Reports of power lines down as storm surge hits Texas

ABC News' Rob Marciano reports live from Port Lavaca, Texas.
1:51 | 08/26/17

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Transcript for Reports of power lines down as storm surge hits Texas
of hurricane Harvey. State of emergency. The storm is just pounding the gulf coast of Texas and, unfortunately, unlike other hurricanes, it's not just going to peacefully move northwards and dissipate but stick around for awhile. It's moving around six miles per hour. An we have already seen extensive damage with roofs blown off, roads flooded and it is still dark in Texas. We have not seen the full extent of it. As we've been saying this is just the start. There will be days of rain to come. More than three feet expected in some places so let's get it back to ABC's rob Marciano who is in port lavaca one of the places taking the hardest hit. Rain going sideways. Especially when we back up away from our protected barrier. We see around the hotel, a lot of debris from the actual hotel itself which is very well built. We got reports around town of pourer lines down as sporadic damage. When the sun comes up we'll get some insight as to what went down here. It was a long, long night with loud noises, from other buildings and this building as winds hammered the area and storm surge which at last check is still here. High tide was midnight and the water has not gone back. The eye is past us and the back side of this thing obviously still packing an incredible punch so we're still in this thing for the next several hours at least and then beyond obviously we have other issues. Dan and Amy, back to you. Rob, so much wind, so much rain still to come there, unfortunately and just a bit

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{"duration":"1:51","description":"ABC News' Rob Marciano reports live from Port Lavaca, Texas.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"49434136","title":"Reports of power lines down as storm surge hits Texas","url":"/GMA/video/reports-power-lines-storm-surge-hits-texas-49434136"}