Philadelphia Amtrak Crash Survivors Offer Their First-Hand Accounts

Beth Davidz and Paul Cheung discuss their being on the train during the deadly accident.
4:28 | 05/13/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Philadelphia Amtrak Crash Survivors Offer Their First-Hand Accounts
We're joined by two of the survivor, Beth Daves and Paul Chung. Thank you both for joining us. Beth, I can see you're a little banged up there. I hope you're feeling okay. Tell us what happened. So, I mean it was -- I take this trip between philly and new York pretty often. I mean at first it was just a regular ride. I was on the phone. I hung out with my friend. About that time it felt like we were just taking a wide turn to the right. And then like it kind of -- it just had started to like roll over and it was just dark and you could just -- there were just bodies and seats and everything kind of falling around me and I mean it was kind of that slow motion moment. I was in the third car and it actually tipped to the side so the only way to get up was actually up through the side which is the roof and then the car started to fill up with smoke so I mean I remember someone saying very calmly, you know, we need to get out of this car so we climbed up to the ladder. We had to slide off the side of the -- at the car which is like a good eight feet. Paul, let me ask you. It seemed to happen in slow motion. You first felt the shakes and then everything went haywire. Yeah, I was at the back of the train and, again, similar to Beth's story I was playing around with my phone, you know, streaming netflix and suddenly, you know, the car as if someone had slammed the brake and suddenly everything start shaking really hard and the whole train went dark then I saw some passenger also escaping from the window. Beth, this must have been the more horrifying thing you've ever been through but also seemed like people kept their heads about them. You just want to hug the other survivors next to you to help people and connect with others to think about the logistics of I don't have a wallet or a shoe right now. A lot of the passengers were very brave, you know, they came out very collected. Yeah. You know, while in shock, everything happened really orderly. It wasn't a massive chaos. We're glad you're both okay right now. Thanks for joining us. Thank you. Thank you. Oh, I can't believe it. We saw them hugging right there. Paul and Beth weren't traveling together but did used to work together at the associated press. Glad they're okay. Have a hug like that. Musician yameen allworld joined us a short time ago. Please tell us how you're doing this morning. Yes, I had some minor injuries to my leg actually. And can you tell us, yameen, what happened. What did you see? What did you feel? What did you hear? It just felt like our car was leaving the ground. I started floating in the air and I just felt my body lifting up and going forward over seats and start toppling. And when did help arrive and how did you get out? We could see fairly well. I turned the light on on my cell phone so we could see better and checked on other people. There was a lady stuck in between a chair so we helped her out. You know, I was close to the front of the car so we just walked towards the door and I had just held the light up so people could see and get out. You were posting videos and we heard in your videos, yameen, you helping people and just doing anything that you could. Many people would like to think they would act the same way in a situation like that. Was it just an instinct that kicked in with you? Yes. I didn't have to think twice about it. It was just, you know, I was there, I was an able body and so I was just trying to do what I could to help people. I know that you emcee for quest love and he sent out a nice tweet about you overnight. He said, thank god that you are here to literally see another year. Today is your birthday. Yes, yes. Today is my birthday, yes. And I know that you're feeling very, very grateful this morning, aren't you? Yes, I'm so grateful, yes. Yameen, thank you. I know you and others and ourselves included are thinking of those who were not as fortunate but thank you so much. Yes. Thank you. You take care. Thank you, thanks for having me. God bless everyone. God bless. Peace. Peace.

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{"duration":"4:28","description":"Beth Davidz and Paul Cheung discuss their being on the train during the deadly accident.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30999152","title":"Philadelphia Amtrak Crash Survivors Offer Their First-Hand Accounts","url":"/GMA/video/philadelphia-amtrak-crash-survivors-offer-hand-accounts-30999152"}