Uncovering the Greatest Information Breach in CIA History

How Sandra Grimes broke open the case against CIA traitor Aldrich Ames.
3:00 | 12/27/13

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Transcript for Uncovering the Greatest Information Breach in CIA History
I'm Dan Harris and this is newsmakers from ABC news and Yahoo! News I'm joined now by Sandi Grimes who helped. Hunt down the notorious traitor Aldrich Ames. Her story inspired the new ABC miniseries. The assets. What was your relationship really like with rickets. It was my relationships like the three games we were young officers together. We had good times we -- we didn't talk about our specific jobs. Right because of compartment -- we've worked in different areas. And Rick and I also carpool. Together in the mid 1970s. -- carpool yes -- -- will. If this body was -- -- more than -- did you first. Truly suspect. That he was able. I would say it was in the fall September. 1989. He came in to the office. Where I was located -- -- this. Another late inning -- and weren't. And this was the famous back room where all the new cases the important cases -- help. And that particular day the ball toward the outer -- door was open -- and ten. Rick just pushed open the door and walked in terror. Unspoken rules and regulations. You would never walk in without knocking because often. We had to turn what we -- on our desks over. So you know the people coming didn't -- this -- he worked. Well he knew that this is world of secrets were kept may be thought he would. Be able to see something or hear something. Diana the 1 morning we were in the office and she was very very upset she said she had been at their house over the weekend. And sorry -- was having landscaping done. A new kitchen. And she said sandy I just don't know where the money's coming from. And I said you know he had access to every -- about cases. And she said yes -- -- and I -- we've got to tell somebody you have to tell somebody. So there was no way. A CIA employee could have that -- -- -- There was no way -- GS fourteen CIA which was his level which was his level without an outside source. Now brick. Told everybody that the money was from -- a scam that wasn't a question. That her family wasn't well connected they were they were very well connected Columbia. The question was. -- the money come from her cited family. One would think as an outsider -- think hunting down -- CAA -- would be pretty exciting work but in fact. It was extraordinarily. Meticulous and dare I say boring. There were days. That that or heart. Particularly. After -- became the primary focus I was given the job. Creating a chronology of all of his activities. Based on the record CIA -- everything he did -- everything he did from 1984. Until the current which was nineteen. 94 and that meant every time he left the building -- -- Burton yes. And every time he came back from a smoke break and Rick. Smoked a locked. -- now but we're looking for obviously. You're looking for patterns you know when is he filling in debt trap when is he marking a -- something -- tended. To be a little late for work every third week. He'd be in the office before 8 o'clock. And once we started to look at his finances set really was what's the -- all that information. Gets and it. To the -- to the chronology. And that created. A really eureka moment Dan Payne who later became a non farm. Four person task force was the one who was in charge. Looking -- explains. And 1 August day August of 1992. -- received information from one of the Virginia weeks where -- In this area had a checking account. And there -- three deposit slips in this. There was a deposit for 5000 dollars in cash and high dutifully just like everything else in the -- into the chronology. Just above that. Day. Rich kid had. A meeting a lunch meeting with -- Soviet about development -- That he was working on -- man by the name of Cuba now Jill Bakken was not a KGB officer. He was not a KGB agent he was a legitimate Soviet arms control -- this contact was known to CIA. And the FBI. This second deposit slip but say it was 8500 dollars. Another cash deposit on by July to 85. And it's on to July. Another lunch with -- back. And as it turns out it was the first link that but eventually the two weeks' rest and conviction. How much damage did Rick games. Treason to create. -- damaged was in human life. There's no question about that it never happened before. In the history of CI -- Soviet operations he basically wiped out. All the US government's human -- collection. -- -- time meaning. He -- -- your ability to have eyes and ears and -- -- exactly. Keep passes to his KGB handler the names. Or identifying information on every current reporting source we -- -- On the Soviet Union and when you did that he knew full well. What they -- And he did it basically. Basically for money what was your reaction the day you heard he'd been arrested it was one of jubilation. He couldn't get away he was under the control of the FB -- -- him. Because it was always the possibility of him he could head for Columbia and we never would attach it. You know he will go down in history is one of the worst traitors CIA's ahead.

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{"id":21351256,"title":"Uncovering the Greatest Information Breach in CIA History","duration":"3:00","description":"How Sandra Grimes broke open the case against CIA traitor Aldrich Ames.","url":"/GMA/video/uncovering-greatest-information-breach-cia-history-21351256","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}