Oscar Pistorius' Defense Prepares to Continue Its Case

Olympic athlete's lawyers attempting to convince the judge that girlfriend's death was accidental.
2:51 | 05/04/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscar Pistorius' Defense Prepares to Continue Its Case
fold his cards in Las Vegas. First, the blade runner trial is is set to resume tomorrow. The defense poised to jump-start its effort to convince a judge that the shooting death of his model girlfriend was a terrible accident. We have seen him cry on the witness stand. Now he's mounting Dae fence he hopes will show the murder was an accident. Matt Gutman is back outside the courthouse in Pretoria, south Africa, with the later. Reporter: Sources tell us that Oscar Pistorius has spent the last two weeks resting and recuperating, after being mauled in cross-examination by the lead prosecutor. The defense team says it has two weeks and up to 11 witnesses to convince the judge this was a tragic mistake, not murder. Once again tomorrow, he'll stride into court. He was pummeled in 'tis cross ch examination. Say yes, I killed her. I did, milady. Reporter: He spent weeks recuperating with the family. Taking a short trip to the family farm. In April, the olympian seemed dazed on the stand. Milady, I'm getting confused. Reporter: Even about the minutes before the shooting. If you are tired and the reasons you're making all these mistakes is because you're tired, you must say so. Reporter: The prosecutor, known as the bull terrier, sinking his teeth into the blade runner. If somebody you would say that you were whispering, you would be lying. That's right. Somebody said it. It's you. If he can have a neighbor come in and give a different account of the story, an can't that actually matches Oscar Pistorius' story, it could really bolster his credibility. Reporter: Indeed, the defense team says it has as many as 11 witnesses to call. First among them, a forensic expert, likely to say reeve have a was shot as she was getting up there the toilet, and not open gauged in an argument with Pistorius. We'll likely hear from a psychologist who explains that Pistorius feels vulnerable while on his stumps. And an audio expert saying he sounds like a woman when he screams. Stakes so high for him and he's got a lot of work to do in the defense phase of the trial.

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{"duration":"2:51","description":"Olympic athlete's lawyers attempting to convince the judge that girlfriend's death was accidental. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23581582","title":"Oscar Pistorius' Defense Prepares to Continue Its Case","url":"/GMA/video/oscar-pistorius-defense-prepares-continue-case-23581582"}