Primetime Your Closet: Get TV's Hottest Looks for Less

Yahoo Style Managing Editor Britt Aboutaleb shows you how to recreate your favorite TV star's style.
3:22 | 03/26/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Primetime Your Closet: Get TV's Hottest Looks for Less
cc1 Test mes ? ? Yahoo ? Yes, you heard the call and now you time it's time for "Gma" to Yahoo your day breaking down the hottest looks from your favorite shows and primetiming your closet. I like that. Yahoo! Managing style editor is here. Britt aboutaleb. Inspired by Gloria from ABC's "Modern family" worn by Sofia Vergara. How did you pull this together. This look is so great. You have the bold, bright pattern that's important for spring but it really shows off her silhouette which is something that Gloria, Sofia Vergara knows how to do. She knows what fits her and makes her look great and that's really important when it comes to a print. You don't want to end up swimming in those prints. I love the big print. What colors will be hot this season? What's great about spring, all colors work. You know, you really can't go wrong. I think white, head to toe white will be really big. Which you're in right now. Fashion forward. I'm embracing spring before it's even here and also florals which will have a tropical vibe which I think this has with the green and white. I love it plus it looks comfortable. The best part about that. Thank you so much. Up next we have an ensemble from cookie Lyon, taraji P. Henson's character on "Empire." People can't get enough of that show including robin. Sophisticated look. I love this. This is a great look from Ann Taylor and, you know, you do have that leopard print which is so cookie. So easy to wear. Any shape, any age can definitely pull off the leopard. This looks really great, again, the fit is what's really important. You want to make sure it looks polished and pulled together and then you want to keep it neutral on top or on the bottom. I love how you have the Navy with the black. That's a big thing now because I used to always think you couldn't do that but I see it everywhere now. Fashion loves to put Navy together with black. This is almost a neutral when you have an animal print. Exactly. Animal print goes with everything but gingham will be a huge pattern for spring. Yes, we heard that. Thank you very much. We have our last look inspired by Zoey Johnson on "Black-ish" and a casual look we would see her in. Tell me about it. Athleisure is the buzzword that you won't roll out of bed. Instead jazz it up with a great pair of pleather leisurely pants from H&M in a silky fabric that says I made a little bit of an effort. But I'm cool. Especially with those shoes. Yeah, the shoes are key from Aldo and want a pair with a classic silhouette but in a bright color which is really fun. Awesome. Let's bring all the models out. INT wa I want you to point this out. Affordable and effortless. All under $200 and all super comfortable. Oh, my favorite thing, comfortable and fashionable and affordable. Thanks so much for primetiming our closet. These tips for all the details on how you can get the looks go to our website on Yahoo!

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{"id":29920206,"title":"Primetime Your Closet: Get TV's Hottest Looks for Less","duration":"3:22","description":"Yahoo Style Managing Editor Britt Aboutaleb shows you how to recreate your favorite TV star's style. ","url":"/GMA/video/primetime-closet-tvs-hottest-29920206","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}