Oprah's Favorite Things; Adam Glassman of "O" Magazine Reveals Top Items

Creative Director of The Oprah Magazine has top five favorite things under 100 dollars.
3:00 | 11/06/12

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Transcript for Oprah's Favorite Things; Adam Glassman of "O" Magazine Reveals Top Items
Time for oprah's favorite things. An exclusive sneak peek of her top-five favorites, all of them under $100. The whole list is in "o," magazine. And it's oprah's favorite thing. The special will be on own NOVEMBER 18th. Adam glassman is here, the director of "o," magazine. How long does it take? We've been working on this list since may. It takes many months. Hundreds and hundreds of products. Cureating, cultivating. We've been working on this for months. We have a clip of oprah. Take a look. Can I have all of these? I want to do a truffle extravaganza. The cheese is amazing. Truffle butter. Truffle honey is nice, too. She loved it. Loved it. These are all my favorite truffle books. Now, we have to figure out which truffle items we're going to include. Oprah wants to try everything. All things truffle, I could just lose my mind. I was just saying, what a cool job adam has. It's the best job. A great job. Here's why. You get to try and share with us, things like this. Number one, ready, gang? Ta-da. Very excited. This is a blue velvet cake. We've all heard of a red velvet cake. I commissioned a blue velvet one. Great for hanukkah. Only $34. Is this -- we get a special discount. We can go to our website, goodmorningamerica.Com to get the special discount codes. You might like this, if you're not into cake, how about? What's great about this, oprah did a movie called "the butler." And she experimented for the first time with nail color. She picked these colors? Curated by oprah. Great gift idea. A great gift. I love that. Love the color choices. All right. Ready? Ta-da. Now, you're talking. You know what this is? Let's get the party started. We love a gadget. Oprah loves a gadget. You keep this in your freezer. And you pop it into -- it's an ice stick. That's fantastic. You keep it cool. And it's only $25. I love it. This is supercool. That's another great idea. With the discount, $25. We have the code. Go to the website. I love this. Sam, get in here. Ta-da. Ta-da. 31 only from bougainvillea. Threminded her of her trip to india. They will update your outfit. They're heavy. They're beautiful. And isn't the cake good? I wanted that piece. Thanks a lot. Yan have a little bit. And you get a lot of bang for your buck with this bracelet. Sam, just saying. All of these great gift ideas. For lara. For all of the people in your life. And the last oprah favorite thing under $100 is -- ooh. We're always entertaining during the holidays. This is the perfect hostess gift. And all of the truffles. You can put almonds, sauces. Adam, thank you for sharing these. If you want to take part in oprah's favorite things, go to our website for the special discount codes, goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! Starts the holiday shopping. Sam, put down the cake, now,

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{"id":17651010,"title":"Oprah's Favorite Things; Adam Glassman of \"O\" Magazine Reveals Top Items","duration":"3:00","description":"Creative Director of The Oprah Magazine has top five favorite things under 100 dollars.","url":"/GMA/video/oprahs-favorite-things-adam-glassman-magazine-reveals-top-17651010","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}