Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Makes Surprise Trip to Jordan

Carson met with Syrian refugees amid criticisms that he lacks enough foreign policy experience to be president.
3:33 | 11/29/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Makes Surprise Trip to Jordan
Back at home in the race to replace president Obama, the two republican front-runners, Donald Trump and Ben Carson making two different appearances. Ben Carson making a surprise trip to Jordan to visit Syrian refugee camps. Dylan Dwyer is on the story. Reporter: The front-runner flew into Florida from the sound track from the silver screen, touching down in Sarasota, then offering free rides to kids on his personal helicopter. Thousands of fans turned out for trump, including this elephant, doubling as a billboard. Inside the packed arena -- trump also addressed his treatment last week of a newspaper reporter with a rare genetic disorder. You got to see this guy. I don't know what I said. They said I was mocking him, I would never mock a person that has difficulty. Reporter: Meanwhile, rival Ben Carson was visiting refugee camps in Jordan. We're just getting a good impression of what's going on here. Reporter: His campaign sharing images with families that fled Syria. Carson said he found no great desire among the refugees to come to the United States because the conditions inside the camps were impressive. Chris Christie getting a big boost this morning, endorsed by a newspaper in New Hampshire. They have broke their silence on that shooting at planned parenthood, offering prayers to the victims. Let's bring in Martha Raddatz also in Washington where she'll be hosting "This week" later this morning. Martha, good morning. I want to ask you about Ben Carson, under scrutiny for his lack of foreign policy expertise, do you think this trip to Jordan was designed to address this concern? They said the trip was planned a couple of months ago, to go over there in the middle of the campaign right after that controversy, Dr. Carson said he wants to learn more about what's going on there. Pretty comfortable environment for Dr. Carson. He's a neurosurgeon. He can talk to children, he can do things that he's familiar with, he talked to the Syrian refugees about what it's like there, he came away from poz it positive. They're going into winter pretty soon, we'll want to ask Dr. Carson about those times as well. Meanwhile, though, let's talk trump and the controversy over his comments about the disabled reporter, trump of course has denied that he was insulting the reporter, but I guess the reporter, either way, have we reached the point that he's incapable of saying anything that would hurt him. Dan, I can't tell you how many times I have sat at this desk and thinking, this will do trump in. He said this, he said that. He keeps saying things, his supporters don't seem to mind what he says. So, it doesn't really seem to hurt him in the polls with his supporters at a all. No matter what he say and the teflon don. Martha, thank you very much.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"Carson met with Syrian refugees amid criticisms that he lacks enough foreign policy experience to be president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35471113","title":"Republican Presidential Candidate Ben Carson Makes Surprise Trip to Jordan","url":"/GMA/video/republican-presidential-candidate-ben-carson-makes-surprise-trip-35471113"}