Special Olympics 2015: The Running of the Torch Across the USA

More than 20,000 people are set to carry the torch across all 50 states, ending in Los Angeles.
3:53 | 06/04/15

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Transcript for Special Olympics 2015: The Running of the Torch Across the USA
wonderful morning as we celebrate special olympics world games at all those wonderful athletes, the flame of hope passing through New York and I want to show you some of the amazing and inspiring people behind its epic journey. Thanks very much. Carrying the special olympics flame of hope, what a privilege and an honor already shared by so many. ? There's a light inside all of us ? ? it's never hard you just have to light it ? Reporter: Its journey beginning nearly 5,000 miles away in Athens, Greece. ? Like a diamond you just have to find it ? Reporter: The flame carried in two commemorative lanterns on this U.P.S. Cargo plane. There it is, ladies and gentlemen. Reporter: Arriving to a warm welcome. This flame will be used to light the cauldron of the 2015 special olympics world summer games. Reporter: Over the course of 46 days more than 20,000 people are set to carry the torch in a hand-to-hand exchange across all 50 states to date raising more than a million dollars ultima ultimately arriving in los Angeles where the games will be held. Olympic figure skating legend Michelle Kwan carrying it proudly in Rhode Island. ESPN president John skipper holding it at their studios in Bristol, Connecticut. On stage in support, pop band r5. ? Reporter: And the hulling himself. Superhuman athletes give us incentive and inspire us. Reporter: That human spirit, the hallmark of what Eunice Kennedy shriver hoped to achieve when she founded special olympics in 1968. When our hears are touched and when they are opened then there is a world on fire. You'll see some competition. You'll see encouragement all around. I mean, everyone is cheering for one another. It will be the most inspiring array of human greatness ever assembled in the United States of America. Reporter: Yesterday the symbol of that greatness arriving right here in New York City. And this morning, I'm humble to play my part. For athletes like usa gymnast Alyssa Sims, that teamwork is what it's all about. There's no "I" in team. Everybody pulls their own weight and it's so much fun. So much fun and I had a great time this morning and yesterday spending time with athletes. You saw Brooklyn decker in the piece. These a global ambassador. She has an aunt with intellectual disabilities and will be part of a special we're going to do to highlight some of the athletes and give people a background. Tim shriver said something, what can I do, what can I do? People volunteer and donate upon but sometimes they can't do that. He said if you're a parent and you're having a play date, invite a special needs child in the neighborhood. Something that we all can do and John green my executive producer who has twins welded up and right then he said, that's what he's going to do. Great idea. You had a great moment with one of the participants. Oh, yes. Oh, I wish you could have seen this. We had a few little snafus and when I handed it off because the relay was continuing and I bent down and I kissed her and she said, let's go, people. All this stuff, let's go. But it was quite a moment and all leads up to ESPN's coverage which begins July 25th for more on how you can participate in the relay you can go to unifiedrelay.org and, again, July 25th in L.A. I set a deal for myself way long ago. I said I want to be an olympic host one day and here it is. Here you go. Special olympics, the olympic games and that's what these are.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"More than 20,000 people are set to carry the torch across all 50 states, ending in Los Angeles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"31521841","title":"Special Olympics 2015: The Running of the Torch Across the USA","url":"/GMA/video/special-olympics-2015-running-torch-usa-31521841"}