Steve Bannon is out as Trump's chief strategist

Bannon returns to the helm of right-wing news site, Breitbart.
8:19 | 08/19/17

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Transcript for Steve Bannon is out as Trump's chief strategist
Hey, good morning. Straight to our top story. Another major shake-up at the white house. Steve Bannon, president trump's powerful chief strategist is out. Already back on the job this morning at Breitbart, the influential right wing news site. Overnight he spoke to "The New York Times" saying, quote, I think I can be more effective fighting from the outside for the agenda president trump ran on and anyone who stands in our way, we will go to war with. The key words right there, the agenda the president ran on. Does this mean Bannon could take on the president himself if he veers away from his campaign promises? Who is he going to war against? Meantime, overnight the white house releasing new pictures of the president meeting with his national security team at camp David. Here's a group shot right here and another shot of the president conferring one-on-one with vice president Mike pence. The president is back at his golf club in bedminster, new Jersey, where we find David Wright with the latest. Reporter: Good morning, Paula and Dan. This morning the white house is regrouping without Steve Bannon. He is, of course, the conservative firebrand who is credited with injecting a strong note of populism in Donald Trump's message helping him win the white house. Today Bannon is on the warpath back at Breitbart news vowing to become Bannon, the barbarian. After his abrupt ouster as the president's chief strategist, Steve Bannon wasted no time getting back to being a populist firebrand. I feel jacked up, he told "The weekly standard." Now I'm free. I've got my hands back on my weapons. Someone said it's Bannon the barbarian. I'm definitely going to crush the opposition. Back at Breitbart, Bannon chaired the evening editorial meeting threatening to take on a role that during a rare public appearance he once urged on conservative activists. Hold us accountable. Hold us accountable to what we promised. Hold us accountable for delivering on what we promised. Reporter: Bannon is making it clear he'll take aim at white house Democrats and Republican moderates in congress, forces that have sought to slow down trump's agenda. Rusted out factories, scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. Reporter: Looking back at the president's dark inaugural address which he helped to write -- This American carnage stops right here and stops right now. Reporter: Bannon said the trump presidency that we fought for and won is over. We still have a huge movement and we will make something of this trump presidency, but that presidency is over. Certainly many of the president's men are gone. This photo shows the original team gathered around the resolute desk in January just days after the inauguration during trump's first phone call with Vladimir Putin. Only one of them still works for the white house, vice president Mike pence. Amazing. One more notable quote from Steve Bannon's interviews overnight. He predicts we'll see a lot less of the trump who responded so controversially to charlottesville predicting you'll see a lot of constraints and it'll be more conventional. Well, that will be welcome news to Bannon's critics but, of course, he will be there on the outside agitating hard the other way, Dan and Paula. He's got a big megaphone in Breitbart. What do we know about exactly why Bannon was forced out? I know there was a lot of reporting that trump had been harboring resentment since Bannon was put on the cover of "Time" as "The great manipulator." There it is. Reporter: His departure has long been thought to be imminent, put it that way. The president was said to be none too happy about that "Time" magazine cover and the "Saturday night live" skits and other things that suggested that he was the manipulator pulling the strings but officially, this was a mutual decision. Bannon said he only planned to stay for a year and it was August 14th of last year that he signed on to head the trump campaign. Dan and Paula. As we showed "Snl" portrayed Bannon as the grim reaper in charge of the white house. David Wright, thank you very much. For more about what's happening in Washington we want to bring in Tara setmayer and in Washington ABC news political analyst Kristen Soltis Anderson. Kristen, I want to begin with you talking about the agenda of the white house and you have a prominent former campaign strategist for trump saying that you now have a Republican white house filled with generals and Democrats. So what is Bannon's ouster mean for the white house agenda now, Kristen? I'm not convinced that this means a ton of changes for the white house agenda in part because Donald Trump was Donald Trump long before Steve Bannon came on the scene. Donald Trump has always been a bit of an immigration hawk and always had these positions on trade at odds with the free trade part of the party. So certainly not having Steve Bannon there to walk into the west wing, to walk into the oval office to whisper in trump's ear may mean that other voices have more pull. But I'm not convinced that all of a sudden we see Donald Trump walk away from things like immigration and trade that he's talked about since long before Steve Bannon came on the scene. Tara, for you, back on the agenda but Steve Bannon was really behind withdrawing from the Paris climate accord. The travel ban. How does this affect the agenda? I think those aspects of the agenda as Kristen said won't change because that -- trump is invested in those things. Those were major campaign promises particularly on immigration, building the wall, but it is true, the people he's now surrounded with the hard-core conservative policy hawks in the white house aren't really there now in the inner circle. The only really left is kellyanne Conway and Stephen Miller, perhaps, but there are other fights that are coming up that are really important in September. You have the debt ceiling coming up, the funding of the government, you can't get even to tax reform or anything else until those things -- or even health care until those things are taken care of so with Steve Bannon on the outside he is a hard core ideologue on some of these issues and he has a huge federal government phone and platform well funded and he can wreak a lot of havoc on trump from the outside by ginning up the base if Donald Trump does not adhere to the same policy agenda that he pushed while he was in the white house. I suspect he'll be using that megaphone to push for funding for the border wall this fall. Absolutely. We mentioned this quote in "The New York Times" this morning where Bannon says he'll go to war with anybody who stands in his way. A war against whom and are there ways in which this could blow back on the president. Sure, the idea that Steve Bannon seems to get off on the idea of political guerrilla warfare should be concerning to anyone. That was part of the concerns for him even being in the white house in a senior position in the first place because he is very, very pugnacious in the way he approaches things, so going to war he may say now he's not going to war against the president, but don't think twice that he won't go to war against trump if he shoes away from that nationalist economic populism that Bannon seems to think got him into the white house. So he needs to -- Donald Trump needs to be careful now that Bannon is on the outside. Kristen, should trump be worried about Bannon on the outside. What. I think for the most part early on you'll see the fights be picked against the media, against congress which the media and congress are not popular with the American people, not very popular with trump space but Donald Trump is very popular with trump space and so the idea of Breitbart going to war with Donald Trump himself, I'm not convinced that even with the large megaphone of Breitbart you could turn trump's own voters against him. He's just got enough of this sort of strong personality pull with his voters that I think that would be a much tougher fight for Breitbart to win. Kristen Soltis Anderson, Tara setmayer, thank you both. We really appreciate your

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