Simple Exercises May Help You Stop Snoring, Study Finds

A new study in the journal Chest may have found the prescription-free solution.
4:34 | 05/12/15

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Transcript for Simple Exercises May Help You Stop Snoring, Study Finds
The hot button this morning, a cure for snoring. Now a new study may have found solutions. Jesse is in the social square. That's right, George. For nearly three months, researchers put snorers to the test to see if a daily regimen of four tongue exercises would help. Did it work. On "Grey's anatomy" Derek end a Meredith's romance is stifled by her snoring. You snore a lit. What? I do not. Reporter: In the journal "Chest" there could be a simple solution. Exercise for your tongue and mouth. Research ears had 39 men and women between the ages of 20 to 64 do a sequence of mouth and tongue erkser sizes three times a day. It reduced the frequency by 36% and total power by 59%. Emp is excited to do something that doesn't involve prescription medications. There's no downside to it. Reporter: And that is music to the ears of snorers and spouses alike. 25% of couples sleep in separate bedrooms to avoid that dreaded sound. The most comment treatment, a more serious cause of snoring, sleep apnea, is a c-pap machine. In order for us to breathe at night, air has to pass through your nose, to the back of your throat, into the airway. These exercises will help those passageways stay open. Reporter: Reducing these nighttime noises and providing much-needed rest and relief. While the sample size of participants was small, the results of the exercises are promising. Good. Jen Ashton is here as well. Tell us what is going on in our body. It's physics. All about air flow. Normally, when you're breathing in and sleeping, there's though disturbance to the air flow in your nose and mouth. What happens in stonoring is there is floppy tissue in the back of your mouth. There you go. Is that my husband? There you go. Oh, no. We're all covering our Mikes. Does it work to just tell them, roll over? Does that work? Well, it's almost like you're a fly on the wall many my bedroom. I'll be like, move over. If I just push a little bit. I get a lot of those. You are throwing your spouses under the bus, by the way. It is annoying. It can be quite serious. The snoring we can joke about, even though it disturbs a lot of sleep. Think of the spectrum from snoring to something like obstructive sleep apnea. It's not just about loudness. You'll watch the person stop breathing. If untreated, it can lead to heart or brain issues. Let's talk about the ex-er sizes. Yes, Jesse. You're going to volunteer. Four exercises. Eight minutes a day. Jesse will bravely take us through the first one. The first one, take the tip of you tongue, push in on the the roop of your mouth, slide it backwards. Hold it there for two minutes. By the way, there's though way to make this look appealing. Second one you want to suck your tongue up wards. Third one, against the bottom teeth. And fourth one, while standing on one foot, no, just kidding, and saying "A," you want to elevate the back of your mouth, eight minutes a day. Aah. What are these doing? The theory is these types of exercises might strengthen the tissue in the soft palate. That's a lot of commitment. They did see improvement. You might want to do these exercises in private. And America, if you're watching. You're welcome. You're going take questions on Twitter all morning? Exactly. Great to be the new guy, isn't it, Jesse? Awesome. New guy, new guy, new guy!

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"A new study in the journal Chest may have found the prescription-free solution.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30978074","title":"Simple Exercises May Help You Stop Snoring, Study Finds","url":"/GMA/video/simple-exercises-stop-snoring-study-finds-30978074"}