Paula Deen's New Rules of Eating Helped Her Lose Weight

After learning she has Type 2 diabetes, Paula Deen changed her eating habits to shed pounds.
3:07 | 01/08/13

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Transcript for Paula Deen's New Rules of Eating Helped Her Lose Weight
It's been a year since Paula Deen revealed she has type two diabetes and that she was taking steps to improve her health. Well now she is on the cover of a woman stage. 36 pounds lighter and she joins us to share her healthy new lifestyle this -- now. And cool beautiful and great how are you dreaming -- You know we don't -- -- -- are really really do. I'll look good feel good and -- -- four. All of us and we can also following your -- has been you know laugh at southern he has found some things that work from the -- me yeah. -- have to worry about it I don't think I'm working off. -- Manhattan Borough split -- she looks gorgeous she follows those rules to use six rules actually yes of Ian Wright. And the first one tell me what you have to -- it to rethink portion of what you do -- In moderation that -- -- the ill word. You know at Hickory stick but here is -- my shadow. But anyhow I was practicing it but how what patent but causality to base its really when he Hillary so that my hotter right. Com. So it really isn't you know -- when I discovered. Bit when my doctor told me I had type two diabetes. I was devastated. You were shocked yeah how we should not needed because it would not happen gambling and I've locked outlined by the -- my -- to change. Left. Everything that Iraq a look good does is using this isn't about to separate the agent not to deprive yourself that he's saying not you just have to marry your portion -- And I have kind of -- constructed the architecture not are you show us what used to have had dinner. Thanks. -- Yeah. Fair price ticket and Mac can she actually I would have one of the other -- but you see that fried chicken and it is. Out of this world now so what do you I did not want to live the rest the -- without pride chicken. It's so. It's didn't need to look at that but college degree sale Bradley -- uses -- you know what I think I'm Alex humane. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And in the roasted chicken beautiful and say no diet people what does that mean for your desserts no diet food Yahoo! -- do not used diet mayonnaise I do not used ice cream cheese north sour cream. Now would rather have the real stuff in math that he takes the -- And just have a little bit they are right and -- you have to have a lot of bad guys -- you got prime deserves to. If he's smaller amounts of the -- what's under here and oh yes. They're -- the public is not sign Bobby's. Version up -- gooey butter cake Aaron only butter cake is very fattening and BS the cake right here. These are doing butter cake. Kinney -- we -- that slowly and the calories won't add up and much like yes thank you so much.

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{"id":18160527,"title":"Paula Deen's New Rules of Eating Helped Her Lose Weight ","duration":"3:07","description":"After learning she has Type 2 diabetes, Paula Deen changed her eating habits to shed pounds.","url":"/GMA/video/paula-deen-weight-loss-celebrity-cooks-rules-eating-18160527","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}