OJ Simpson's Former Lawyer Takes Stand

Lawyer responds to accusations of poorly defending the former football star.
2:15 | 05/18/13

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Transcript for OJ Simpson's Former Lawyer Takes Stand
We do begin with o.J. Simpson's battle for a new trial. Simpson's former attorney took the stand yesterday offering stunning testimony while responding to accusations from simpson that he did a terrible job defending the former football star. Abc's brandi hitt is in las vegas with this story turning into quite a scandal, brandi. Reporter: Oh, definitely, bianna, good morning, o.J. Simpson is now heading back into the prison system as he waits for the judge's decision. His hearing here came to a dramatic end. It was high drama in court pitting o.J. Simpson against his former lead attorney yale galanter. Mr. Simpson never told me that he was going to go into the palace station with a bunch of thugs. Reporter: Simpson claims the night before 2007 botched robbery galanter advised him he had a legal right to confront two men selling sports memorabilia simpson claims was stolen. I followed what I thought the law. Nobody wanted to win the case more than I wanted to win it. Reporter: The former football great maintains he never knew his entourage was armed. I wouldn't imagine in my wildest dreams these guys would have guns. Reporter: Galanter delivered this bombshell that o.J. Confessed to him in private before his conviction. He had told me that he did, in fact, ask alexander and McCLINTON TO BRING GUNS. Reporter: The battle is part of simpson's request for a new trial based on what he says was a gross mishandling of his case. Such is the plea bargain galanter says was on the table. He said, you know, o.J., there's an opportunity to do it. He said see if I'll get a year. Reporter: Simpson says he was I couldn't understand why they hasn't offered me a deal. Reporter: He spent the last four years behind bars and his attorneys say despite galanter's testimony he is confident the judge will grant him the new trial. He's hopeful definitely and actually is also really grateful that he got to tell his truth. Reporter: Just really interesting to see both sides tell their story. Now, the judge says she will release her decision in writing and we're expecting that to happen within the next few weeks, dan and bianna. Big decision coming up, brandi hitt, thanks for your reporting. Usually at this time we'd toss

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"Lawyer responds to accusations of poorly defending the former football star.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19207851","title":"OJ Simpson's Former Lawyer Takes Stand","url":"/GMA/video/oj-simpsons-lawyer-takes-stand-19207851"}