Teens Injured in Frightening Parasailing Accident

Cameras were rolling when two girls were slammed into the side of a building.
2:30 | 07/03/13

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Transcript for Teens Injured in Frightening Parasailing Accident
That's his childhood idol. Congratulations to him. We're going to bring you more on the horrific parasailing accident in florida. Two indiana teens critically injured when the cord securing them to their boat snapped, slamming them into a building and many cars. Abc news learned there's safeguards in place to prevent such accidents. And abc's rob nelson has the latest. Reporter: Good morning, josh. It's a holiday week. And parasailing is a common vacation activity. But a blast of bad weather and possible equipment problem caused a fun day in the sun to turn into a nightmare. It's the terrifying moment caught on camera. Watch as a parasail containing two riders breaks loose from the boat leading them, and slams into two nearby condominiums in panama beach, florida. All before crashing into a parking lot full of cars. We are at the commodore. And two parasailers just smashed into the top of it. Reporter: This morning, two 17-year-old indiana girls, alexis fairchild and sidney goode, remain in critical condition at an area hospital. Initial reports from investigators say on monday, an afternoon storm developed with strong winds. And that these winds kept the chute aloft. And several attempts to winch the riders back on to the vessel failed. The company who ran the outing, aquatic adventures, is declining to comment. The popular vacation sport is an industry with very little regulation. Just this may, florida legislators failed to pass a bill that would have put new safety standards in place. One of the biggest opponents, aquatic adventures, the owner of the boat involved in this incident. A managing partner spoke out to a local newspaper about his opposition to the bill. We started creating our own standards. We've got a good plan going. But incidents linked to parasailing continue to mount. Since 1998, there's been 33 incidents in florida alone, with 6 fatalities. If we can produce national safety standards for this industry, so that they can apply these in the field, of course, we would hope that the net result of all this work would be fewer accidents. Reporter: Now, the last time a parasailer died in florida was last august. That's when a harness broke in pompano beach, killing a 28-year-old connecticut woman. A lot of questions about the safety of the parasailing industry. Those two lady, very lucky to be alive. Let's hope they answer those questions. Thanks, rob.

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{"duration":"2:30","description":"Cameras were rolling when two girls were slammed into the side of a building.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19563345","title":"Teens Injured in Frightening Parasailing Accident","url":"/GMA/video/parasailing-accident-video-teens-injured-frightening-florida-parasailing-19563345"}