Texas radio station's car-kissing competition captures attention

Billy the Kidd, the host at Austin's KISS FM, tells "GMA" what is happening to contestants who are kissing a car for two days and counting.
3:15 | 04/19/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Texas radio station's car-kissing competition captures attention
Next up, it's the story that so many people are watching and this -- here's a question. How long would you kiss a car to win it? How about 50 hours? You're looking live at contestants competing in a contest put on by a Texas radio station and had their lips locked there since Monday morning and the host, Billy the kid, is here. Billy -- Hey. What's the idea behind this stunt and, please, what are some of the high lilights that happened. There's people lips locked on to the car and started with 20 people. Now down to seven and wanted to give away way car. Do something fun and, yeah, so there was some drama overnight. People fell asleep, nodded off the car and were eliminated. Down to seven. He do get ten-minute breaks every hour. We're not completely cruel in torturing these people. I see one of the thumbs up. We don't want to disturb them because this is ongoing. How did you come up with this idea? What was the intent here? You know, we just wanted to give away a car and good to do something cool. And everybody wants it, needs it. You can tell, we're coming up on 50 hours they've been doing this which is incredible. Like I said we started with 20. Yeah, just to do something cool. Is that April the giraffe? Who is that behind you with -- over there -- There's a giraffe. That's our giraffe. People love giraffes apparently. April's baby daddy. Everybody loves a dabbing giraffe and, Billy, some people online. Some people online have been critical of this contest. You had gizmo.com call it the saddest Facebook live video ever. Now, what's your response to some of the scrutiny you're getting to some of this? I say the giraffe is the saddest thing I've ever seen in my life but the contest, we're just having a good time and giving away a car trying to make somebody's life better and not taking it that seriously. I'm having fun. They're strong and going solid. Billy, what if everybody -- you have more than one person after the time limit, what happens then? So, if coming up at 9:00 if we're still -- we have these contestants 7:00 remaining we'll draw for it and trying to lure them off. I know, I know. But we're trying to lure them off and offer things but so far nobody has budged. I front move either. I get it. This is Serena. She's off work, hopefully she doesn't get fired for this August and he wants this car for him and his wife and this is a couple over here, so they're I think on the other side of the car. Samuel and Megan engaged so their odds are pretty good. They might be broken up after this. We want to thank you, man. We appreciate you sharing this story with us. All of that is voluntarily. Nobody is forced to be there. No one is forced. Kiss F.M. Doing it volume tarly, believe it or not. All right, Billy the kid, thanks. A major health alert

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{"id":46883669,"title":"Texas radio station's car-kissing competition captures attention","duration":"3:15","description":"Billy the Kidd, the host at Austin's KISS FM, tells \"GMA\" what is happening to contestants who are kissing a car for two days and counting.","url":"/GMA/video/texas-radio-stations-car-kissing-competition-captures-attention-46883669","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}