The top Cyber Monday deals available now

ABC News' Becky Worley shares a roundup of some of the best discounts currently available on this Cyber Monday.
6:23 | 11/27/17

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Transcript for The top Cyber Monday deals available now
but I now Amy has been ready all morning long. Yes, I have. Can I ask a question. Is it true you bought something during the commercial break. What's true is I got very excited because I got a discount code. What's true -- wait a second. You squealed. 15% off. Whoo. On my favorite website. About 7:20 this morning. So cyber Monday is real, people. It is real and all morning long we have been updaying you on the day's best bargains all for your holiday shopping. It's for other people. Not for myself. It's the gift that keeps on giving. That's why Becky Worley is with us. Becky is in Walmart's digital headquarters in sunnyveil, California. Becky, shouldn't we focus on buying gifts for others? You know, I actually agree with Amy on this one. Instead of stocking stuffers stock up on staples and I call cyber Monday cyberme day so let's just get right to the clothing. I know. I'm going to give you an example of how they go. this is $14.96 for a puffer coat. These can be hundreds other places. The big blanket discounts. Old Navy, 40% off. Talbots, 40% off. Talking the entire site. Express, 50% off. Cybershoe day, why, yes, I will. Cole Haan 40% to 50% off. Kenneth Cole -- Don't mind if I do. Kenneth Cole 50% off the whole thing. Today is the day. Yeah, really big scoupes. I'm going to -- especially when we're looking at beauty. I'm going to go right into it, Lara. You will love this, $10 off your $50 purchase at Ulta. Nars, and bliss 40% off. The body shop, 50% off. My squeal was over shoes. That was truthful. Will you share it with me. Yes. What about electronics for others on our list. This is where you can find a few gifts. From a Dyson cordless vacuum clean 60 bucks off, $189. That's good. Now we'll go right into headphones. This is a Bose wireless headphones the in-ear one, 99 buck, save 50. At Amazon the powerbeats 3. Really big for teenagers. Those are $30 off so electronics still hot today in that's great. Like the usual sort of search today, but travel companies are also getting in on cyber Monday, as well, right, beck? A little bit of planning for your spring break or maybe next summer can save you a ton. Atlantis, paradise island book four nights get your fifth night free. Loews, 20% off your booking if you book today. Destination resorts, 40% off a lot of their bookings so a little planning, you're going to save a ton of money today, guys. I give you my full blessing. Thank you, Becky. I'm going to see my credit card and Ali and the girls will say, you don't know how much you saved. We move on, very special story. Meet a remarkable young man a cancer survivor who started taking piano lessons to help him recover after chemotherapy. That turned out to unlock talent and passion that got him all the way to Carnegie hall this weekend. Daniel colaner here to play for us right now. ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? All right! Thank you, Daniel. Congratulations. Your proud parents right there. Have a seat. Sit down. It's okay. I though this wasn't Carnegie hall but how did it feel? Just as amazing, honestly. Now, take us inside yesterday. That is a dream for so many musicians, the chance to play at Carnegie hall. You got to do it yesterday. Only 12 years old. Tell us about it. Well, really it was just absolutely incredible. Just the piano was magnificent. Much better than my youright at home. The acoustics were amazing. Everything just came together, beautifully. That's great. I bet your parents were proud. Tell us how it felt for you. Well, just not just proud, just incredibly blessed to see Daniel healthy, happy and able to do something he absolutely loves. This is a -- I only touched on it there but Daniel had a real struggle when he was a little boy. Yeah, well, chemotherapy is both a blessing and a curse and in very small children at 6

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{"duration":"6:23","description":"ABC News' Becky Worley shares a roundup of some of the best discounts currently available on this Cyber Monday. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51398828","title":"The top Cyber Monday deals available now ","url":"/GMA/video/top-cyber-monday-deals-now-51398828"}