Suspect in Custody in Slaying of UT Austin Student

Police say Meechaiel Criner, 17, is in custody for the slaying of freshman Haruka Weiser.
3:18 | 04/08/16

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Transcript for Suspect in Custody in Slaying of UT Austin Student
Around 4 PM yesterday Austin fire department station three. Reported that their firefighters. On four for sixteen. Responded which was Monday to between iron block of medical arts street which is near here for a trash fire. When we release that videotape that this that this university provided us the firefighters realized that on Monday the responded to a call at that location. And deputy in the individual they were seeing on that video strongly resembled the suspect who that we were looking for. As a result of this we've identified. A suspect named. Michael. Me Kyle was the way he pronounces it spelled Amazon Mary. EE. CH. Eight high. L. Lasting off crying are. CR buy an ER easy blackmail. They don't date of birth of 630. Of 1998. AP AFD AP responded on the day of the fire this past Monday in transported. He suspect suspect Kleiner to life works in order to provide him temporary shelter. Four he was determined to be almost seventeen year old young man. The subject was also possession of a woman's by. AF PR Monday to possession of that bike for safekeeping. As soon as they FT called us. APD homicide detectives review the in car video from the police department in car camera. And realize that the substance wearing similar pants and shoes can fit the general description physical description of the soaps suspect. Also the suspect had in his possession. He small blue duffel bag resembling that of our Vick don't Peru got wiser. AP responded to fire station number three and the bike in their possession resembled again that of the suspects. AP also responded to the fire scene and located the trash container which contains several items which we believed to be long tore victim. AP then responded. To the suspect. Location last known location half life works. And he was able to be we were able to detain him. For tampering with evidence. And question him regarding this incident. Moon. My count me Kyle Kleiner has been booked into the Travis county jail. For a murder for a charge of murder which is. This charge will be filed formally later this afternoon. It's important for folks to realize. That this investigation it is absolutely very active we're nowhere near complete. But it's also very important for this commuter realize that we are very certain. That's the subject we have in custody the suspect is in custody is the suspect responsible. For the death. Of this beautiful young woman.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"Police say Meechaiel Criner, 17, is in custody for the slaying of freshman Haruka Weiser.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38253053","title":"Suspect in Custody in Slaying of UT Austin Student","url":"/GMA/video/suspect-custody-slaying-ut-austin-student-38253053"}