-passover-23317121"}