Oscars 2016: Chevy's Big Oscar Surprise

One man who strives to give back to his community's kids gets the behind-the-scenes experience of a lifetime at the Academy Awards.
3:06 | 02/29/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Oscars 2016: Chevy's Big Oscar Surprise
Tomorrow is the first day of meteorological spring. Today is February 29th. That means it's a leap year and that gives us an extra 24 hours to do good for special people. Our sponsor chevrolet is creating a movement called #dayitforward that inspires people to do good for others. We heard about one man striving to be a role model for his children or the children in his community and they surprised him with an experience of a lifetime. Take a look. For 32-year-old NIK Ritchie giving back starts with being a role model and coming from a place of yes. I think for nick it's just so important to kind of tell kids that nothing and no one can stop you from your dreams. Reporter: The screenwriter works regularly with organizations like camp so-cal hearts to mentor underprivileged and foster children. They see him as an older brother, a figure that they can look up to. Reporter: He even produces videos for the charities. Here we go. Reporter: So "Gma" and chevrolet teamed up with nick's wife Ali to day it forward to him. What is happening here right now? Reporter: With a special behind-the-scenes Oscar experience. Buckle up, you're heading to the red carpet. I feel very humbled. I don't even know, thank you, everybody. Reporter: Nick's first stop our "Gma" L.A. Set for some advice from the pros. You're going to be at the rehearsals. Yep. Where we actually practice the show. Yes? So you're going to be wearing a placard. Which actor do you want to be? I'll be Leo. Oh. I want to interview you. Reporter: Then on to the red carpet for the Oscar preshow rehearsals where nick stands in as Hollywood's other leading man and best actor nomination. Have you ever seen somebody with better hair? Look at his hair. Oh, whoo! I touched Matt Damon -- ah. I got to see the magic behind what goes behind making the academy awards happen and that's pretty spectacular. You can't help but want to be a part of this. It's pretty magical. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. We are here with nick and his wife Ali. Nick, thanks so much for all the good that you do for your community. I got to ask you, what was the favorite part of your weekend? Meeting you guys, meeting robin. I know, I know I'm kissing up buts of it was really a wonderful experience and getting to talk about an organization like camp tlc and so Cal hearts and dear to my heart and the women that run that organization are amazing and bringing attention to that -- He has a handsome head of hair. But you know what, nick, you all brought so much to this weekend for us. I mean, this is what it's truly all about. Yes, it's great, the oscars and all that but what you have done and your heart and to see how happy -- you should have seen -- well, you saw part of it. You guys were really having a good time but you made us have a good time so thank you. Thank you for paying it forward. Thank you very much for having us. We challenge you, take 24 hours, you got an extra day to day it forward and do something special for the people around

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{"duration":"3:06","description":"One man who strives to give back to his community's kids gets the behind-the-scenes experience of a lifetime at the Academy Awards.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37280475","title":"Oscars 2016: Chevy's Big Oscar Surprise","url":"/GMA/video/oscars-2016-chevys-big-oscar-surprise-37280475"}