Tameka Raymond: Usher's 'Status' Helped Him Win Custody

Singer's ex-wife discusses their relationship and the events that led to their custody battle.
4:57 | 08/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tameka Raymond: Usher's 'Status' Helped Him Win Custody
Including with our exclusive interview with usher's ex-wife, tameka raymond. Dan abrams brought us to us yesterday. He's coming back with more. Anytime you're talking about children and custody, it's sensitive. This case, no exception. Putting aside all of the celebrity, these are two parents, fighting for their kids. It's the first time tameka raymond, the ex-wife of superstar, usher, has discussed their battles. I am a fighter. Reporter: And this morning, what she told us in our exclusive interview, is making headlines. On social media, so many buzzing about what raymond said is her side of the story. A story she told us, started much like any other. Tell me about the good part of your relationship. We did a lot of traveling. Both are foodies. And we love to eat and hang out. Yeah. I mean, there's many, many good parts. Reporter: You were in love? Absolutely. Reporter: Of course, this was a celebrity love story. He was a superstar singer. She, a stylist, working on his music videos, like "you got it bad." ♪ You got it you got it bad ♪ Reporter: But two years of marriage and two children later, that relationship hit a sour note. And now, the former couple is locked in a bitter custody dispute. How did things get so ugly? Because he filed for full custody. He filed to take my children away. Reporter: The war of the raymonds reached a boiling point earlier this month, after their 5-year-old son nearly drowned in usher's swimming pool. Tameka requested an emergency hearing, demanding temporary custody, but loss. For the 42-year-old, it was another heartbreaking defeat, after a judge granted usher primary custody last year. Why do you think the judge granted him primary custody? I think wealthy men and men of status are winning these cases. And it's kind of amazing. It's like they're winning them. But these are very busy men. That's why they're wealthy. Reporter: You think he won the custody fight because he's rich and because he's usher? I think that played a huge role. Reporter: But there were other possible reasons presented in court. Raymond says she took a now-sealed psychological examination, which found she had a moderately severe mental disorder, a diagnosis she is now challenging. A psych evaluation was something his side ordered. I had narcissistic personality traits. That's what the diagnosis was. You do a test. And they ask you a series of questions like, when you're walking down the street, do you feel like people are looking at you? My answer is yes. But I was doing it, yes. When I'm walking down the street, people do point and say, oh, that's usher's ex-wife. We all have a little narcissistic personality disorder, especially those of us in the limelight. But I don't think it's something that affects your parenting. Reporter: And as their custody battle rages on, she tells us, usher is also fighting to reduce the amount he pays you in child support. Usher currently pays you $8,000 a month for both kids in child support. Some have said, this is about the money for you. That's amazing. You know, not to, like, gloat or anything. I come from a very well-earned, you know, career. I have made lots and lots of money. And $8,000 a month is not a lot of money to me. I'm grateful for it. For someone to think I don't love my kids and this is about $8,000, they are really crazy. That's really ludicrous. We reached out to usher's side. And they will not be commenting. She talks extensively. You sat down for a while. Could this have any impact on the legal proceedings? You expect when they have a hearing later in the month, that usher's side will say, look, she's out there publicly making these comments. And on the other hand, her position is, I've been the one getting bashed all the time. Usher's got all these fans. No one's out there speaking for me. And I had to get out there. And she says, correct the record. But I would expect that it would be something that is raised at the next hearing. You know, we're all commenting. 8,000 a month. Substantial amount of money. But for a guy of usher's wealth, not all that much. Remember, it's a statutory maximum in georgia, $4,000 per child. And, he's also the one with primary custody. So, two things to keep in mind when looking at that number. But there's a lot of states out there, no matter how rich someone is, there's a maximum on how much child support -- the person has to pay, no matter what their income. Not every state, though? Not every state. There's a lot of people moving around sometimes because of that very issue. It's fascinating, dan. Great job. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:57","description":"Singer's ex-wife discusses their relationship and the events that led to their custody battle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19967211","title":"Tameka Raymond: Usher's 'Status' Helped Him Win Custody","url":"/GMA/video/ushers-son-drowning-tameka-raymond-ushers-status-helped-19967211"}