President receives warm welcome in Saudi Arabia

Despite Trump's past harsh rhetoric about Islam, Saudi Arabia and Egypt's leaders welcomed him on his first foreign trip as president.
3:00 | 05/21/17

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Transcript for President receives warm welcome in Saudi Arabia
Let's bring in Jon Karl. Considering the type of rhetoric we heard from then candidate trump during the campaign are you surprised by the warm welcome he's receiving? As he arrives there in the heart of the Muslim world? We Reporter: Well, it is something else to see him welcomed here the way he has been from islamic leaders from all around the world. It's surprising the the president chose the birthplace of Islam to be the place he would visit the very first foreign country as president. In a seps, it's not surprising if you look what the sound daaudis, theirry lagsship with the U.S., they were very upset with the Obama administration, especially what they saw as the embrace of Iran. They think Donald Trump will be much tougher on their enemy. And somebody who won't lecture them on human rights. Despite all the anti-islam laic rhetoric we heard from trump during the campaign, they welcome his policies as president. The next stop for trump, prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying the citizens of Israel will welcome Donald Trump with open arms. Reporter: The it's a very, very steep climb. But he is going to be meeting with the leaders -- the Palestinian leader Mahmoud abbas as well. The way the administration sees this, this moment in the Arab world, with so much of the Arab world united against the threat of Iran. What the white house hopes, the foreign policy advisers hope is that this will mean more support for the Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. They hope that can be used as a way to restart these peace talks. Obviously, it's a very steep climb. All right, Jon Karl. Safe travels to you as well. We want to bring in our chief anchor George Stephanopoulos. You have a big interview with the president's national security advisor, general H.R. Mcmaster. We have a clip where you ask him about the reports of what the president said to top Russian officials in the oval office the a day after he fired James Comey. The president of the united States telling the Russian foreign minister in the first meeting that the pressure is off because he's fired the FBI director interviewing the campaign. Does that seem appropriate to you? As you know, it's very difficult to take a few lines, notes out of that meeting. The intention was to say, I would like to move beyond all of the Russia news so that we can find areas of cooperation. Looks to be a great interview. The president, as you know, is traveling with some of his closest advisers. According to reports, one of these officialses may be a person of interest in the investigation. Do you expect this to be a cloud over his trip? You had the head wlooip the president giving away classified information with the Russians. The headline that in the same meeting with the Russians, 24 hours after the president fired James Comey, he called Comey a nut job and said the pressure sauf because he's no longer investigate investigating. You had other reports that Comey was trying to get him to drop the investigation. This was a tough, tough week. So far, at least, they're getting a bit of a break overseas, a very warm welcome in Saudi Arabia. So far. The trip is going along with no hitches at all. We'll get the big speech from the president, as well. This is something they're hoping will calm everything down. Before they come back home. And you mention the speech. This is the centerpiece of the day. The president delivering a speech about fighting terrorism. As you look at what the president is saying, w459 do you take away? Most remarkable, the break from the campaign. All during the campaign, he said radical islamic terror. He said flatly, Islam hates us. He's saying now this is not a war between religions. More significant is what we'll hear from the sawed dis, as well. The Saudi king calling out the extremists saying that not Islam. That is something that the white house sees as a major point of this trip. If the Saudis stick to the commitment, it would be a significant achievement. They're treating trump like royalty. Could this be seen as an early foreign policy victory? The Saudis clearly did not like president Obama at all. The white house trying to capitalize on that. So much will depend on whether this can lead to long-term benefits. Lead to Saudi Arabia really taking on islamic extremism. Will his hope for Middle East peace going to come? We'll see. George will have the rest of his one on one with national security adviser H.R. Mcmaster. And Jason Chaffetz and Elijah Cummings. They discuss the latest on the Russia investigation and the appointing of a special counsel. Thank you, George. We move to the breaking news this morning. A new missile launch in north

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Despite Trump's past harsh rhetoric about Islam, Saudi Arabia and Egypt's leaders welcomed him on his first foreign trip as president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47541381","title":"President receives warm welcome in Saudi Arabia","url":"/GMA/video/president-receives-warm-saudi-arabia-47541381"}