'Kid Korrespondent' Forecasts NBA Playoffs

Amir Sadeh takes a look at the playoff picture on the last day of the regular season.
4:29 | 04/16/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Kid Korrespondent' Forecasts NBA Playoffs
Teaching kids the -- technology of yesteryear but it's much more fun. For kids to teach us so we want to welcome my next guest is here to give us both online and how the NBA playoff picture shaping up. And yeah. -- didn't mean a lot at our current content. -- -- -- -- Say that I got -- right near say that senior from Woodbridge New Jersey we met very quickly before and then it -- -- guest just look at that -- that grade boys. You're going to be a Little Rock this tax -- would not yet told -- you and -- teen -- ten feet not even mom and I nearly just. And -- all of take -- for the plane the day. But again this -- -- yet Sally. Else wants a -- -- I had to do it -- -- nothing about it with sports -- terrible except the west. I'm sorry I'm getting it doesn't handle aren't people cross talk -- tough especially when you're telling your doesn't know anything about the subject he could learn a thing or two premium gas. All right so you lessons and -- predictions for the NBA playoffs. Well in -- then there was just acted -- and powerful 182 on. -- the defending champs. And is still there on out pentagon -- then pitches and he is sound we do you do that -- -- They're -- strong teens -- not a play. And mail and then but won't have to not a fan because in nineteen -- not a fan -- they -- well here on the wrong track. Which player would you like to -- -- if you had the chance. Carmelo Anthony. Why he's my favorite plan on my -- the team much. What's your take ME MBP. Kevin during. Why we like that violent. Me because it's and he had he been waiting for an ace award for a really long time and teens -- having been playing great sense. From new game is losing me as a great feature of an independent think you would you like knicks outrebounded that they. Who wasn't -- Nixon and his mom that then -- that -- -- death rain. Obviously. So what do you think Phil Jackson -- front office. I think it's really good that it's happening because. Like you -- came to send -- -- -- on the next night. He's a great coach he knows how to teach some who didn't. Contingent while right he's a lot of time watching -- play -- -- just arrangements and I. Then it helps to play the -- that just talking about it pageant like to take training method acting yes. -- our problem I don't know -- but that's 5% I did it again that -- I mean I've got nothing in this case I can tell game -- Well I RA that and also teaches US and doesn't see you wanna do this for -- yeah yeah -- calls where it's not just slam. Now yeah -- one of those voices like ten. Anything like that yeah get -- -- -- in the -- doing Atlanta she's really quick. Who backed out of ways to make up. Me you can see anything in Kenya. You want us to pretend we're playing and then all of that. Is now -- yeah. The current governor with a rash of bad and joining didn't play today -- duet take it. He got a -- they're upset right there. -- -- -- -- -- massive wind mini U aspirin doesn't come mind the massing its mini golf and even video games that marry out -- the -- transporting in the -- After bush no one -- shot king yeah. Saturn are all winners in my book. -- -- -- -- Reports in the -- his name you know wouldn't continue -- Go ahead of -- but -- -- because I didn't have to ask -- meat that's -- okay. -- -- -- Harry and no that was gone too far do you wanna walk -- notebook. I'm means things from the -- -- In the olden days go hey hey I'm -- I'm hearsay that hey he's so much training field and they're getting and it's absolutely.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"Amir Sadeh takes a look at the playoff picture on the last day of the regular season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23346723","title":"'Kid Korrespondent' Forecasts NBA Playoffs","url":"/GMA/video/nba-playoff-picture-2014-kid-korrespondent-forecasts-nba-23346723"}