President Obama Expected to Make Guns Announcement

President is expected to put Vice President Biden in charge of finding solutions to gun violence.
1:41 | 12/19/12

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Transcript for President Obama Expected to Make Guns Announcement
Let's get more from jake topper at the white house. The president's big announcement. We know he's going to put the vice president in charge. And he wants this task force to move quickly. Reporter: That's right. We expect an answer of what they come up with some time in the next few weeks, probably in january some time. President obama will come to the brady press briefing room at 11:45. Brady, the presidential press secretary who was shot in the a anas nation attempt or ronald reagan. The white house has signaled they are ready to support a man on certain types of semiautomatic rifles. They are ready to support a ban, perhaps, on certain high-capacity clips. And of course, closing the gun show loophole. This will produce even more suggested revenues, george. Meanwhile, the fiscal cliff, only 13 days away from when everyone's taxes go up. The talks between the white house and speaker boehner seem to have stalled. And now, the speaker proposing this plan "b" extending tax cuts for everyone earning under $1 million. Does the white house believe they can get talks back on track? Reporter: The white house believes, according to officials I spoke to this morning -- they agree they're on the cusp for an agreement, but for the plan "b" that house speaker boehner introduced. They think throws a wrench into the works. They think they're close to a deal that would have between 1 trillion to $1.2 trillion on the table. Jake, thanks very much. Let's get the rest of the headlines from josh. The independent panel investigating the attack on the

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{"id":18013382,"title":"President Obama Expected to Make Guns Announcement","duration":"1:41","description":"President is expected to put Vice President Biden in charge of finding solutions to gun violence.","url":"/GMA/video/sandy-hook-shooting-newtown-conn-president-obamas-gun-18013382","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}