Olympic Figure Skating Champ Joins ABC News

Gold medalist Sasha Cohen discusses the 2014 Sochi Olympics.
3:00 | 01/27/14

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Transcript for Olympic Figure Skating Champ Joins ABC News
We want to welcome our new ABC news Olympics contributor she is a live US Olympic medalist at yeah. -- and I am surprised and in my life but who we happen to have you haven't. Yeah yeah. And then then I haven't seen at home again welcome. We'll make any hair and Janet -- it's very exciting and so what do you look in my goodness you're going to be helping us out during the Olympics what are you looking forward to the news. -- -- -- -- -- So special about energy of the Olympics and -- together every country every sport. And -- that it's a dream that we train -- -- -- and there's these two weeks that the whole world but stops and paid attention. It just. The drains and -- -- the -- is everything that you see -- so inspiring and a good people take piece of that back to their life and done so much fun to watch we. Couple of weeks away right now what do you think that team that's going there Kenya say is going through right now given what your experience like this is almost game time. Its -- you really can't imagine the day after the Olympics -- the day after -- -- competing. So you know going and then something that you -- you know you break -- up -- four year cycle of and to know that you're two weeks out of -- the biggest load of yet life and it will change the rest of your life. It -- almost more than you can process you know these athletes are just sticking by their training. Focusing on the moment and just. Keeping it consisted trying to keep outside influence the way and and just do what they do every day. Do you happen to be able to mentor I would think you would want someone who had already been through it telling you -- just can't take this all in -- Sharon five. Like that -- it it doesn't you get you can't leave out -- your -- on the podium it's over and that is closing ceremonies and dish about home and and then at the Oscars and that no Lindsay was another Olympics -- yeah I get out so -- it it just it goes so fast but yet like a great coach comes and and the people that are in the sport now they've done shows with olympians and -- they always asking questions and I should show in December Allan Krejci goal actually -- parent. Yet there's so they're so excited and there's a team event for the first time ever -- -- Olympic Games so just. There's something so magical that you just can't replicate about the Olympics and it's it's -- to see these eighteen year -- just. You know. Bright eyed and bushy tail was so excited to go into that it's really amazing we're totally wishing teen USA so much good spirit going forward but one of those things that people are talking about right now with security. And it's a really big concern and -- even the State Department -- came out and said you know don't we are teen USA stuff out about -- that makes you a target. Would you be afraid if you are going this year would you be afraid. I -- -- you know it's it is a very scary premise but. I completed my first Olympic Games a few months after nine elevenths and the games were held in the US and it was considered. He noticed a huge threat and and everyone was -- a little bit. A little bit cautious and the you know everyone stepped up and it's such a good job I remember going to -- arena there's the -- -- toward. -- -- -- -- -- do metal detectors one -- they went to every little piece of vineyard in your back and you do -- three times on the -- -- the -- Unsecured pops up. You know -- taken very seriously and there's you know the athletes security is the most important -- -- The athletes can I think kind of step back and focus on what they need to do. And and trust of the Olympic Committee well pool -- and do their job. It's it's it's heavy thing mountain after watching this and there's so many but that -- -- a lot of attention to -- silently at the end it will become a positive thing. We know that you'll be here to help all the way absolutely --

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{"id":22228712,"title":"Olympic Figure Skating Champ Joins ABC News","duration":"3:00","description":"Gold medalist Sasha Cohen discusses the 2014 Sochi Olympics. ","url":"/GMA/video/olympic-figure-skating-champ-joins-abc-news-22228712","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}