Teens and smart phone addiction

A recent study on teenagers shows a link between smart phone addiction and depression, anxiety and insomnia.
2:15 | 12/02/17

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Transcript for Teens and smart phone addiction
??? Okay, today's weekend download is a good one and important one. Teenagers and cell phone addiction. According to a recent study on teens those found to be addicted to their smartphones had higher scores in depression, anxiety and insomnia. How with key help our kids? Joining us is Ericka souter, thank you for joining us, good morning to you? Good morning? So I guess the first question is how can you tell if your kid has a problem. This did a really big issue among parent, huge concern because kids, of course, use their cell phones all the time and so what we see -- what we know now the brain reacts to cell phones like it does to drugs. Now when you hear that ring or that text alert your brain releases dopamine and so research has showed us that 50% of teens admit that they are addicted to their cell phones and they show symptoms of withdrawal when they can't use them. That means shaking, nausea, sweating and insomnia and anxiety. If you have a kid and seeing signs of this what do you do? Well, you know, you have to intervene. You know, a lot our mom.me readers say they limit cell phones darns if That's your website. Mom.me. My website. They limit their data. You can apply strict data rules and give them a certain amount. If they burn through it in two week, that's it. It teaches them to schedule their use of their data. Also you want to do cell phone providers can provide programs that let you cut off the cell phone at certain times so the kids aren't using them all night. You might also want to put family limits. Have family time. No cell phones during game night or movie night. A lot of families have cell phone boxes so at dinner time they put their cell phones in a box where no one can see it or hear it and it's out of mind and also maybe create a day of the week or an evening of the week where no one uses their cell phone so that kids know that they can't use it all the time. We have just a few seconds. It's really important for parents to model good technology hygiene. Yes. To set good example sfs we have to practice what we preach because we also can become addicted to our cell phones. Many of us are. Entirely too much. Exactly. So if you're giving your kids these rule, you know, model this behavior. And let them know you don't have to use it all the time as well. Ericka souter, mom.me. Thank you very much.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"A recent study on teenagers shows a link between smart phone addiction and depression, anxiety and insomnia.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51530076","title":"Teens and smart phone addiction","url":"/GMA/video/teens-smart-phone-addiction-51530076"}