Teacher Has Big Prom Surprise for Students

Students from the Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science go to "GMA" for a big surprise.
3:07 | 04/24/14

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Transcript for Teacher Has Big Prom Surprise for Students
special with you all. Excited to be joined by a remarkable class of high school seniors. You are looking at the proud seniors from urban assembly school for applied math and science in the bronx. And they have so much to be proud of. The truth is, they don't know the whole story of why they're here. Take a look. The high school seniors of the applied math and science school in bronx, New York, have some big plans for the future. Become a doctor. I want to be in law enforcement. Business administration. A psychiatrist. Forensic psychology. Reporter: But there's a rite of passage as they move on to those dreams. I wanted to have my kids have that fun, where you feel like a movie star. Reporter: And to help make that happen, English teacher and senior class adviser, Ingrid Chung, posted this letter on donorschoose.org. My students' grit and strength should be celebrated every day. Reporter: Asking for help getting a photo booth at the prom, so students could capture every memorable moment. All students deserve to have a prom they're really proud of. And they work really hard to get to this point in graduation. They've gone through obstacles and tough times. We want to make sure they have a prom that's truly memorable and special for them. Well, miss Chung, we read your call to action. You wanted to give your students a prom like the movies. Why is that important to you? It was really important to me because I really wanted to make sure that my kids, who have worked so very hard to get here, got everything that they wanted, that they saw on TV. Let's give it to them. First up, we would like to share with you this photo booth. This is a custom backdrop, provided for you guys by Keith shutter. Free photos. Step right up for your red carpet moment. You all get corsages, boutonnieres. Every one of you going to the prom will have flowers. And it's your prom. What are you going to wear? Uh-oh. We got you covered. Come on in, dresses. Rent the runway will give you girls all any gown you want. And there's more. The guys will all be getting, from the men's warehouse -- wait. There's more. The guys -- hey, guys? Guys? Guys? You guys all get tuxedos. So, you will look like movie stars. From men's warehouse. And we just want to say, we hope that it is a night to remember. You have worked hard. You have earned it. And, miss Chung, you are everything a teacher should be. You guys are very lucky to have

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{"id":23452331,"title":"Teacher Has Big Prom Surprise for Students","duration":"3:07","description":"Students from the Urban Assembly School for Applied Math and Science go to \"GMA\" for a big surprise.","url":"/GMA/video/prom-surprise-teacher-students-urban-assembly-school-big-23452331","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}